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  1. 1. ETEC 531Moodle Course
  2. 2. This was the Welcome or Home screen for our Cyberbullyingcourse. My group used iWeb to create our pages, and then hadthe students navigate through the Moodle course shell.
  3. 3. We started by having the students work on a Glossary of HumanRights, and then working on a journal entry in the Moodle course.
  4. 4. The students completed journal entries using specific thought questions.
  5. 5. A discussion forum was created to allow the students to answer guided questions or just bring up issues that they encountered during the course.The next project they worked on was a mini-assignment where they learned how to evaluate a website, and how misinformation can lead to unsafe situations on-line, through racism and bullying.
  6. 6. We created 2 quizzes, one that the students took at the beginningof the course to access their prior knowledge, and then a final quizto give them a chance to show what they learned.
  7. 7. We included a marking rubric for the PSA:
  8. 8. The overall theme of the unit was social justice and howcyberbullying affects us all. The process was a relatively smoothone, as my group clicked well and worked through the assignmenteffectively. I definitely feel that I lucked out with a great group!