Omron Bp652 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit                                                                 Price :    ...
Advanced Averaging         With a touch of a button you can review an eight week history of your weekly morning and evenin...
Facts About Blood PressureYour heart is your most important organ, and its a good idea to know how well its doing. With Om...
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Omron bp652 7 series blood pressure wrist unit


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Omron bp652 7 series blood pressure wrist unit

  1. 1. Omron Bp652 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating 4.3 out of 5 Product Feature q Heart guide technology q Two user mode q Bp level indicator q Slim portable design q Detect irregular heartbeat q Read moreProduct Description7 series blood pressure wrist unit with slim portable design. Read moreProduct DescriptionThe Omron 7 SERIES wrist home blood pressure monitor is an advanced, portable model, offering discreetreadings anywhere you go. Ideal for managing heart health, this monitor employs smart Heart GuideTechnology, automatically activating the moment your wrist is at heart level and offering precise readingsevery time. The attached cuff fits wrist sizes 5-1/4 inches to 8-1/2 inches.The Omron 7 SERIES wrist monitor provides you with these seven key benefits: Heart Guide Technology Automatically activates when your wrist is at heart level, ensuring consistently accurate readings. Flashing orange and blue indicator lights help guide your wrist to your heart level, making it easier to find the correct position. Two User Mode Allows two different users to monitor and track their readings separately in the stored memory. BP Level Indicator Shows how your reading compares to internationally recognized guidelines for normal home blood pressure levels. Slim Portable Design New slim design is more discrete and convenient for portability, allowing users to monitor their blood pressure at home, work or anywhere. Irregular Heartbeat Detector Detects irregular heartbeats while your blood pressure is being measured. If an irregular heartbeat is detected, an indicator icon will appear, alerting you so you can consult with your medical professional.
  2. 2. Advanced Averaging With a touch of a button you can review an eight week history of your weekly morning and evening blood pressure averages. 200 Memory Storage 100 memory storage for each person (200 total) with date and time stamp allows you to review the last 100 readings with a touch of a button.Whats the Right Product for Me? Convenient and Portable 3 SERIES ™ 7 SERIES™ Wrist Pressure Monitors MODEL NUMBERS BP629 BP652 FEATURES/BENEFITS Memory Storage 60 200 Simple and Portable Design Advanced Averaging BP Level Indicator Irregular Heartbeat Detector Two User Mode Heart Guide Technology OTHER INFORMATION Similar to Omron® BPM HEM-629 HEM-650 UPC 0 73796 26629 5 0 73796 26652 3 Cuff Size Wrist 5.25"-8.5" Wrist 5.25"-8.5" Power Options 2 "AAA" Included 2 "AAA" Included Carrying/Storage Yes Yes Warranty 2 Year 5 Year IntelliSense® Yes Yes Clinically Proven Accurate Yes Yes View Omrons Blood Pressure 101 Brochure to learn more.
  3. 3. Facts About Blood PressureYour heart is your most important organ, and its a good idea to know how well its doing. With Omron homeblood pressure monitors, you consistently get an accurate picture of your hearts health.One in three adults suffer from high blood pressure in America. This condition can lead to heart attacks, strokes,kidney failure, and blindness. With the Omron 7 SERIES wrist monitor, you can monitor your blood pressure athome, and with the help of your physician, take steps to decrease your risk of heart disease. A healthy heartcombined with a healthy lifestyle will help increase your chances for a long, active life. View this chart to learn more about what the numbers mean.What the Numbers MeanUnderstanding your readings is easy with the Omron 7 SERIES blood pressure monitor. The easy-to-read screendisplays your readings in large font and labels each number with a tab along the side. Systolic Pressure is the top number on the display. Its the pressure created as your heart contracts to pump blood throughout the body. Diastolic Pressure is the bottom number on the display. Its the pressure between beats, when your heart relaxes.These numbers combine to give you your blood pressure reading (systolic over diastolic pressure).How to Monitor + TipsYour blood pressure numbers often change. For instance, your blood pressure in the morning can besignificantly different than at night, when you visit a doctors office, or after exercising. By using an Omronblood pressure monitor at home, youre able to detect changes in your blood pressure any time you want.Monitoring at Home is EasyTo ensure an accurate reading, do not measure your blood pressure within 30 minutes of:
  4. 4. • Exercising • Eating • Smoking • Drinking Alcohol • BathingPlace the blood pressure arm cuff on your left arm and sit quietly for approximately five minutes with both feetflat on the floor. Then, when you are ready to test, simply press the start button and the Omron monitor will dothe rest.Whats in the BoxOne Omron BP-652 7 SERIES wrist blood pressure monitor, storage case, two AAA batteries, andEnglish/Spanish instruction manual.Read moreYou May Also LikeAmerican Diagnostic Corporation 427 Adtemp Temple Touch, WhiteFinger Pulse Oximeter SM-110 with Carry Case and Neck/Wrist CordConcord BlackOx Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with Carrying CaseFingertip Pulse Oximeter with free carrying case, lanyard and protective cover. The Concord Sapphire.Omron BP791IT 10+ Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor With ComFit Cuff, Black/White