Effective networks and exchange of information of map


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Effective networks and exchange of information of map

  1. 1. Dr. Kheder DurahRegional Network & Information ManagerInternational Plant Genetic ResourcesCentral West Asia and North AfricaTel: +963 21 223 1412, Fax: 2273681Email: k.durah@cgiar.orghttp://www.ipgri.cgiar.org
  2. 2. The Definition  Knowledge is what people Know.  Network is sharing resources.  Knowledge Network is : Sharing What People Know.01/01/13 2 Dr. Kheder Durah, IPGRI-CWANA
  3. 3. The Problem  Farmers generate and use thousands of Ideas and Experiences in the course of their activities.  Administering This Knowledge and finding the relevant information when required is time-consuming and often ineffective and for sure non sustainable.  Important experience go missing as individuals pass away. One African say that when a farmer dies, a library is burned.01/01/13 3 Dr. Kheder Durah, IPGRI-CWANA
  4. 4. The Solution Having a sustainable knowledge management tool is the key solution to address the challenge of capturing Indigenous knowledge, analyzing it and share it in a collaborative manner. IPGRI CWANA Regional Office Developed GRIS Which is an effective modeling tool to capture IK, analyze and share among National Programs.01/01/13 4 Dr. Kheder Durah, IPGRI-CWANA
  5. 5. What is GRIS ?  Genetic Resources Information system (GRIS) was conceived as a modeling tool to document and manage the genetic resources both in Ex-situ and In-situ.  It consists of a static set of relational databases to document passport data and a user defined databases. With the cooperation with IPGRI-APO, GIRS was conceived at its inception to be less data dependent and more integrated system for managing genetic resources in a complementary conservation context.  From the Main Menu GRIS provide information on: Site Information including interactive GIS maps. Taxonomy. Echo-Geographic Surveys. Collected Samples. Germplasm Management. Import/Export Germplasm Data. Capture and view I/K information thru multimedia features that was incorporated into GRIS (Video, Audio Clips, images, etc).01/01/13 5 Dr. Kheder Durah, IPGRI-CWANA
  6. 6. GRIS Technology In order to maximize both operation and data management efficiency, each accession has been tagged with barcode that allow: Optical Identification Collection Site Mapping Automatic Data Entry/Retrieval To manage the storage location and status of each sample in the cold rooms, a 3D window has been implemented in GRIS to visually identify by a red label mark the storage location of any sought sample for: Monitoring number of seeds /accession Monitoring seed viability Estimating regeneration date To enhance the reliability of collected information in a survey mission, remote and mobile technology was incorporated into GRIS to make use of: PDA Palm unit for digital survey forms. PDA Palm Camera to capture high resolution digital images. PDA Palm GPS for automatic detection of locations coordinates. PDA Palm Modem to remotely transfer survey information to GRIS host computer.01/01/13 6 Dr. Kheder Durah, IPGRI-CWANA
  7. 7. Furthermore to make GRIS a powerful Network Knowledge tool, a centralized GRIS database was created and hosted at IPGRI- CWANA office to allow publishing of passport data of accessions from various National programs currently using GRIS and future Stakeholders. This collective database is part of CWANA published Knowledge Center based on MS SharePoint portal technology, thus making it available for the public use.01/01/13 7 Dr. Kheder Durah, IPGRI-CWANA
  8. 8. 01/01/13 8 Dr. Kheder Durah, IPGRI-CWANA
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  10. 10. 01/01/13 10Dr. Kheder Durah, IPGRI-CWANA
  11. 11. 01/01/13 11Dr. Kheder Durah, IPGRI-CWANA
  12. 12. GRIS Network Model and Peripherals01/01/13 12Dr. Kheder Durah, IPGRI-CWANA
  13. 13. Challenges Local Laws & Practices01/01/13 13Dr. Kheder Durah, IPGRI-CWANA
  14. 14. Oman Biodiversity National Information System OBNIS Model NHM FRC ARC SQU Intranet Dial-up Network Bio Diversity Dept. W.W.W. Oman Telecom01/01/13 14Dr. Kheder Durah, IPGRI-CWANA
  15. 15. The Future Ahead Establish AgroBiodiversity Knowledge Center • Universities • Research Institutes • Private Sector • International Organizations.01/01/13 15Dr. Kheder Durah, IPGRI-CWANA
  16. 16.  Acknowledgment  Huridocs by Manuel Guzman 2001  Stefano Padulosi , IPGRI-CWANA 2003  Useful Web sites  http://www.huridocs.org  http://www.ipgri.cgiar.org  http://www.ipgri.cgiar.org/regions/cwana/  http://cwana.ipgri.cgiar.org/cwanacollab  http://gris.ipgri.cgiar.org01/01/13 16Dr. Kheder Durah, IPGRI-CWANA