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Mobile Usage trends amongst mid-high end users in India captured via on-device metering technology. This provides actual usage vs. stated usage through surveys.

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  • Source: Mobile Gaming in India – Statistics and Source of Consumption [Market Report] ^ Source:
  • Informate - Mobile Usage Trends in India

    1. 1. Mobile Usage in India “ An Informate Mobile Intelligence Report” Trend Analysis : April to September 2009
    2. 2. Informate Mobile Tracker : Methodology <ul><li>Respondents are recruited using purposive sampling as per the quota plan </li></ul><ul><li>Quota plan based on tele-circle (representative cities within each circle), age range, gender spread, handset price range & available service operator </li></ul><ul><li>On successful registration & installation of the SmartMeter, his/her profile data is collected </li></ul><ul><li>The meter starts tracking the usage and Actual usage data of every panelist is captured and is transferred through GPRS to the server, on a daily basis </li></ul><ul><li>Captured actual usage of applications/ features etc., are analyzed at the aggregate level to understand behavior and track usage patterns </li></ul>Mobile User Agrees to be a part of the meter panel Installs meter application on device Online access to view periodic reports Application transfers usage data to Online Servers on a daily basis How Informate works? Completes Registration Informate is a cutting edge telecom research company providing Mobile Market Intelligence based on Actual mobile usage data Receives an SMS with a WAP link to the application What is captured by the SmartMeter? Informate Option s Menu Operator Oparticipating in the brands survey. Click to continuen behalf of DB5, thank you for Call Chat Connectivity e-mail Messaging Voice Mail Communication Entertainment Browsing Ph. Mgmt Other Apps Others Games Multimedia Download Surfing Phone Navigation Security Call Apps Productivity Suites Phone Feature Phone Utility Active Time Other Communication
    3. 3. Mobile - Key websites accessed Google and its allied services are the most accessed websites followed by Yahoo & its allied services Source: Informate Mobile Meter
    4. 4. Mobile – Key Websites visited Key Website visited Source: Informate Mobile Meter Top 3 website visited in key categories BFSI & Online trading ICICIbank BSE NSEIndia Dating & Matrimonial Shaadi Bharatmatrimony Jeevansaathi VAS storefront Getjar Ovi Ownskin Travel & Tourism Indian Railways MakeMyTrip Yatra Social Networking Orkut Facebook My gamma Web Communication Gmail Yahoo India Mail Rediff Mail Overall Internet Media Social Networking Search Webmail Search Engines Google Yahoo Bing
    5. 5. Mobile – Key Applications Usage Source: Informate Mobile Meter Music, Games and Chat are most used applications by mobile users Sept ‘09 Classification Share of mins % Reach % Usage / User/ Day (mins) Unique users (‘000) Visual Radio Radio 1.68% 27.3% 10.1 2576 Nimbuzz Chat 1.32% 7.4% 30.2 602 Card Deck Game -Card 0.9% 7.6% 18.4 715 RockeTalk Chat 0.8% 2.4% 54.9 224 Solitaire Game-Card 0.6% 4.0% 8.5 325 Bubble Breaker Game-Puzzle 0.6% 11.5% 8.0 420 Windows Media Media player 0.6% 20.0% 4.5 730 Qeep Chat 0.4% 1.2% 73.3 98 Dictionary Dictionary 0.4% 9.3% 8.3 757 RealPlayer Media player 0.4% 30.4% 2.2 2867
    6. 6. Average Usage Duration Informate Mobile Usage tracker reveals that active time spent on the phone is steady over last 2 months (approximately 2hrs 45 minutes/ day) Almost 30-32% of the total active time (approximately 50 minutes) is spent on communication. Entertainment & Browsing together form a significant portion of the active time spent – around one and half hours daily. Core Activity Split (Share of Total Active Time) Usage time per user (Minutes/ day) Source: Informate Mobile Meter Overall Base:- 2346 What is Active Time? ” Active Time” is the time spent on mobile phones doing deliberate activities. For example, calling a contact, playing games or listening to music are accounted to &quot;Active Time&quot;
    7. 7. Communication Split Calling constitute a major portion of the Communication, but Messaging and Chat is emerging as a good substitute for Communication. What constitutes Communication? Time spent on Calling is comparatively high but shows downward trend. On an average 25-30 minutes of active time is spent on voice calls. Almost 15-20 minutes of the active time is spent on Messaging. Time spent on chat shows upward trend. Source: Informate Mobile Meter Messaging 2.5 2.2 1.9 2.0 1.7 0.5 Volume of incoming messages is double than outgoing messages month on month, possibly due to receipt of promotional messages. Time spent on Messaging shows upward trend in last 4 months. Overall Base:- 2346 Overall Base:- 2346
    8. 8. Communication Split Mobile users make/ receive around 340 calls per month and spend close to 12 hours / month on calls. Calling Source: Informate Mobile Meter Time spent on calling activity is in the range of 30-35 minutes across all the months. Number of incoming calls are higher than outgoing calls( possibly due to the marketing / promotional calls), whereas average time spent on outgoing calls is higher than incoming calls. Overall Base:- 2346
    9. 9. Entertainment Split Multimedia activities which include playing songs, listening to music and viewing pictures form a major chunk of time spent on entertainment activities. Source: Informate Mobile Meter Multimedia Split What constitutes Entertainment? On an average 40-45 minutes is spent on Entertainment activity. Time spent on Multimedia activities is almost 5 times as compared to time spent on Games. Media player & Gallery constitute major portion of the Multimedia time. It also shows upward trend month on month. Source: Informate Mobile Meter Overall Base:- 2346 Overall Base:- 2346 Gallery- Viewing, editing, organizing images & songs
    10. 10. Game Split Native games contribute to a large share of actual game usage Game Categories Source: Informate Mobile Meter Jul,09 Aug,09 Sep,09 Aprl,09 May ,09 Jun, 09 Average time spent by a “Gamer” shows downward trend . Card & Puzzle categories are the most favorite amongst gamers. Game Active Time Overall Base:- 2346
    11. 11. Music & Camera Usage Mobile users listen on an average 100 songs and clicks 15-18 photos in a month Source: Informate Mobile Meter Music Details Camera Details Overall Base:- 2346 Overall Base:- 2346
    12. 12. Mobile - Applications Usage Users moving up from using only native applications - Potential for third party applications Chat Applications Usage - Top 3 Chat applications (By duration) Source: Informate Mobile Meter Call Applications Usage - Top 3 Call applications (By duration) Apr ‘09 May ’09 Jun ’09 Jul ’09 Aug ’09 Sep ‘09 Nimbuzz Nimbuzz Nimbuzz Nimbuzz Nimbuzz Nimbuzz Qeep Qeep Qeep Mig33 RockeTalk RockeTalk eBuddy Mig33 Mig33 Qeep Qeep Qeep Apr ‘09 May ’09 Jun ’09 Jul ’09 Aug ’09 Sep ‘09 Talkonaut Call Cheater Talkonaut CallerID FUU Call Manager Call Cheater Call Manager Call Cheater Inesoft Dialer Call Cheater Full screen caller Call Manager Full screen caller Inesoft Dialer Full screen caller Full screen caller Call Magic
    13. 13. Mobile Users- Profile Source: Informate Mobile Meter Age groups % 18-24 yrs 43% 25-30 yrs 28% 31-35 yrs 13% 36-40 yrs 7% 40+ yrs 8% SEC % SEC A 54% SEC B 33% SEC C, D & E 13% Marital status % Single 60% Married 40% Gender % Female 15% Male 85% Operators % Airtel 41% Vodafone 18% BPL 14% BSNL 13% Idea 8% Reliance 3% Aircel 2% Spice 1%
    14. 14. <ul><li>If you are interested in purchasing research reports or other Informate services or if you have a question about our research please contact: </li></ul><ul><li>Deepak Dasila </li></ul><ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul><ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul><ul><li>Phone: +91 22 4068 2894 </li></ul>Questions? Registered Office: Informate Mobile Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. 517, Palm Spring, 5th Floor, New Link Road, Malad (W), Mumbai - 400064, India. Ph: 022-40682822