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April 2012 IAB AMC Assembly Deck


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April 2012 IAB AMC Assembly Deck

  1. 1. Affiliate Marketing CouncilAssembly meeting26th April 30 April 2012
  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction• ePrivacy and the work of the Legislation Committee• Best Practice update• 2012 programme review and preview• IAB updateIAB:
  3. 3. ePrivacy Directive 5-point plan Status / progress Complete 1. Establish a Policy & Legislation The Legislation Committee Working Group2. Conduct Cookie Audits a. Message distributed  b. IAB 5-point plan Web site underway – expected by 3. Publish a Consumer Guide to Affiliate Marketing 15 May. Nectar sponsorship4. Develop standardised wording as The Consumer Transparency industry good practice for affiliates and publishers to inform Framework, published 5th March  consumers WIP… …5. Working with the UK Government and Web Browser Manufacturers IAB: to Enhance Browser Settings
  4. 4. Consumer Transparency
  5. 5. Consumer Transparency Framework
  6. 6. Commitment to expand on the ConsumerTransparency Framework Advice to Advertisers & merchants IAB 5-step guide online Consumer-facing websiteIAB:
  7. 7. Advice to advertisers and merchants5-step guide• Focus on long tail • Know what’s going on! – audit • Be clear and transparent – revisit privacy policy • Deliver prominence • Context is king! – achieve informed consent through context • Join the EU AdChoices programme – use of 3rd party / BT directive-what-is-it-what-should-you-be-doing-to-complyIAB:
  8. 8. Consumer-facing website • Helping consumers understand our business • Go-to point for the industry – link in privacy policies establishes consistency • Simple, top-level messages ‘this is how the business works’ • Nectar sponsorship: valuable consumer brand recognition • Start point for longer term ambition to build increasing trust in our industry • Hope to work with multiple trade bodies, eg Consumers Association. CBI, ASA etc etcIAB:
  9. 9. Emerging guidance• ICO – May 2012 based on emerging best practice• Expect new guidance• Other sources:• ICC (International Chamber of Commerce)IAB:
  10. 10. EU Data Protection Proposals: position • Lobbying road-map in production • First stop – letter to Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission • Online advertising ecosystem is the Internet’s engine • UK / European ICT company CEOs to join forces signing the letter • An economic force • Supporting the environment for the next Google or FaceBook • IAB’s Affiliate Marketing and Lead Generation Councils selected for participationIAB:
  11. 11. Best Practice: voucher code of conduct • Networks alerted to activity on brand search • Code of conduct does not cover brand search breaches of T&Cs • Email sent reminding affiliate of their commitment to uphold the spirit of the code of conduct • Is it time for a discussion on additional voucher code guidelines? • Audit is also overdue, networks to commit to audit in May 2012IAB:
  12. 12. Best Practice: Product feed guides launched • AMC site: 500 page views since launch • Additional coverage from blogs and IABIAB:
  13. 13. IAB AMC 2012 programme: highlights anddevelopments• A4U collaboration• Affiliate Marketing Guide• Affiliate survey• Conference• Awards• … more• Performance Marketing Industry study• Case studies• Consumer information• PR Framework• Website• TrainingIAB:
  14. 14. AMC Council 2012 activity framework - updated Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 J F M A M J J A S O N DRegulation Consumer ePrivacy Guidance / advice / status updates…/ Consumer TransparencyStandards site EU Data Protection Proposals … Framework/ Practice Affiliate Product FAQs / WIKI payments feed guides Voucher Code of ConductResearch / AMC AdSpend updateevents / A4U Performancetraining PwC Performance Marketing Industry Study Marketing Conf IAB training opp?Mktg / Website / blog integration with new IAB websiteComms Case study development… PR framework Whitepapers new & updated
  15. 15. Performance Marketing Industry study:The idea• A new report from the IAB of greater scale and impact than anything we Performance is have ever done before £xx billion• To prove the ‘actual’ size of the UK to the UK economy online performance sector (affiliate, and growing lead gen, email, search)• A detailed audit of the industry conducted by the IAB with a reputable 3rd party• Producing the definitive stat for the performance sector to use as
  16. 16. Performance Marketing Industry study:The benefits• IAB throwing significant muscle behind our performance members• Delivers the most positive story the AMC can generate for Government, businesses, press and consumers• Directly addresses PR and marketing• Provides our performance members with a report to judge actual success in comparison to market• Sets our performance councils up to potentially repeat the report on an annual basis (also shared with other IAB’s)
  17. 17. Performance Marketing Industry study:The progress• Working group formed from AMC & OLG: 2 meetings, parameters established• IAB research establishing RFP to go to PwC etc• Ideal: summer working, October launch• Dependencies • Complexity and therefore timing •
  18. 18. Overview of member benefits1. Access to our research and chance to contributeyours2. Access to events - 90% free, 50% discount on paid3. Regulatory affairs support4. Discount on all Training courses5. Access to councils6. 24/7 access to members-only resources online7. PR through membership, blogs, councils, events etc8. Networking opportunities at events, via membersdirectory
  19. 19. Around the IAB• Events• Mobile Engage, 17th May• Search Conference, 15th June• Training• Lead generation workshop, 11th June• Search Marketing certificate, 14th June
  20. 20. Questions?IAB: