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How to use a snake camera


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If you're on a budget looking for snake cameras, shop online. There are several online stores you can buy a snake camera nowadays and since you'd be shopping around from home, you minimize expenses while looking at snake cameras until you find the best deals. This helps you find a on a budget.

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How to use a snake camera

  1. 1. How to Use a Snake Camera A snake camera is a small, compact camera that resembles a long tube and as sleek and slim in the same way a real snake is. The flexible, but rigid neck can turn or bend to help you see into tight places. Snake cameras are great for hard-to-reach areas, such as a drain. However, they are also great for organizations like police, SWAT teams, military and firemen. With a snake camera, you can look at otherwise impossible to view areas, such as: Under doors Around corners In air vents In pipes In ducts Over large obstacles In small, compact spaces For example, police detectives can use a snake camera to watch illegal activity in a house. First, a detective finds a tiny area where the camera can fit. Second, switch the camera on. Third, the detective should insert the snake camera in the small hole. Rotate the camera as much as needed to reach slide it through the small area. Because the camera is located at the top of the snake camera, it's easy to make sure the detective can see when it reaches its destination. Next, rotate the camera to find the best view to see the illegal activity. Lastly, decided where to take pictures or store video. Typically, snake cameras can store about 200 pictures. Also, it can store about 20 minutes of video. Some snake cameras also have a portable hand monitor. This allows one person to view what the snake camera records while another is operating the snake camera. Generally, snake cameras come with rechargeable batteries. Therefore, you don't have to spend money on new batteries. Overall, a snake camera is affordable, portable and useful for government agencies to catch criminals. Many people use snake cameras whether they are trying to spy on a cheating spouse or on a plumber trying to fix a clogged drain. However, the snake camera is so small and portable that they offer law enforcement a chance to use the cameras to catch criminals and gain an upper hand in dangerous situations as well.