Naked Conversations<br />Book by Robert Scoble & ShelIsreal<br />Powerpoint by KacieWhigham<br />
Robert Scoble<br />Jersey Boy<br /><ul><li></li></li></ul><li>ShelIsreal<br />Social Media<br /><ul><li>Glob...
Surprise! <br />“1/3 of all blogs started may be abandoned within a year…”<br />
More Please…<br />Success Stories<br />
Recommendation?<br />
KacieWhigham<br />Twitter:@KdWhigham<br />
C:\Fakepath\Naked Conversations
C:\Fakepath\Naked Conversations
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C:\Fakepath\Naked Conversations


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  • Born in New Jersey in 1965.He learned how to put a motherboard together at age 11.He dropped out of college with 1 class credit left without finishing his degree in journalism.Known for his blog started while working at Microsoft.He previously worked for Fast Company as a video blogger.Currently works for Rackspace building an internet community titled Building 43.
  • Born in 1944 and lives in California.He is a writer and speaker on social media issues.Also wrote Twitterville.Holds an online blogging series called Global Neighborhoods with ShelIsreal.
  • Blogging is a way to humanize your company. It is a way to reach more than one person at a time, in a personal, identifiable way.Microsoft took video blogging and used it as a chance to show outsiders that they are human. Anyone with a will can blog, but there are 6 pillars to blog.1.Publishable.Anyone can publish a blog. You can do it cheaply, but post often. Each posting is instantly available worldwide.2.Findable. Through search engines, people will find blogs by subject, author, or both. The more you post, the more findable you become.3.Social. The blogosphere is one big conversation. Topics that are interesting link together from site to site. Through blogs, people with shared interests are able to build relationships unrestricted by geographic borders.4.Viral. Information often spreads faster through blogs than via a news service. No form of viral marketing matches the speed and efficiency of a blog.5.Syndicatable. By clicking on an icon, you can get free &quot;home delivery&quot; of RSS- enabled blogs into your e-mail software. RSS lets you know when a blog you subscribe to is updated, saving you search time. 6.Linkable. Because each blog can link to all others, every blogger has access to the tens of millions of people who visit the blogosphere every day.
  • I was surprised to learn that one-third of all blogs started may be abandoned within a year. Blogging is not for everyone. You have to be committed.However, for those who continue to blog, the overall growth of blogging is among the fastest of any technology in history. According to Pew, ¼ of the U.S. web reads blogs and that number is increasing at 60% annually.
  • I love reading about the success stories of how blogs have helped companies turn around. Such as how video blogging helped consumers see that those working at Microsoft were humans too. They were able to see their daily life, unscripted, which made it feel more real.That’s how life is, and that’s how consumers want to view it, not with a mask on.
  • I would definitely recommend this book for those interested in blogging for a company. It is very insightful on giving examples of good blogging stories for companies. For me, it was a little bit of a slow read, because it can be a lot of information at once, but is a good book to pick up and read a chapter every day or so.
  • Thanks for listening to my presentation!Again, my name is KacieWhigham.You can follow me a twitter, username KdWhigham.Bye for now!
  • C:\Fakepath\Naked Conversations

    1. 1. Naked Conversations<br />Book by Robert Scoble & ShelIsreal<br />Powerpoint by KacieWhigham<br />
    2. 2. Robert Scoble<br />Jersey Boy<br /><ul><li></li></li></ul><li>ShelIsreal<br />Social Media<br /><ul><li>Global Neighborhoods</li></li></ul><li>Lesson Learned<br />Humanize<br />Microsoft<br />6 Pillars<br />
    3. 3. Surprise! <br />“1/3 of all blogs started may be abandoned within a year…”<br />
    4. 4. More Please…<br />Success Stories<br />
    5. 5. Recommendation?<br />
    6. 6. KacieWhigham<br />Twitter:@KdWhigham<br />