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5 Integrated Marketing Improvements To Start Today


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5 Integrated Marketing Improvements To Start Today

  1. 1. 5 Integrated Marketing Improvements To Start Today by Keith WhiteCopyright 2012 ParkerWhite Inc  
  2. 2. 5 Integrated Marketing Improvements To StartTodayI’ve heard it over and over again. “My Marketing Team doesn’t do anything likethis. Marketing basically tweaks our website, makes our brochures, and thingslike that. ”Good integrated marketing is far more than “collateral marketing” and“making changes on our website.”My advice is to sit down with your marketing team or Agency and find how manyof these 5 Integrated Marketing Improvements you have working for you.1. Understand what your Prospects and Clients want to know. Are you creating all of your marketing from inside your company’s walls? Look at your competitors; listen in on the social conversations of your clients and prospects. Talk to your stakeholders inside and outside your company. Marketing decisions need the support of research in order to be viewed favorably by customers and to stand up to competition and other external pressures.Consequently, all areas of marketing and all marketing decisions should besupported with some level of research.While research is key to marketing decision making, it does not always need tobe elaborate to be effective. Sometimes small efforts, such as doing a quicksearch and/or survey on the Internet, will provide the needed information.Start now by joining the social networks of your clients and prospects andmonitoring the conversations as they relate to your company or products.The marketing agency that you hire should be able to make marketing decisionsthat will benefit your clients and your company in the long run. For that theagency will go through considerable research to come up with the perfectstrategy that will run well with the target sector. You need to be aware of whereyour competitors stand and you need to know what exactly your customer isthinking.Copyright 2012 ParkerWhite Inc  
  3. 3. 2. Plan on Giving before you Get. It’s nice when prospects finally come over to listen. It’s nicer when they leave as a client, but between those events, You’ve got to give, and give, and give! So create an offer: Something of value, (remember to research). Make it easy for your prospect to get it.What might you offer? • A research or white paper • Access to a video • Inclusion on a premium list, perhaps a “First-To-Know” whenever you introduce a new product or service • Industry specific intelligence •The offer doesn’t have to be “big.” But it does need to provide real and immediatebenefits. Make it valuable and, yes, your prospects will “pay for it” with contactinformation and participation. Maybe agree to “sit” on a review panel for you andhelp create brand loyalty.The taste of success can be felt when your prospective clients become realclients and make them a loyal client so they will remain your staunch supporterswhen the need arises. To know what kind of offers really interest your client youwill have to know their needs and wants. Provided you treat them with care andrespect, you can get to them. When you make changes to the current product,you can make your regular clients know of it immediately. For that you have toinclude them in the premium list of clients. You have to do a lot of research toknow who all are there in that list. Again making use of CRM tools will help youwhen you want to get closer to your clients. When you create something for yourclients make sure it is accessible to them. It must be something they can achievewithout making any sacrifices.Copyright 2012 ParkerWhite Inc  
  4. 4. 3. Test, Test and Test the messaging and offers.Not sure which marketing generates the most inquiries….. Test it. Analytics allows you to A/B split – that is, you can measure the effectiveness of one marketing piece or message to another. Your call to action should never be the same for all clients or prospects. Do not forget to database the intelligence you receive from this testing for your next marketing outreach.25% of the time, ask them to visit a designated page on your website.25% of the time ask for email.25% of the time ask for email, name, and company.25% of the time sign up for your e-newsletter.Remember what gets measured, gets managed.Strong clients will remain with you but those that are not sure are fickle and willleave at the slightest hesitation. You have to keep them interested with offers,especially credible offers that they will love. For that you need to know why theycome visiting your website and interact with your brand. Your marketingtechniques will vary depending upon the demographics of your clients. Theresults will tell you which is the correct method of designing your webpage andthe elements found in it. Emails and newsletters are the two best ways tocommunicate to your prospective clients. You can supplement your promotionalcampaigns and offers with social media networks.Targeted content drives activity. Today’s marketers currently deliver targetedcontent to 24% of Website visitors on average. 58 percent of these marketersreported an incremental lift in conversions as a result of using A/B tactics.Content and messaging delivered with contextual meaning for Web site visitorsconsistently outperforms generic one-size-fits-all content.Copyright 2012 ParkerWhite Inc  
  5. 5. 4. Make Google, Bing and Yahoo Choose You! Search engines have a job to do: Serve the most relevant Web destinations, in order, for each conducted search. Why should these search engines choose your website as its first choice? Because you let them “know” that this page is very relevant for the key search terms. Is your social media optimized, how about all of your marketing that drives lead generation and sales. Make sure you “search engine optimize” (SEO) all of your marketing to provide the “lift” that increases the ROI and is needed to really attract thesearch engine’s attention. This attention to making your marketing integratedincludes images, videos, blogs, micro sites and all your social media outlets.You have a very good website with tremendous graphics, top quality content andall that you need to make sure a first page ranking in all the popular searchengines. But if you have not yet gotten the top rating then there is somethingwrong and it is the job of the marketing agency to find it and suggest a solution.Their SEO team will have to transform your website in such a way that thesesearch engines will choose you instead of the other way round. You need to do athorough research to know what all keywords click well with the target segment.These are the words that visitors usually type when they want to search forsomething in the search engines. If you have the same keywords in the correctdensity then you can be rest assured that these major search engines willapproach you and place you among the top.Copyright 2012 ParkerWhite Inc  
  6. 6. 5. Measure, Analyze, Improve Does most of your marketing get measured and analyzed? If you’re not sure, go to your analytics software or Google account and see how many of your online and offline campaigns have measureable goals attached by segment. Like I said earlier, what gets measured gets managed.With Analytics, you can learn: • Which of your online, offline campaigns are bringing in visitors! • Number of visits, page views, and time spent on site. • Which are your popular pages? • Which searched keywords bring traffic to your site? • What part of your marketing mix is creating the most “lift”? • And much more..Get started today improving the ROI on your existing marketing communicationactivities, follow these 5 easy steps and enjoy the outcome. Don’t forget to get intouch with me and report back on your success or improvements to these tips.It is as simple as that. You need to measure your success and concentrate onthe tactics that failed. Sit down with your marketing agency and find what wentwrong and where. It is easy to measure your success by conducting research.You can conduct both online and offline research to gauge the results of themarketing campaign. Through this research you can easily understand thenumber of times visitors accessed your webpage, how many of them revisited,how long they stayed in your page, what are the keywords that made them cometo you and so on. You can analyze the results and seek to improve on the weakpoints in your marketing campaign. Armed with these results you can easily markyour next marketing campaign.You can enjoy a heavy influx on your ROI if you follow the above mentionedtechniques. It is easy and workable.Copyright 2012 ParkerWhite Inc  
  7. 7. About ParkerWhite Brand InteractiveParkerWhite Brand Interactive brings a depth of experience in building bothbusiness-to-business and consumer brands for companies in the fitness, health,medical device and consumer products industries. So whether it’s establishingbrand positioning, creating an integrated product launch campaign or developinga website with a targeted social media and online communications strategy, weoffer our clients new ideas and strategies backed by solid insights to deliverbrand experiences that engage customers. In short, your brand becomes athriving entity, hence our motto: we give brands life.Click here to receive a website analysis for better lead generation!ParkerWhite Inc             Keith WhiteThe Sanctuary Brand Strategist230 Birmingham Drive, 760.783.2020 ext 25Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 92007 keith@parkerwhite.comwww,parkerwhite.comCopyright 2012 ParkerWhite Inc