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6406 LP8

  1. 1. Counseling in Schools Module Eight: High School Counseling East Carolina UniversityProf Intro...OKAY!! This week we are discussing counseling in the high school setting. If you have spentanytime with a high school counselor, you know that they are BUSY! There are a myriad ofresponsibilities facing school counselors practicing in the high school setting and all of themrequire creativity, flexibility and a belief in the potential of students. For this module, you will beexposed to graduation requirements, the process of creating a plan of study, athletic eligibilityrequirements and an exciting opportunity only recently available to high school students—onlinedual credit (high school and college) classes. The information presented this week is somewhatcomplex and can seem very confusing when you are exposed to it for the first time. All I ask isthat you take the time to review it and consider critically what impact it might have if you decidedto practice in a high school setting. This module is intended to expose you to range of possibilitiesin the realm of high school counseling and prepare you to know what types of questions youmight need to ask when you are “on the job.”Please begin by watching the 30 minute video posted as a link in the module. This video is anepisode of "Full Circle" which is hosted by Wake County Schools. A LOT of good information isshared about the new graduation requirements. After that, please review the NC GraduationRequirements and Athletic Eligibility pdf.The websites that introduce you to the UNCG i-School and NC Virtual Public High School arereally cool resources. Make sure that you take the time to review these sites. If you are in a smallschool system that has limited elective opportunities for students or if you are working with astudent that is interested in taking college courses for free (AND WHO WOULDN’T BE?!?)these sites will provide you with opportunities to meet that student’s need. Students in NC PublicHigh Schools can take UNCG i-School, NC VPHS, and community college courses for FREE asdual-enrollment courses—meaning that they receive high school AND college credit. This meansthat now many freshmen entering our universities are already a year ahead in terms of credithours. Please make sure that you check out these sites and consider how you could include theseopportunities for your students. Some of these opportunities, particularly the ones in thecommunity college setting have been proposed to change and not be offered for free (due tobudget issues), but at the time of this class, many are still being offered for free.This week our discussion board forum will consider both the reality and the ideal view of highschool counseling.If you have any questions, please let me know!! Again, the times suggested in the table are justsuggestions, you may find that it takes you less time or maybe a bit more. If you think they areway off, please let me know. Thanks!!Goals:- Awareness of the process of developing course of study plans for high school students- Increased awareness of Career Pathways and options- Awareness of college credit options for NC High School Students- Increased awareness of the multifaceted role of the high school counselor
  2. 2. As evidenced through discussion board participation and final exam.Appr Activitie x Notes sTime How we dont want to appear to our students! Brief video clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExF7xD7FyV8 High school students may have the perception that their school counselor is "clueless" from the many pop culture portrayals of school counselors. In watching just a couple of minutes of this clip (you dont have to watch the whole thing), you quickly get a sense of the frustration of students in feeling like just a number to the counselor. We definitely dont want to end up being this guy! It is our responsibility to help our high school students know that we are here to help and that we have a wealth of resources that will be useful to them individually. Video Sharing the NEW Graduation Requirements Freshmen starting during the 2009-2010 academic year will fall under new standards/expectations: the FUTURE READY course of study. Reviewi40 ng http://dss.wcpss.net:8080/b/fullcircle/01-2010/fullcircle.mp4mins Videos This video lasts 30 mins and introduces the new graduation requirements and discusses briefly the graduation project. Though the video is specific to Wake Countys engagement with these requirements and suggestions, it provides information that will be very helpful to school counselors in all counties. After you watch this video, you should be able to answer the following questions: How many credits does the state require for a student to graduate? Can LEA (local education agencies) elect to add additional credit requirements for graduation? How many math credits does it take for a student to graduate? Are there alternatives for students who are unable to meet any of the math requirements? Do all LEAs have to require that seniors complete a graduation project or senior project? 1. Dual Enrollment Information • http://www.carolinajournal.com/articles/display_story.ht ml?id=8745 • Career and College Promise: • http://www.dpi.state.nc.us/ccpromise/ Readings1 • http://www.careercollegenc.org/ forhour Module 2. NC Graduation Requirements 3. Explanation of the new graduation requirements (FUTURE READY CORE) and the former requirements. • GraduationRequirementsOnslow.pdf
  3. 3. • Retrieved from: http://images.pcmac.org/Uploads/OnslowCounty/O nslowCounty/Departments/DocumentsSubCategorie s/Documents/3460.pdf 3. Athletic Eligibility Info: NCHSAA.pdf P. 106-111 ELIGIBILITY REQUIRED READING E- Many high schools in rural locations offer fewer electives and course options for students. Learning Online learning is an excellent way to broaden your curriculum and allow you students to Links for accumulate college credit along with their high school coursework through dual enrollment15 High programs. Please (briefly!) check out these options for online learning available to NCmins School students. Counsel NC Virtual Public High School ors UNCG i-School brief video explaining UNCGs program: Interesting Clip1.5hours Counsel The topic for the weeks discussion debate will be the Reality of responsibilities andsprea or expectations for High School Counselors vs. how High School Counseling should be Ideallyd Advocac be structured and provided. Group A will support the IDEAL side of this debate and Groupover y Debate B will support the REAL voices in the debate.week This week we will have a little informal discussion about the involvement of stakeholders in your projects. Please post a brief post in the following format in the discussion forum titled "Which stakeholders should we work with?" Weigh-in on your colleagues posts to help us all figure out innovative ways to involve stakeholders. The entire purpose of this forum is to help us brainstorm effective and/or easy ways to get other people involved. Format: 1. Focus of project 2. One sentence saying "What" you are doing as your initiative (NO more than one sentence) 3. Which stakeholders do you plan to work with (list them like this "Stakeholder - what he/she/they will do") Final At this point in the course, you and your partner should be able to fill in this info on your30 Project MEASURE:mins Prep 1. All of the initial information including demographics, etc. 2. STEP ONE should be completed or able to be completed. 3. STEP TWO (Element) should be completed or ready to be completed. 4. STEP THREE (Analyze) should be able to be completed this week. Your analysis (step 3) might be as simple as % of students in 5th grade who were truant for 20 days or more during the Aug-Dec timespan or during the most recent six/nine weeks. OR your analysis can be as complex as you like. My advice is to keep it simple--identify a data element that is specifically linked to your topic and can be used to show the impact of your topic/focus. If you have any questions, please let me know. Here are some examples of STEPs 2 & 3: EXAMPLES OF 2 and 3.doc
  4. 4. Please feel free to post questions of updates in the Project Discussion Forum on the Discussion Board. Practice No practice quiz this week. QuizOne thing I NEED to know...The graduation requirements can be very confusing to parents, families and students.Especially the change from the multiple courses of study (Career Prep, College TechPrep, College/University Prep, Occupational Prep) to the Future-Ready Core &Occupational Prep for 9th graders starting during the 2009-2010 academic year. I willneed to familiarize myself with all of the requirements and must also recognize that tograduate from high school in North Carolina, students must meet: Course & Credit Requirements As defined by the NC Department of Public Instruction Testing requirements As defined by the NC Department of Public Instruction Local Requirements Additional requirements adopted by the local board of education