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The Tragedy of Open Source


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Economic theory of the tragedy of the commons applied to open source software.

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The Tragedy of Open Source

  1. 1. The Tragedy of Open Source David Nalley @ke4qqq
  2. 2. #whoami • Director, VP Infra; The Apache Software Foundation • PMC member of Apache {jclouds, CloudStack, Incubator} • Employed by Citrix in the Open Source Business Office
  3. 3. A few items of historical note
  4. 4. Shellshock
  5. 5. GnuPG
  6. 6. Pony Factor
  7. 7. Tragedy of the Commons
  8. 8. And we are so close… • “Software is eating the world” – Marc Andreessen. • Open Source now the defacto model for cloud, big data, $newtech • “Open Source software is eating the world” – Dr. Ibrahim Haddad, Samsung • “You can’t build a product today without open source.”
  9. 9. Some contrast
  10. 10. A few ideas • So much opportunity to become part of a critical software project • Core Infrastructure Initiative • Make a case that your organization must invest – Pay a vendor – Contribute upstream
  11. 11. • David Nalley – – – @ke4qqq