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Cancer & Paranayama


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Healing through Pranayama

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Cancer & Paranayama

  1. 1. (Yogic Breathing Techniques)Cancer and Pranayama
  2. 2. Pranayama Body Body (Disease) (Disease)PranayamaPranayama Calmness Calmness Yogic YogicBreathing TechniquesBreathing Techniques of the Mind of the Mind
  3. 3. Inter-DependencyModification in breath creates changes in body and mind. For example slowing down breath to 6 breaths per minute results in all body systems resonating with each other, mutually reinforcing and ensuing: Better functioning of immune system Reduction of inflammation Better regulation of blood sugar levels Induced calmness and clarity of the mind Feeling of inner peace
  4. 4. PranayamaThrough voluntary breath control we activate cortex(decision making brain) which then manages limbic brain(where emotional reactions reside). Result: Less reactivity and increased purposeful action Enhance production of GABA Control over mind and emotions, calmness, peace and clarity Restoration of natural rhythms of cells and organs Over longer practice time produces change in personalityThere are many yogic breathing techniques affecting thebody and mind in different way. There are specifictechniques used for cancer and body cleansing in yogatherapy.
  5. 5. Effects of PranayamaEffects are on 3 levels: 20 breaths will produce effects on body level 40 breaths will produce effects on body and mental levels 80 breaths will produce effects on body, mental and spiritual levelsThe effects will be temporary unless the practiceis regular for at least 6 months, then it gives 10hrof sustained effect.
  6. 6. Chaos and Coherence Research shows that in states of stress, anxiety and depression or anger, the natural variation in cardiac rhythm becomes weak and chaotic. In states of well being , compassion, gratitude or when attention is centered on the breathing, this variability is greater and becomes coherent. The subject’s breathing 6 breaths/min or less, produces coherence also with rhythms of other autonomous physiological functions, triggering self-healing capacity of the body.
  7. 7. CoherenceWhen we breath <6 breath/minute: Rhythm of autonomous physiological functions (heart rate, blood pressure, blood flow to the brain) act in coherence reinforcing each other This coherence produces: Better functioning of immune system Reduction in inflammation Better regulation of blood sugar levels
  8. 8. Lack of Coherence Lack of coherence increases with age and is linked to: High blood pressure Cardiac insufficiency Complication from diabetes CancerFortunately the balance in biological functions responds very well to breathing and concentration
  9. 9. Effects of PranayamaRegular practice over 6 months transforms one’sphysical, psychological, mental and spiritual state :Physical: Physical changes to the functioning of the brain - relaxed brain cells manufacture more of GABA, endorphins, serotonin and melatonin Physical changes (healing) to all the systems of the body Rest, repair and rejuvenation of all cells, organs and body systems
  10. 10. Effects of PranayamaPsychological: Changes in personality Emotional reactions are replaced by thoughtful actions Change of habits and behavior Relaxed way of being Better sleepMental: Ability to control the functioning of the mind with cortex dominance Ability to focus the mind and manage the thought processes Relaxed and quiet mind Feeling of wellbeing and happiness
  11. 11. Effects of PranayamaSpiritual Improvement in awareness and consciousness Increased self awareness Sense of inner peace and joy Induced peace of mind, clarity and calmness The feeling of acceptance and tolerance
  12. 12. PranayamaPranayama is an art of training all body systems to achievesamadhiIt is a very powerful tool in healingIt should always be done under supervision of knowledgeableteacherIf done incorrectly it may cause health problems or disease