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Web promotion Official film sites


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Web promotion Official film sites

  1. 1. Web Promotion Analysis of Official Film sites
  2. 2. 0 10 5 Family Kids Cinema Goers Film Experience DVD/BD Merchandise Example of how to rate an official film website from a marketing prospector's view. How does this website target audiences successfully on a scale of 0-10? Does the website focus on the (cinema) film experience? Or does it influence the visitor to buy related material (DVD/BD) or merchandise? Scale of 0-10 Scale of 0-10
  3. 3. 0 10 5 Family Kids Cinema Goers Film Experience DVD/BD Merchandise Official “Harry Potter 7” Website
  4. 4. • The official website has the related poster image to advertise the film. The menu drop down bar is positioned above the image and gives a list of options available for the visitor to explore. • Still images from the film can be viewed/downloaded for screensavers which further more entices the audience to go see the film. • Fans can be regularly updated by signing up to the newsletter. • This image appeals to cinema goers because it features the traditional Harry Potter teen cast. •The colours contrast with the mood of the film.
  5. 5. Summary: I found the Harry Potter website to be simplistic and suitable for cinema goers because it features the teaser trailer (main focus) in a pop out which immediately draws the audience in. The typography is consistent to that used in previous Harry Potter films and continues the theme of “magic” on the new poster/official website. The website is not too time consuming and it has links for easy access to social networking sites encouraging for the visitor/s to share their feedback to friends/others.
  6. 6. 0 10 5 Family Kids Cinema Goers Film Experience DVD/BD Merchandise Official “Kick-ass” Website
  7. 7. Connected to S/N (Social Networking sites) enabled broadened coverage of film Highlighted in red is the “Buy The Movie” button reinforcing audience to buy the film Images of the DVD/BD cases Influential positive quote from a trusted source Colours contrast with theme of film
  8. 8. Summary: I found the Kick- ass website to be bold and inviting. This website is targeting cinema goers and kids because of the graphology used. The graphology which consists of the bright coloured superhero images and graffiti type font is appealing to the audiences. The website’s main focus is establishing sales for the release of “Kick-Ass” and reinforces the audience to buy the film on DVD/BD by repeatedly using the “main” image and positive quotations to promote it. The site’s additional features include links and connections to s/n sites encouraging for visitors to feedback.