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Overview of Library Resources for the Geosciences


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Presentation given at the University of Arkansas' Geosciences Colloquium in September 2012. The session covered GeoRef, GeoScienceWorld, Web of Science, RefWorks and the library's map collections and services.

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Overview of Library Resources for the Geosciences

  1. 1. Library Resources for Geosciences Geosciences Colloquium Kate Dougherty, Geosciences and Maps Librarian kmdoughe@uark.eduSeptember 7, 2012
  2. 2. Overview• Research guides • RefWorks• Databases • Map Collections – GeoRef • GIS and scanning – GeoScienceWorld services – Web of Science • RazorRush• Interlibrary Loan
  3. 3. Databases – GeoRef• Covers North American publications from 1785; worldwide coverage from 1933• Includes journal articles, conference proceedings, government publications, geologic maps, books & more.• Citations & abstracts only!
  4. 4. GeoRef vs. GeoScienceWorldGeoRef GeoScienceWorld• Very large database • full text access to 40 top geology journals• Includes info about articles, conference • Primary role is providing proceedings, govdocs, map s, etc. full text •• Citations & abstracts Option to also search its only! own version of the GeoRef• meant for searching (helps database you find FT elsewhere)
  5. 5. This page will tell you which titles are searchable in this database and give you searchtips. It will also link you to help info, including on how to use citation managers with it.
  6. 6. Not available online or in print? Request an Interlibrary Loan!
  7. 7. Databases for Human Geography• Social Sciences Citation Index (part of Web of Science)• eHRAF World Cultures• Anthropological Literature• History databases• Multidisciplinary databases
  8. 8. Web of Science• InterdisciplinaryIncludes:• Science Citation Index• Social Sciences Citation Index• Arts and Humanities Citation Index• Good for citation searching
  9. 9. Refworks• Collect, organize and manage citations• Auto-generate a bibliography (in GSA style) – Create a database of references used and quickly switch styles for different publishers or classes• Off-campus? Use the group code
  10. 10. RefWorks Extensions and Plug-Ins• Ref-Grab-It toolbar button – Grab citations while surfing the Internet – Works with Firefox and IE• Write-n-Cite Word Plug-in – Easily insert in-text citations as you write and generate a bibliography automatically at the end of your document.
  11. 11. Map Collections• Geologic maps• Topo maps (7.5 minute & 15 minute series)…• State and local air photo collections – 40’s, 50’s and 80’s• LibGuide with info on finding maps, GIS data and learning GIS
  12. 12. Additional Services• Large – format scanner• GIS workstation (ArcMap v. 10)• GIS consultation services• RazorRush
  13. 13. Thank you!