NAYS Overview 2011


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National Alliance for Youth Sports Overview
NYSCA Coaches Membership Program
Coach Management

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NAYS Overview 2011

  1. 1. Presentation topics• NAYS Overview• NYSCA Coach Education Program• NAYS Chapter Management• Online Demo
  2. 2. Nays overview The NYSCA provides training, support, and continuing education to coaches whovolunteer to coach out-of-school youth sports teams. More than 2 million coaches trained since 1981
  3. 3. Nays overviewOver the past 30, NAYS has expanded… Educational Programs: •Coaches •Volunteer administrators •Professional administrators •Officials •Parents Youth Development Programs: •Start Smart Sports Development Programs •Hook a Kid on Golf •Ready, Set, RUN!
  4. 4. NYSCAHow does the NYSCA program work?
  5. 5. Initial level membership Live Onsite Clinic1) Coaches participate in an interactive video training clinic2) Complete an exam3) Sign a pledge committing to uphold a Code of Ethics Pledge $20 Initial Membership Fee
  6. 6. Initial level membership Online ClinicINTERACTIVE ONLINE VERSION OF THE LIVEON-SITE TRAINING PROGRAM: Availability – Eliminates Scheduling Conflicts Convenience – 24/7 Quality – Video, Graphics, Expert Commentary Member Benefits – Same as On-Site Clinics plus Printable Materials; Journal and two coaching manuals $25 Initial Membership Fee
  7. 7. Initial level membershipNotes about Live and Online Clinics:- Chapters can choose to offer one clinic type or both- Live clinics allow more interaction betweenadministrators and coaches and also between coaches- Online clinics allow coaches to access the trainingvideos at anytime during their NYSCA membership
  8. 8. Initial level membershipPart 1: Introduction to Coaching YouthSports Video Psychology of coaching Tips on communication Sportsmanship Parents as partners Child abuse in sports Injury prevention Conditioning Nutrition HydrationOn-Site and Online PLUS Sport Specific
  9. 9. Initial level membership Part 2: Sport Specific Training  Baseball  Football  T-Ball  Flag-Football  Softball  Cheerleading  Basketball  In-Line Hockey  Soccer  Volleyball  Hockey  Lacrosse (Spring 2011)Other Sports: Completed via Speaker’s Guide (Onsite Clinics only) ON-SITE AND ONLINE CLINICS
  10. 10. Coaching multiple sports?TWO Options Available When CoachingAnother Sport:1. Attend Live Clinic – View sport specific video only, no retake of exam, no additional membership fee.2. Complete ONLINE Clinic – View sport specific video only, no retake of exam, submit $5 per additional sport (Includes access to online sport specific materials).
  11. 11. Initial level member benefits• Interactive Clinic• Youth Sports Journal (at clinic)• $1,000,000 Excess Liability Insurance• SportingKid Magazine• Membership Card w/Key Tag• Corporate Discounts• Exclusive Online Member Area… $20 Annual Membership Fee
  12. 12. Online member area Becoming a member of NYSCA is so much more than just coach training…By logging on at, coaches are equipped with tools that make them a better coach all season long…
  13. 13. Online member areaAll members of NYSCA, whether they received their training online orat a live clinic, have access to a personalized NYSCA member page at
  14. 14. Online member areaCoach Ratings: Provides feedback from parentevaluations all season longSportingKid Magazine:Youth sport magazine packedwith news, tips & expert infoSkills & Drills:Video and printable exercisesfor practice preparationShapeStuff:Interactive communication toolconnects coaches to playersCoaching Forum:Ask questions & shareknowledge with over 150,000NYSCA membersEducational Resources:Additional content relevant tocoaching youth sports
  15. 15. Coach RATINGSParents can rateyour coaches in 14 key areas…
  16. 16. Coach RATINGS How to establish ratings… Option # 1 The league or NAYS chapter initiates the Easy-to-use system by sending out a league wide email orsystem makes it posting a link to the evaluations on your league or chapter website. easy on you & anonymous for Option # 2 parents to An NYSCA member coach who wants to see how the players’ parents view his/her coachingensure accurate ability, can simply email parents a link located evaluations at that will direct them to fill out an evaluation anonymously.
  17. 17. Coach RATINGS How would you rate your child’s coach’s ability in teaching theResults are importance of good sportsmanship to all the players?displayed as 6.0an averagebetween 1-10 When it comes to disciplining behavior problems, how well does your child’s coach handle these situations? 7.2 How concerned is your child’s coach about scheduling breaks throughout the practice to help ensure that everyone stays properly hydrated? 8.0
  18. 18. Sporting kid magazine the official member publicationoffers key information on all aspects of youth sports and coaching. NYSCA members can view all past SportingKid issues online and request to have current issues mailed to their address.
  19. 19. Skills and drillsMembers can view detailed animated and printable instructions for practice drills and tips on how to implement them to their team… Make a selection from the following two choices:
  20. 20. Skills and drills- Animated1. Select a Sport2. Choose animated skill 3. View step-by-step animated video of the complete skill …additional sports will be added and content will be updated periodically!
  21. 21. Skills and drills- Printable1. Select a Sport 2. Choose from a list of drills and coaching pointers from theFor Dummies Coaching Series written by NAYS
  22. 22. shapestuff™Members can interact with players using a personalized web tool designed to focus on team needs… Manage team rosters, practices, agendas and communication simply by clicking on a tab…
  23. 23. Coaching forumThe Coaching Forum allows you to communicate with 1,000’s of other coaches about issues, ideas, questions or comments…
  24. 24. Overview of Benefits As a member of NYSCA, coaches receive exclusive benefits and discounts on products and services from select partners:
  25. 25. Continuing membershipsNo Additional Clinics Required•Renewal notice sent to members from NAYS headquarters•Renewing options include online, phone, mail or local chapter $20 Annual Membership Fee (Onsite and Online Members)
  26. 26. Continuing member benefits• $2,000,000 Excess Liability Insurance• $250,000 Excess Accident/MedicalInsurance• SportingKid Magazine• Membership Card w/Key Tag• Exclusive Corporate Discounts• Online Member Area
  27. 27. chapter management ChapterNAYS Chapters•Parks and recreation departments•Boys and Girls Clubs•Police Athletic leagues•YMCA/YWCAs•Catholic Youth Organizations•Other independent youth service groups 3,000 Organizations are NAYS Chapters!
  28. 28. chapter managementIn addition to the NYSCA coach trainingprogram you have access to:• Background Screening & Management• Online Evaluation Tool• Accountability Policies and ProceduresNAYS 4-STEP APPROACH TO COACH MANAGEMENT Screening Training Evaluation Accountability
  29. 29. Online chapter management Log in at
  30. 30. Online chapter managementView members :All relevantinformation isavailable in onedatabaseSelect a memberfor more detailedinformation:Edit information,check backgroundinformation orinitiate an onlineevaluation for acoach.
  31. 31. Background screeningUse NAYSprogram:If you register forthe NAYS systemyou can viewresults in theChapterManagementsystem**stored securely byscreening companyUsing your ownscreeningsystem:Chapters can entertheir own screeningresults so that theycan be viewed inthe system as well
  32. 32. “rate your coach” evaluationsView All Results:Historical resultscan be exported toa spreadsheet formanagement.View IndividualResults:Results can be usedto follow-up withcoach complaintsor to rewardcoaches for greatservice.View Categories:You and coacheswill be able to seethe areas wherethey need toimprove theircoaching.
  33. 33. “rate your coach” Example
  34. 34. “rate your coach” evaluations
  35. 35. Coach accountabilityNationalGuidelines:Created with inputfrom youth sportsprofessionalsReportingFeature:Allows NAYS tokeep track ofincidents andreport back tochaptersRevocation :Coaches not livingup to the Code ofEthics can havetheir membershipsrevoked -permanently
  36. 36. Membership & EducationEducation programs for all adults involved in youth sports!
  37. 37. To learn more please contact us or visit our website: 1-800-688-KIDS