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Counseling in Schools                     Module Eleven: Exceptional Children-Gifted Education                            ...
professional work later on.1.5 hrs   Discussion      Gifted Education Programming and the School Counselors Rolespread    ...
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6406 LP11


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6406 LP11

  1. 1. Counseling in Schools Module Eleven: Exceptional Children-Gifted Education East Carolina UniversityProf Intro...This week we will be exploring another topic that has in the past fallen under the umbrella ofexceptional children, Gifted Education. There currently exists a movement advocating forestablishing Gifted Education separately from Special Education. You may have previousexposure to the area of gifted education or you may not—either way is okay! This week we willbegin our work with a brief introduction to gifted education through a Podcast by Afterthis introduction, we will move into an exploration of twice-exceptional students. Twiceexceptional students are students who are gifted in one area and face a disability in anotherarea. Twice exceptional students are often a new concept for counseling students, so much of ourtime this week will be spent exploring the issues impacting these students. Our discussion boarddebate this week will focus on the real and the ideal of the role of the school counselor in regardsto working with gifted students and gifted education programs.Goals: • To raise awareness of the issues facing gifted students and families. • To learn about the characteristics of twice exceptional students. • To learn about the services needed to meet the needs of twice-exceptional students. • To reflect on your personal perceptions regarding gifted education and the role of school counselor in gifted education. • To discover and share one resource to help school counselors meet the needs of gifted students. Apprx Activity Notes Time1.5 hrs Reviewing These are the required listening/readings for the week: documents, websites and Gifted Education Podcast: listening to podcast education/1058/ Gifted Children with ADHD.pdf The Twice Exceptional Guide etail.aspx?page=3&TopicRelationID=1540&ContentID= 38079&Content=86674 Twice Exceptional Students: An Introductory Resource lResourceHandbook.pdf The Twice Exceptional Newsletter cating%20the%202e%20Child.htm You may not have time to read each of these closely, but please make sure that you read judiciously and that you bookmark or print these resources to assist you in your
  2. 2. professional work later on.1.5 hrs Discussion Gifted Education Programming and the School Counselors Rolespread Board This week we are debating the "Real" vs the "Ideal" when it comes toover Reflection the school counselors role in gifted education programming. Groupcourse A will support the REAL side of the debate and Group B willof week support the IDEAL side. Please consider the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional students as we debate.30 mins Final Project At this point you should be gathering data for assessing the impact of your Prep project. This is an important step and your impact/outcomes data needs to be related to your initial baseline data to demonstrate how your initiative impacted students. Please also make sure that you post your third journal this week on your journal groups page. Please have your journal posted by Wednesday and please also make sure that you read and comment on your group members journals. Im looking forward to reading these. Please follow Prompt 3 listed below and under the Assignments tab. Prompt 3: Improving my project: At this time, I think No practice quiz this week.