IRTC Manufacturing<br /><ul><li>Project TitleIRTC Billing System UpgradeProject Start DateMay  18, 2012Project End DateJun...
Project plan and charter
Project plan and charter
Project plan and charter
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Project plan and charter


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Project plan and charter

  1. 1. IRTC Manufacturing<br /><ul><li>Project TitleIRTC Billing System UpgradeProject Start DateMay 18, 2012Project End DateJune 19, 2012Background IRTC Manufacturing Enterprises originally installed its billing system years ago.  IRTC is updating its mainframe legacy system as well implementing a new web-based version of the system.  This project will involve major changes to existing processes, changes to existing jobs, as well as the creation of new positions. Budget InformationIRTC has a budget of 100,000.00 for this project. A majority of the cost will be spent on vendor cost, where the additional cost will focus on internal stakeholders, and any equipment purchases. Project ManagerThe project manager (PM) La’Kecia Gallaher, at ((555) 555-5555 and, is authorized for IRTC’s Manufacturing Enterprise project to coordinate as well as integrate needed activities with all management and employees. The PM along with executive level team members will develop, execute, and make necessary changes to the project plan. The PM is responsible for identifying the requirements needed in order to complete a successful IRTC project. The PM has the responsibility to communicate with the project sponsor and or the functional manager making sure all tasks are being taken care of as well as negotiating resources. The PM also monitors the lifecycle of the project which includes the project cost, project scope, and project schedule. The PM will make sure performance is measured and will take the initiative to force necessary actions to correct any issues.StakeholdersProject ManagerSponsorProject TeamExecutive ManagementIRTC’s CustomersBilling DepartmentCustomer Service DepartmentProject Sponsor/ CustomersThe project sponsor is IRTC Manufacturing and the customers are the people that this project would help access their billing statements, pay bills, and get customer assistance via the Internet. The Billing Department and Customer Service Department are also considered customers for this project because they will be using the finished product. Project ObjectiveThe purpose of this project is to allow IRTC’s customers to view and pay their bills online and access a customer service agent when needed.  This will expected to help reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce the number of days for outstanding accounts receivable. Scope IRTC's project scope is the delivery of a new online customer billing system, and an upgrade to the current legacy billing system. Currently the timeframe for this new online billing system is 16-20 weeks, but that timeframe has not been set in stone. The legacy billing system upgrade normally takes from 9-12 weeks to complete. The new online billing system is to allow customers the ability to view and service themselves online, such as viewing and paying their bills without having to speak to a customer service rep. Customers will still have the option to speak to a customer service rep, when and if needed. Some of the objectives behind this new upgrade is to cut down on cost for IRTC, increase customer satisfaction, allow for different jobs and more jobs within IRTC, as well as decreasing the number of days for outstanding accounts receivable. The budget for this project is $100,000.00. Milestone Schedule The completion of IRTCs project will be promptly delivered on June 19, 2012, to the project sponsor. Upon approval by the project sponsor, the project will commence immediately. The time frame for the original legacy billing system upgrade is between 9-12 weeks and the new online system upgrade is between 16-20 weeks. Project Assessment and MonitoringAlso, throughout the upgrade there will be quality assessment and monitoring. This type of activity would let the parties involved in the project know if they are getting things done effectively to accomplish their goal(s). If they are not then they can make the necessary changes or adjustments that are needed. This monitoring could let a project manager see if there is additional funded needed or if there could be some funding that could be used in other places to strengthen other areas. Roles and ResponsibilitiesName and SignatureRolePositionContact InformationTerence Green Executing tasks and producing deliverables as outlined in the Project Plan Team MuhammadTeam LeadAmeena.muhammad@student.ctuonline.eduLa’Kecia Gallaher Project ManagerPMlakecia.gallaher@student.ctuonline.eduTheodore SmithExecuting tasks and producing deliverables as outlined in the Project PlanTeam Membertheodore.smith@student.ctuonline.eduElaine MayesExecuting tasks and producing deliverables as outlined in the Project PlanTeam</li></ul>Communication Plan <br />AudiencePurposeForm of CommunicationBusiness Area ResponsibleDeliverableHow oftenContentCustomersAwarenessFlyerCustomer Service UnitEmail/Web pageMonthlyBackground and communicate the need for changeBusiness CustomersAwarenessFlyer/LetterBusiness DepartmentEmail/Web pageMonthlyBackground and the benefitsEmployeesEmployee awarenessStatus reportBusiness DepartmentEmailWeeklyProject StatusVendorIdentify and mitigate potential/ongoing issuesMeetingIT Personnel/Project TeamOne-on-One meetings with the vendorBi-weeklyAddress issues or concerns that may impact project success from a technical standpointExecutive Management/Managers of DepartmentsMaintain buy-inPresentationProject ManagerIn person presentationBi-WeeklyProgress/Issues or concerns<br />   <br />