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Green Screen

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Be anywhere, anytime

  1. 1. Be Anywhere, AnytimeGreen Screening in the Classroom Kelly Schweda
  2. 2. Rational During the 2008-2009 school year my principal attended aconference where a teacher shared about using green screen technologyin the classroom. She came back excited and ready to make it happen inour school. We were already equipped with Flip Video Cameras and shemade a trip to the local fabric store and returned with a large piece ofgreen fabric. We had no idea what we were getting into, but it’s been aworthy adventure. In the beginning we had a lot of software challenges,but have since been able to purchase Adobe Premiere Elements andAdobe Photoshop Elements to create the green screen effect. Theproblem is at this point only our Technology Coach and myself know howto use this software. With increasing interest from other staff membersto use green screen technology in the classroom, I feel it’s important tooffer training to other staff members so they too can utilize this highlyengaging video technique.
  3. 3. Class Description Do you need a way to spruce up your oldlessons? Are you tired of teaching the same thing in thesame old way? Are you looking for a way to increasestudent engagement? Join us for, “Be Anywhere,Anytime,” a staff development that will allow yourstudents to transport themselves anywhere, at anytime.Go back in time to the colonial times, fast forward to thefuture, or enter into the world of make believe; withgreen screen technology you can take them there. Joinus as we explore the world of green screen and be readyto see your lessons transformed.
  4. 4. Goals 100% of teachers that participate in thetraining will leave with a new idea for teaching apreviously taught unit based on a post trainingsurvey.100% of teachers that participate in the trainingwill feel more confident in using the AdobeSoftware to create green screen videos based ona post training survey assessment.
  5. 5.  100% of teachers will report an increase instudent engagement in the topic they usedgreen screen for two months after training. Using the survey data from two months afterthe training 100% of teachers will report usingthe green screen technology or will be willing toaccept help in using the technology in theirclassroom.
  6. 6. Be Anywhere, Anytime Topic Approximate Time Introduction: What is green screen? 3:45-3:50 Why would I use green screen in my 3:50-3:55 classroom?How can I use green screen in my classroom? 3:55-4:05 How do I make it happen? 4:05-4:25 Brainstorming with Colleagues 4:25-4:40 Question and Answers 4:40-4:50 Wrap-up 4:50-5:00
  7. 7. What is Green Screen If you’ve ever watched the weather you’ve seen green screen in action. Another name for green screen is Chroma Key. Green screen involves the removing of all the green color in the video or image and replacing it with a background of your choosing. It’s a creative, highly engaging way for students to demonstrate their learning through video and image creation.
  8. 8. Why use it in my classroom? Highly engaging way for students to prove their understanding of a topic. Fits well with Problem Based Learning and Big 6 Models. Great opportunity for 21st century skill development.Allows students to work collaboratively towards a shared goal. Allows you to address several standards and benchmarks from all different subject areas at the same time. Easy to differentiate.
  9. 9. How can I use green screen in the classroom? Create images of your students in different settings to incorporated into student made books or posters. Have your students report live from an event in history. Have students transported into diagrams to explain their understanding.Create Public Service Announcements. Create movies of your students’ creative writing allowing them to act it out or use student created puppets. The possibilities are endless!
  10. 10. How do I make it happen?  Facilitate the production of your student videos just like you would any other video, but this time when you do the final recording, do it in front of the green screen. Make sure your students are not wearing green.   Follow along on your handout as we demonstrate the process.* 10 Quick Steps to Finalize a Green Screen Production* If we were able to be in a computer lab where we had a site license of AdobePremiere Elements, teachers would do this along with us.
  11. 11. Please work with the people at your table to brainstorm how you can seeyourselves using this in your classroom. If you think of any questions, pleasewrite them on the provided post-it-notes.
  12. 12. Come together and share ideas brainstormed in group.
  13. 13. What questions do you still need answered?
  14. 14. Wrap-upPlease take a few minutes now to complete the following survey about today’s training:Two months from now we’ll be sending you a link to thefollowing survey to see how you have been using greenscreen in the classroom.