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  1. 1. Teaching a Refugee Client ”Hajer Abood” How to Use Software/Hardware to Search on the Internet By Amna AL Qaisi
  2. 2. Name: Amna Al Qaisi Class: 571 First project  Teaching a Refugee Client ”Hajer Abood” How to Use Software/Hardware to Search on the Internet This project and the instructions are about vitally important personally and professionally for those whom English is not their first language. I feel is very important for most librarians because it will give them the ability to greatly assist those who use foreign languages. When I entered USA as a refugee in 2007, I really needed to be able to converse with my family who spoke very little English. I needed the Arabic keyboard to chat with them. I searched everywhere to find an Arabic Keyboard, but it was very difficult to find one. After I asked and search I found a very beautiful, elegant, easy and efficient way to deal with the problem. Really, the need is the mother of research. As usual I started to Google to solve my problem. I found it at Arabic! It was as if a virtual Arabic keyboard with Arabic letters on it like ( أ , ب , ت , ث , ج , ح , خ , د , ذ , ر , ز , س , ش , ص , ض , ط , ظ , ع , غ , ف , ق , ك , ل , م , ن , ه , و , ي ( I was so happy to discovered and found the solution to my dilemma. I was proud of myself because I discovered the solution by myself. I found using this resource to be invaluable because I can do research in SIRLS topics in Arabic. There are vast academic databases of articles written in different languages! I started to teach the clients who they are really in need to use the Arabic and different keyboards at the resettlement agency and at Martha Cooper brunch library. When I started to think about this project and asked many clients to be my student, they embarrassed to do it with me because I informed them that I will write a biography about them and give their address and phone numbers in my project. Then my daughter offered to help me and participate in this project. She told me that I taught her this thing before and she worked as a volunteer in TIARC organization to teach the refugees how to use it. I welcomed her idea to be my student in this project. Hajer Abood is from Iraq .She is one of my twins. She lives in 8 countries in the Middle East. She speaks six Arabic dialects including; Iraqi, Egyptian, Syrian, Jordanian, Libyan, Lebanese, in addition to English language and little Spanish. She is 15 years old. She is a 9th grade student at Rincon High school. She resides in 840 N. Al Vernon Way, APT #102,Tucson Az #85711 and her phone # is 520-908-6350. She is very smart, fluent, in computer literacy but didn’t know about the Arabic keyboard.  
  3. 4. This is a sample of Arabic & English keyboard
  4. 5. I will start teaching her how to use the Arabic keyboard by using the internet. So lets go to the desktop.
  5. 6. On the desktop you will find internet explorer. Then make double click on it . Internet explorer
  6. 7. Then you will find Google search box. Put the cursive in the box to write
  7. 8. Right click on Google search. Many sits of Arabic keyboards will appear in the screen . You can choose the first one .
  8. 9. If you are Arabic and you know how to write in Arabic , you can write Arabic channels or anything else you want to search about it by using that keyboard.
  9. 10. After you finish writing the Arabic channels, highlight it, make copy and paste it on Google search box . Then press search .
  10. 11. Many different sits will appear and you can choose the first one.
  11. 12. Many Arabic channels will appear in the screen and you can choose what ever you want to watch . Hajer choose Alsharqiya ( Iraqi channel )
  12. 13. Black screen will appears . It will start loading and then you will see online live TV. Press in the middle of the screen to make full screen.
  13. 14. The benefits of using different keyboards and the internet: . It is very cheap . You don’t need TV . It is free . You don’t need translation or interpretation . You can watch any channels at any time (because these channels open 24 hours). . Any one can use the same way if s/he wants to use academic search at any field of study. References: