Chateaux Keynote


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Chateaux Keynote

  1. 1. CHATEAUX Isabelle Lefèvre
  2. 2. SUMMARYchateaux are manor houses or a country house of nobility,built by the lords of the manorchateaux were originally created for fortification, but theyeventually became used for a demonstration of splendorand powerthe Loire River is in west-central France and it’s thecountry’s longest riverthe Loire Valley is between the regions of Maine and Sully-sur-Loire
  4. 4. LOCATIONthe Loire Valley
  5. 5. HISTORYThis chateaux was built in the 10th century and was a very important residence for French kings in the 16th century After the death of an important resident (Gaston dOrléans) in the 17th century, the castlewent into decline. The Chateau de Blois wasone of the first buildings to be classified as a historical monument and it still open for visits today.
  6. 6. INTERIORthe entire interior is reallyornatethere are many different wingsdedicated to the various kingsand lords who stayed therethe rooms are pretty typical ofwhat one would expect to seein a castle- they are very bigand very extravagant
  7. 7. COOL FEATURESthere is a huge spiral staircase that was built byFrancois I (it’s a lot bigger than the picture shows)
  8. 8. ACTIVITIES IN THE AREAthere are several other chateaux that one could visitif they went to the Loire Valley (Chateau deChenonceau, Chateau de Villandry, etc.)there are also several cathedrals (Chartres Cathedral)
  9. 9. STAYING IN A CHATEAU!The chateaux I chose to stay in iscalled Château CamomilleI will be staying there from April 25 toApril 28It will cost me 1,012 € or $1,440.53
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