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Welcome to St. Margaret's


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Published in: Spiritual
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Welcome to St. Margaret's

  1. 1. We believe that anyone who walks in our door has been sent by Christ.<br />StMargaret’s Episcopal Church<br />Join us for worship...<br />Therefore, the goals of St. Margaret's and all of its related ministries<br />are to build our relationships with God through Christ and to build<br />relationships with the people Christ has sent to us.<br />a center of grace…<br />Sunday Service Schedule:<br />We know that the greatest gift we can offer individuals is the knowledge <br />that they are loved by God through Jesus Christ.<br />8:00 am<br />9:30 am<br />(childcare available)<br />11:15 am<br />
  2. 2. …become part of our family.<br />
  3. 3. St. Margaret's Episcopal Church<br />31641 La Novia Ave.<br />San Juan Capistrano<br />949-661-0110<br />