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July amc final deck

  1. 1. Affiliate Marketing CouncilAssembly meeting26th July 2012 16 August 2012
  2. 2. Agenda 2012 AMC programme status A4UExpo, London – Association Partner Performance Marketing Industry Study: funding IAB updates – events & training & PwC AdSpend Regulation and policy update from the LegCom: Nathan Salter Best Practice / Standards from Kevin Edwards Voucher code audit Updated Best Practice documents AMC blog Innovation Forum – an initiative to cultivate industry growth from Simon Bird Any other business
  3. 3. What do you want the IAB to do for your business? Lobbying Promote good, Increase the size of ethical practice the pie Professionalise the industry Secure the future business Training Support positive environment regulation Standards Create a louder, Elevate the collective voice industry’s Make the industry Support innovative attractive for high importance / status development grade talent Expose the economic Developimportance of our Stronger Publisher opportunities for business representation growth
  4. 4. AMC Council 2012 activity framework - updated Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 J F M A M J J A S O N DRegulation Consumer ePrivacy Guidance / advice / status updates…/ Consumer TransparencyStandards site EU Data Protection Proposals … Framework/ Practice Updated Product FAQs / WIKI BP docs feed guides Voucher Code of Voucher Code of Affiliate Conduct Conduct paymentsResearch / Advertiser survey / A4Uevents /training A4UExpo PwC Performance Marketing Industry Study Innovation ForumMktg / Website / blog integration with new IAB websiteComms Case study development… PR framework Whitepapers new & updated
  5. 5. A4UExpo – Association Partner • Branding • AMC workshop • Lead Generation • Speaker opportunities • Advertiser Survey • 15% discount for IAB members • Joint promotions
  6. 6. Performance Marketing Industry study• Potentially biggest project of type undertaken by IAB• Measures economic value of the PerformanceMarketing industry• Revenues, ecommerce / retail contributions• Profiles the market• The long tail… retailers, SME businesses, entrepreneurs, economic stimulator• Identifies growth trends• Produces independent document that supportsindustry initiatives – eg government lobbying – andindividual business needs – eg financing…• Updatable
  7. 7. Performance Marketing Industry study: progress & funding • Proposals have been received • Pitch process w/c 30 July • Funding: AMC est: Even contribution from every IAB council £2-3K£80K member each OLGC
  8. 8. IAB - latestIAB: www.iabuk.net 16 August 2012
  9. 9. IAB/PwC UK Online & Mobile Adspend Study – H1 2012• Official Advertising Association figures since 1997• Online and Mobile adspend studies have now been combined• Collection of H1 2012 adspend figures has started• Submission deadline is 22nd August 2012• Contact the IAB research team to receive an invite or if you have any questions mediaspend@iabuk.net
  10. 10. Engage 2012iabuk.net/contact 16 August 2012
  11. 11. Top brands attending in 2011iabuk.net/contact
  12. 12. Venue
  13. 13. “Transforming your Business”The Marketing Metamorphosis – what’s happening out there?Transformation Inspiration – Approaches to re-engineeringMega Transformers – Who’s doing it well?
  14. 14. Programme so far…Dick Costolo, CEO, TwitterSteve Henry, Director, DECODEDAjaz Ahmed, Founder and Chief Executive, AKQASimon Rogers, News Editor of The GuardianAndy Hart, General Manager of Advertising and Online, MicrosoftRory Sutherland, Executive Creative Director and Vice-Chairman, OgilvyOnePeter Duffy Managing Director at easyjetNick Lansley Manage IT R&D at TescoMatthew Turner Director, Online Sales & Marketing BskyBCelebrity Speaker….
  15. 15. Sponsors
  16. 16. TrainingIAB: www.iabuk.net 16 August 2012
  17. 17. Upcoming IAB workshopHow to best generate leads online: a one daypractical workshopThis one day practical workshop, presented by industry leading experts from theIABs online lead generation council, has been created especially for marketingprofessionals looking to improve their campaign performance.Wednesday 10th October 9.30am to 4.30pm£150+VAT for IAB members / £300+VAT for non membersTo book a place or for more info email mizzy@iabuk.net
  18. 18. Regulation and policy updateIAB: www.iabuk.net 16 August 2012
  19. 19. Legislation Committee Recap – EU PrivacyITEM Status / progress Complete1. Establish a Policy & Legislation The Legislation Committee  Working Group2. Conduct Cookie Audits a. Message distributed b. IAB 5-point plan 3. Publish a Consumer Guide to Web site underway – expected by 15 May. Affiliate Marketing Nectar sponsorship 4. Develop standardised wording as The Consumer Transparency Framework, industry good practice for affiliates published 5th March  and publishers to inform consumers5. Working with the UK Government WIP… and Web Browser Manufacturers to … Enhance Browser Settings IAB: www.iabuk.net
  20. 20. Consumer facing Website – Launched EndMay 2012IAB: www.iabuk.net
  21. 21. Consumer facing Website – media Establishing a consistent message
  22. 22. Where Next with EU Privacy? Objectives •Demonstrate effective self regulation (Data Protection Proposals in mind) •Establish consumer trust through openness and transparency Future Plans/Thinking •Monitor and respond to evolving best practice landscape (ICO updates??) •Update Consumer facing website with post-deadline learnings – examples of “good practice” •Update Consumer Transparency Framework •Creating a cross industry “umbrella” approach to compliment channel by channel presence (an umbrella website?) IAB: www.iabuk.net
  23. 23. EU Data Protection ProposalsWhat’s at stake for online?•Broader (sweeping) scope of what constitutespersonal data•A move to an Explicit Consent regimeTimelines•Not for a couple/few of years….. Long process!Key IAB Arguments•Commerce/Business/Economy•(damage to) Publishing reliance on advertising•Growth and Innovation•Self Regulation – where does it fit in?•Political damage – UK Digital status IAB: www.iabuk.net
  24. 24. What is being done?•UK authorities are not supportive blunt, sweepingnature of the proposals•IAB – conducting a coordinated effort to influenceoutcome raising key concerns and suggestions. EGLetter to Ministry of Justice:Suggestion for “indirectly identifiable information” toadded as a data category•Open letter in partnership with DMA, FSB, IMRG andothers to lobby relevant UK ministries•Letter to President of European Commission•Autumn lobbying of MEPs•Case studies – show how will business be impacted IAB: www.iabuk.net
  25. 25. IAB: www.iabuk.net
  26. 26. Further Information:•IAB Factsheet – Sign posts to many relevant sourceshttp://www.iabuk.net/sites/default/files/IAB%20Factsheet%20July%202012%20-%20EC%20Data%20Protection%20Reforms.pdf• IAB Open Letter to Ministries (April 2012)http://www.iabuk.net/sites/default/files/Open%20Letter%20to%20UK%20Ministers%20-%20EC%20Data%20Protection%20Proposals.pdf IAB: www.iabuk.net
  27. 27. Best Practice / StandardsIAB: www.iabuk.net
  28. 28. Best Practice: Voucher code audit• Carried out in June and July 2012• Completed by: Affiliate Window, Affilinet, Commission Junction, OMG, Rakuten Linkshare and TradeDoubler 27 sites were audited, 2 more than in 2011• Outcome of audit: The majority were completely compliant Six sites had issues mainly with: o Expiry dates not being listed or being listed inaccurately o Lack of distinction between codes and deals• Actions: Contact all affected sites with reminder of code Monitor and update
  29. 29. Best Practice: Voucher code audit• Carried out in June and July 2012• Completed by: Affiliate Window, Affilinet, Commission Junction, OMG, Rakuten Linkshare and TradeDoubler 27 sites were audited, 2 more than in 2011• Outcome of audit: The majority were completely compliant Six sites had issues mainly with: o Expiry dates not being listed or being listed inaccurately o Lack of distinction between codes and deals• Actions: Contact all affected sites with reminder of code Monitor and update
  30. 30. Best Practice: Reminder of initiatives• Codes of conduct  Voucher code, Code of conduct  Voucher code, Code of conduct | Disciplinary procedure o Designed to deal with recurring voucher issues o Offer greater transparency and standardise promotion o Offer better consumer experience  Downloadable software application, Code of conduct o Pre-emptive code of conduct reacting to growth of (primarily) rebate catchers and toolbars o Offers greater transparency for advertisers
  31. 31. Best Practice: Reminder of initiatives• Best practice guides Product Feed guides: One general, three sector specific; written by FusePump Ethical Merchant Charter: Blueprint for all advertisers looking to run a best in class affiliate campaign Mobile: First iteration of a basic guide that focuses on importance of tracking Retargeting, Remarketing and Behavioural Advertising: Outlines the importance of cookie hierarchies Conducting Affiliate Audits: For advertisers nervous about how to manage a large number of affiliates
  32. 32. The AMC blogIAB: www.iabuk.net
  33. 33. The AMC blog• Site live since August 2010 • Recent content:• Nearly 80,000 page views Best practice guide summary• 25% of traffic non-UK BHS case study• Most popular content: Foot Asylum case study RO-Eye/eBay case study Launch of AMC consumer site Voucher code of conduct Best Western case study ICO cookie advice • Request for content: Product feed guides Case studies Thought pieces Industry updates
  34. 34. A4U Expo: London• Hilton, Edgware Road, London, 16-17 October 2012• Specific request for ADVERTISERS to present: • panels and speaker sessions• Strong case studies and data insight• Interested? Contact Chris Johnson: • t: 0117 203 3009 • e: chris@existem.com
  35. 35. Innovation ForumIAB: www.iabuk.net
  36. 36. Cultivating an industry ripe for innovation • The only way we can grow our industry long term is through innovation • Retailers are seeking innovation from networks and publishers • Difficult industry to penetrate and/or navigate • No focal point of entry – where do you start for advice on how to enter the industry? – how can businesses or good ideas be “fast-tracked”? • I believe the IAB AMC is well placed (and independent) to develop a forum to attract innovation
  37. 37. Innovation enriches the environment for growth, diversity and opportunityExamples of recent innovations: How do we:• Retargeting companies• Data Feed companies • Open doors to fresh ideas and new• Mobile Cart companies developments• The industry policing PPC brand (Brand Verity) • Fast-track industry knowledge andHow can our industry attract new engagementideas/investment covering: • Reap the benefit of shared problem• Social• Mobile/ local solving• Big Data • Improve our channel’s professionalism• Lead generation• Solve shared industry issues etc and attractiveness • Open out the industry to fresh ideas and new opportunitiesHow do we evolve the affiliate industry totruly become “performance marketing” • Grow overall industry potentialattracting ideas and investment fromother online marketing disciplines? IAB: www.iabuk.net
  38. 38. The AMC Innovation ForumAdviceFacilitationExposure
  39. 39. Working title: The FarmCore panelLive adviceAMC support
  40. 40. The Farm – how it could work • Benefits the entire industry, seeking ideas/ applications from: Advertisers, Publishers, Networks, Technology Players... etc • Open to new or existing companies who apply via a website meeting basic criteria (TBA) • Monthly / bi-monthly meetings • IAB membership/ IAB “rubber stamp” • A4UExpo launch • Big industry promotional PR campaign Let’s establish the affiliate industry as a hotbed for exciting innovation and investment
  41. 41. Innovation Forum – next steps • Do we all think this is a good idea? • Do you have any specific feedback/ ideas? – if to please e-mail clare@iab.net • Innovation Forum will meet and create plan for steering group feedback/ approval • IAB AMC will be e-mailed plan for general feedback before launch (start thinking about companies you may want to put forward)
  42. 42. Any Other Business?IAB: www.iabuk.net 16 August 2012
  43. 43. Drinks at The George • 5.30 onwards • Drinks • Snacks • …and a tight squeeze!