2009 Imago International Conference in Albuquerque, NM


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2009 Imago International Conference in Albuquerque, NM

  1. 1. Albuquerque,New MexicoOctober 22-24, 2009Keynote Speaker:Susan Johnson, Ph.D.Imago RelationshipsInternationalSixth Annual Conference
  2. 2. The Southwestern desertaround Albuquerque aboundswith color and life.
  3. 3. here is nothing so practical as a good theory, andAttachment Theory helps the couples therapist seeinto and through the complex, multidimensionaldrama that is a close relationship in crisis. Attach-ment Theory helps direct the therapist to the definingfeatures of such relationships, set treatment goals that arerelevantandmeaningful,andmapoutthebestwaystointer-vene. A map that outlines the nature of the terrain makesthedifferencebetweenagloriousadventureandgettinglostin the woods and reaching a dead end. It offers the therapistan answer to key questions, such as what to focus on andwhat elements to target for change in the complex dramaof relationship distress. Attachment Theory is an essentialpart of the coming of age of couples therapy as a modality.- Susan Johnson, Ph.D.WELCOME to the Imago RelationshipsInternational 6thAnnual Conference. Weare pleased to be returning to Albuquerque,New Mexico, the scene of a highly successfulgathering just three years ago. We visit our pastin one of the oldest cities in North America. Aplace where the confluence of past and presentis exemplified by the city’s modern skyline setagainst the ancient Sandia Mountains. Here,trendy boutiques, restaurants, the best golfcourses in the region, and other trappings ofmodernity merge seamlessly with a rich multi-cultural heritage and vintage southwesterncharm. This unique setting offers us the oppor-tunity to glimpse our organization’s past even aswe look to our future.In her keynote address, Couples Therapy inthe 21stCentury: A New Era, Susan Johnson,Ph.D.looksforwardaswell,examiningchangesto the field of couples intervention and how the“new science of love” informs the future of themodality. An afternoon question and answersession will offer conference attendees theopportunity to interact with Dr. Johnson andfurther explore this fascinating topic.The Opening Ceremony this year featuresa performance by the National Institute ofFlamenco(NIF).Thisnon-profitorganizationis dedicated to preserving the art, culture andhistory of flamenco, an ancient form of artisticexpression rooted in Spanish Gypsy culture.A demonstration of our own tradition followswith a parade of the 26 flags of Imago Relation-ships International. IRI founders HarvilleHendrix, Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly-Hunt,Ph.D. will then offer opening remarks.Join us on Thursday evening for dinner atthe National Hispanic Cultural Center.This venue celebrates the historical contribu-tion of Hispanic people and culture in NorthAmerica. Wine and hors d’oeuvres will precedea buffet dinner and surprise live entertainment.This year we’ve added day-long workshopsto the schedule. These workshops offer partici-pants the opportunity to learn more about twonew educational programs, the Pre-maritalCourse and Parenting Workshop and the Artof Supervision. If you’re not attending the day-longs, don’t miss the latest installment of ourMaster Trainer Series being offered betweenthe morning and afternoon concurrent sessionson Friday. No events are scheduled for Fridayevening so we invite attendees to take the nightoff and explore the city of Albuquerque.Please join Dennis Stoica, the Presidentof California Healthy Marriages Coali-tion, on Saturday morning as he investigatesthe natural partnership of marriage educationand Imago Therapy. The IRI Sponsored Lunchwith Awards Ceremony & Global Update willfollow. We will learn about the activities ofIRI members from across the globe and honorImago Therapists and Educators for theiroutstanding contributions to our organizationover the past year.The Closing Ceremony and Dinner/Dancewill be held in the Alvarado Ballroom onSaturday night and will feature the eclecticsound of Wagogo. This popular local band isknown for lyrics that blend Spanish, Englishand the Shona language of Zimbabwe.Enjoy the sights and sounds of the 6thAnnual Conference in Albuquerque.Bienvenidos!Welcome………………………………………… 1Imago & Attachment ………………………… 2Pre-Conference Schedule ………………… 4Conference Agenda ………………………… 6Special Guests ……………………………… 10Pre-Conference Speakers………………… 12Visiting Albuquerque …………………… 14Registration Form ………………………… 16Attendees’ Map …………………………… 21Photo of Sue Johnson courtesy Couvrette/Ottowa
  4. 4. Some of the nation’smost spectacular NativeAmerican ruins can befound within an hour’sdrive of Albuquerque.
  5. 5. ttachment Theory is one of the foundations of Imago Therapy. Over thelast few years there have been exciting developments in the application of AttachmentTheory to couples therapy.According to Attachment Theory, most significant relationship problems can be linkedtothesecurityofthebondbetweenpartnersandtheirstruggletodefinetherelationshipasa safe haven and a secure base. The spouse becomes the primary attachment figure for themajority of adults. The key issue in distressed relationships is seen as each partner’s acces-sibility and responsiveness to emotional cues.Dr. Susan Johnson, our conference keynote speaker, is a leader in this field and has devel-oped “Emotionally Focused Therapy” to help couples explore the emotions which providecrucial insight to the underlying attachment issues. Many of our conference presenters haveused Attachment Theory to guide their work and will help conference attendees apply thetheory to practical issues, including providing and receiving consultation or supervision.Our other featured guest speaker, Dennis Stoica, is President of California HealthyMarriages Coalition, which is bringing marriage and relationship education to 15,000couples a year. He will outline the key contributions Imago theory and practice is makingtotherapidlygrowingfieldofcoupleseducationandhowImagopractitionerscanbroadentheir reach to families.≥ To provide consistent development and support for IRI Members≥ To host an annual event in which the community of IRI can connect≥ To provide a clinical update, Workshop Presenters’ update, andEducators’ update≥ To expand and develop Imago Clinical Theory and Practice≥ To expand the practice, image, and resources of IRI Members≥ To support and host a Global SummitConference participants will be able to…≥ Describe the foundations of Imago Theory, its precepts, and the theo-retical assumptions that inform the process utilized in Imago Relation-ship Therapy≥ Identify the key aspects of adult Attachment Theory and “Emotion-ally Focused Therapy” that can be applied to Imago Clinical Theoryand Practice≥ Integrate concepts from the emerging field of Marriage and Relation-ship Education into clinical practice, learning how the combination ofeducation and therapy can provide targeted help for a broad range ofcouples≥ Incorporate new ideas and techniques into the practice of Imago Rela-tionship Therapy
  6. 6. Petroglyph NationalMonument houseshundreds of examplesof pre-historic NativeAmerican artwork.
  7. 7. Come explore the new frontiers of your ownclinical work in Imago Relationship Therapy.We will utilize the new & evolving standards ofclinical supervision/consultation in the Imagocommunity to explore your growth edge as aclinician. Pat Love & Wendy Patterson willprovide supervision/consultation through therelational paradigm methodology and offer newtheoretical and conceptual ideas of Imago Rela-tionship Therapy. (ID: 001) (16 CEs)This profound training deepens theoreticalunderstanding of characterological adapta-tions to pain through experiential processing ata personal level. In the Talmud there is a quote,“We can’t see the world as it is; we see it as weare.” This profound training takes the defenseof projection and highlights the many ways weput it to use. As long as projection is available tous, we are out of connection with ourselves andothers. This personal training is both exquisitelysimple and complex, at the same time. Previousparticipants describe the training as “extraordi-nary and transformational.” (ID: 002) (24 CEs)Have you ever wondered why your partner findsit so difficult to change even when you use theBehavior Change Request Dialogue? And yourclients? Combining 37 years of Imago experi-ence, Maya and Sophie bring their humor andtheir wisdom to take you on a journey to iden-tify the many elements of change inherent inImago work, and practice processes to supportyour couples and yourself to take the difficultsteps towards change at each level and becomeallies in the process. They will help you have aclearer sense of the many levels of change thatare required in the BCR Dialogue for both theSender and the Receiver, and will give you toolsto help you guide your couples in making suchtransformative shifts as from reactivity to inten-tionality, from blaming to self-responsibility,from symbiosis to differentiation, from namingfrustrations to naming relational issues and fromgifting to follow through. They will also look athow to repair the rupture when it all falls apart.(ID: 003) (24 CEs)This workshop will review ethical issuesregarding dual or multiple relationships. Thereare several disciplines represented by ImagoTherapists. Each discipline has a code of ethicsthat all members have agreed to abide by. Wewill look at what some of the disciplines sayabout boundary violations vs. boundary cross-ings. We will then begin to collect ideas for “bestpractices” for Imago Therapy. And then begin todiscuss and construct a document of “best prac-tices” in which we will describe ethical practicesforImagoTherapists.Forsomeofourdiscussionwe will use ethical dilemmas that create ethicalconflicts or issues to gain more understanding ofethical choices an Imago Therapist makes. (ID:004) (3 CEs)A unique opportunity for Certified ImagoConsultants and Consultants in training to hearthe outcome of the recent faculty meeting andthe latest thinking on the Consultant course.We will discuss ongoing working relationshipswith the faculty, and clinical concepts relevantto consulting. Consultants will share theirexperiences with consultation to date. (ID:005) (3 CEs)For several years, Imago has been trainingeducators, alongside therapists. This year wedecided to separate these trainings, creatingboth a track for marriage and relationship educa-tors, and a new program, DialogFirst, for busi-ness coaches and seminar leaders. We’re invitingImago Educators and others interested to joinus and learn about the thinking behind the newprograms, how this impacts existing educators,and how Imago plans to develop the market foreducation in the future. We will also updateattendees on the opportunities to get involvedwith bringing Imago to organizations throughDialogFirst, and provide plenty of opportunityfor discussion. (ID: 006)The Workshop Presenter’s Update will offeryou an opportunity to join in a discussion aboutsome of the theoretical and practical implica-tions of one of the richest and most exciting toolsin the Imago skill package, the Behavior ChangeRequestDialogue.JoinusforacarefullookattheBCR-D on the GTLYW workshop. In addition,we will have the opportunity to laugh, sing along,experience and enjoy some of the many creativeways that other Workshop Presenters augmenttheir teaching on the workshop with music, jokes,stories, film clips and High Energy Fun! We lookforward to seeing you there! (ID: 007) (3 CEs)Whether you are new to the Imago community,attending your first IRI conference or just want tomeetnewpeople,thisistheplaceforyou.Wewillintroduce first-time conference attendees to theirmentors. Don’t be shy, come on by! (ID: 008)Gather in the North Atrium and Juniper Gardento see old friends and meet new ones. Enjoy acocktail and some light food, and converse whileserenaded by a mariachi band. (ID: 009)
  8. 8. Albuquerque is famousfor its annual balloonrace, and it also offersfacilities for amateurs totake their own flights.
  9. 9. Yoga is an ancient path of deep listening andinner peace in the midst of a full and active life.Practicing Yoga brings strength, flexibility, open-ness, enhanced vitality and an ability to focus inthe present.Our conference begins with a dazzling perfor-mance by the National Institute of Flamencofollowed by a parade of the flags of Imago Rela-tionships International. Harville Hendrix andHelen LaKelly Hunt will offer opening remarksand share their vision of Imago in the 21stcentury.The field of couples interventions is changingdramatically. The new science of love offers us acoherent map to the territory of love and loving.The couples therapist now has the resourcesto systematically shape the neural duet that isthe essence of love. The pivotal moments thatdefine a relationship as a secure or insecure bondcan be identified and restructured in a couplesessions. Once a safe haven is established, keyprocesses such as the forgiveness of injuries canbe addressed and individual growth and resil-ience fostered. (3 CEs)After her morning keynote, Susan Johnson willuse this afternoon session to go into more depthabout her work. This will include presenta-tions and discussions of clinical work, and anopportunity to share questions and discuss yourinsights with Susan. (2 CEs)An opportunity to collectively share our griefand offer support as we remember our friendsand loved ones who are no longer with us. Weinvite you to join us to celebrate their livesand contributions.Guests will meet the buses at 6:30pm in thelobby of the Hotel Albuquerque for a veryspecial event at a spectacular venue thatcelebrates the long and rich history of theHispanic and Latino people and culture inNorth America. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvreswill be followed by a buffet dinner andsurprise entertainment. For more informationon the National Hispanic and Cultural Center,please visit www.nhccnm.org. (ID: 100)This spring, the Imago Board and Foundersbegan to develop a clear vision for how Imagowould impact the world over the next 20 years.By standing in that inspiring future place, andlooking back, we have created some compel-ling insights into the priorities of our work thisyear. Join Executive Director Tim Atkinsonas he unfolds the Board’s long-term vision,and shows how we are creating that reality stepby step.Much of the craft of effective therapy is aboutlearning how to avoid getting stuck in the pitfallsthat inevitably present themselves in the courseof treatment. This experiential workshop willdemonstrate a supervisory approach that centerson reconnecting with the moment-by-momentflow of the therapy to help clinicians step out ofthe hypnotic pull of confusing cases and get backon track. (ID: 107) (6 CEs)Experience a vivid journey exploring the signifi-cance of the attachment stage for the Imagopractitioner. Learn how the wounding and adap-tations show up in your office, and how to dancetherapeutically with couples at this develop-mental stage. There will be a chance to addressyour own concerns or questions in working withyour most challenging clients through the devel-opmental lens. (ID: 110) (6 CEs)TheParentingTaskForcewillpresenttheirnewlydeveloped Imago-based Parenting Program.Attendance will satisfy some of the require-ments for qualifying as a Parenting WorkshopPresenter. (ID: 108) (6 CEs)This workshop will acquaint participants withthe Start Right Stay Connected seminar andgive them the ability to assist premarital couplesto develop a healthy connection between oneanother, ultimately providing the participantwith the tools needed to present a successfulseminar. (ID: 109) (6 CEs)
  10. 10. This workshop will create an opportunity forparticipants to engage in cross-racial dialogueand share their experiences of racial woundingand/or intolerance using the process of Commu-nologue. Communologue creates a safe struc-ture and environment in which participants cantell their own story and experience the deepempathy that results from hearing the stories ofothers. (ID: 101) (2 CEs)Do you work with couples where one or both aredrinking/using? We will examine and discusshow the unique characteristics of Imago Rela-tionship Therapy resonate with recovery theory,language and culture. We will address the impli-cations of gender roles, the sexually compulsive/sexually traumatized couple, and how to dealwith the anger/reactivity so often prevalent inpresenting couples. (ID: 102) (2 CEs)This workshop applies attachment theory to ourunderstanding of desire and sexual pleasure ina primary love relationship. Through lecture,experiential exercises, and case examples twoseasoned Imago Therapists will apply recentunderstanding from Attachment Theory andImago Relationship Theory to offer a deeperunderstanding of satisfying and enduring sexualrelationships. (ID: 103) (2 CEs)The workshop will examine the challenges facedby families and spouses who work together andhowtheImagoDialoguecansupportthemwithinthe family business system. Participants willincrease their confidence around coaching andguiding couples and families that work together.An interactive and experiential learning formatusing a video case study will provide a deeperunderstanding of interpersonal dynamics andhow different perspectives impact decision-making in the family business setting. (ID: 104)(2 CEs)How has Imago changed the lives of one of thefounders, Harville Hendrix, and two MasterTrainers, Maya Kollman and Bruce Crapu-chettes? Learn how Imago has evolved to whereit is today. Harville, Maya, and Bruce will giveinsights into what has worked in Imago and whathas not and why. You will have an opportunityto ask theoretical and clinical questions and getanswers from the people who have been teachingImago from the beginning. Wendy Patterson andMaureen Brine will interview the Masters. (ID:150) (3 CEs)Contemporary research in the field of positivepsychology is making interesting progress indescribing the how, what and why of happi-ness. Imago Therapy encourages couples tostrive for a positive connection – a relation-ship that is pleasant, engaged and meaningful.This workshop will focus on integrating theup-to-date findings on the nature of happinessinto committed relationships and the practiceof Imago Therapy. Participants will practicea dialogue that focuses on enhancing greaterhappiness in significant relationships. (ID:201) (2 CEs)We will work in depth with the empathy andre-imaging potential in the Behavior ChangeRequest Dialogue (BCR-D). The use of sentencestems, focusing and doubling will create addedfocus on the stories and needs underlying frus-tration. Learning to clearly assess the needsthat must be met will help the therapist tailorthe BCR-D to fit the couple’s needs. With tapes,demonstrations, and film we will polish andenhance your relational skills. (ID: 202) (2 CEs)Somatic Experiencing provides body-basedconcepts and techniques to teach partners toregulatetheirintenseaffectandself-soothe.Thisallows couples to return to the “here and now”and reconnect with each other. Case examplewilldemonstratehowthetherapistcanaccesstheclient’s desire to connect and construct a correc-tive attachment experience. (ID: 203) (2 CEs)The power of group case consultation cannotbe underestimated. Group members experiencesafety as well as support in the lonely process ofbeingaprivatepracticetherapist.Groupmembersdevelop a deepening of theory and practicethrough the group process. The workshop willfeature live demonstrations of an ongoing caseconsultation group. Participants will learn amodel of consultation and the theoretical under-pinnings of the model. (ID: 204) (2 CEs)
  11. 11. Join us for a rich and exciting two part clinicalupdate! A Match Made in Heaven with DennisStoica, the President of the California HealthyMarriages Coalition. Marrying Marriage Educa-tion with Marital Therapy Teaching skills is animportant part of effective IMAGO Therapy. Assuch, every IMAGO Therapist is also a MarriageEducator. Learn how to expand this part of whatyou are already doing in order to significantlygrowyourpracticewhileincreasingtheimpactthatyour work has with your couples. In the secondhalf of the update we will move into a demonstra-tion of the art and clinical elements of the Seam-lessFlowprocessaswellasalltheexcitingchangesin the Education track program, new courses andcurrent thinking of the Imago Faculty. (3 CEs)Join us in the Alvarado Ballroom for a buffetlunch and the opportunity to learn more aboutIRI global activities. IRI Awards ceremony willfollow; individual members will be recognizedfor outstanding achievements and contributionsover the past year. (ID: 300)Harville and Helen have designed a course forchurches, synagogues, and inter-faith centerscalled: “Couplehood As A Spiritual Path.”There are hundreds of thousands of faithcommunities across the country that are alreadyeager to support couples in their journey towardcommitted, intimate relationships. About theonly thing that has been lacking is a solid curric-ulum to give them the skills they need. This “outof the box course” is based on Imago theory andpractice and comes with participants’ manuals,facilitator manuals, and a professionally madeDVD that supports each of the six lessons. Thepresenters have had success with the programboth in Michigan and California and will showyou how to set it up with your faith center andmake it a source of referrals for your practice.(ID: 301) (2 CEs)Ourdegreeofsuccesswhenworkingwithcouplescan depend upon the ability of our couples tolive“consciously”inthepresent.DevelopmentalNeeds Meeting Strategy (DNMS) is a protocolthat is effective when used conjointly with ImagoRelationship Therapy for couples where earlywounding has caused ingrained defensive behav-iors that prevent connection. DNMS protocolhelps individuals get unstuck from early child-hood wounding. (ID: 302) (2 CEs)Research shows that sexual connection createsattachment and long term satisfaction in rela-tionships. After the “romantic” phase of a rela-tionship, the erotic attachment changes. Eroticenergy can be split off outside of the relationship,causing lack of desire, affairs, and infidelity.Learn what monogamy means in the new millen-nium and how Imago Therapists can help theirclients create intimate and attached partnershipsthrough empathic dialogue focused on eroticconnection. (ID: 303) (2 CEs)We have all felt helpless while sitting with acouple experiencing the pain of an affair. Thisworkshop will invite participants to shareassumptions, strategies and experiences in smallgroup consultations. The collective insightsof colleagues will be summarized to the largergroup and will empower participants to helpcouples close the “exit” of infidelity and create a“bullet-proof” relationship. (ID: 304) (2 CEs)The science of attachment can inform the way weteach and practice the art of Imago. It explainsthe neurobiology of right brain development,an area responsible for the way we seek, giveand receive love. This workshop will focus onthe ways in which classic and modern attach-ment theory and research confirms and expandsimportant Imago concepts. The maximizer andminimizer become more understandable asthey appear in both infant and adult attachmentresearch. The early wounded couple is ampli-fied by the research on attachment disorganiza-tion. Adult attachment research also illuminatesthe development and manifestation of the lostand denied self. Through exercises, participantswill have the opportunity to facilitate attunedmirroring informed by the science of attachment.(ID: 305) (2 CEs)This workshop will have multiple learningcomponents to help with self-defeating behav-iors that are embedded in internalized self-crit-ical and self-hating elements. (ID: 306) (2 CEs)Join us in the Alvarado Ballroom to celebratethe closing of the 6thAnnual Conference.Closing remarks will be delivered by Execu-tive Director, Tim Atkinson, and recognitionwill be given to those who made this confer-ence possible. Guests are invited to enjoy athree course meal and the evening’s entertain-ment, Wagogo, an eclectic group of local musi-cians whose sound blends Chicano influences,Mexican folk, calypso, and the spirit music ofZimbabwe. (ID: 400)
  12. 12. Some spectacular andcolorful blooms can onlybe found in the highdesert of New Mexico.
  13. 13. . is the co-founder of Imago Relationships with Helen LaKellyHunt, Ph.D., and Chancellor of the Imago International Institute. He is the author of thepopularly acclaimed books Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples, Keepingthe Love You Find: A Guide for Singles, Giving the Love That Heals: A Guide for Parents,and Receiving Love: Transform Your Relationship by Letting Yourself Be Loved. A formerprofessor at Southern Methodist University, Harville holds an M.A. and a Ph.D. inPsychology and Religion from The School of Divinity at the University of Chicago and aMaster of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary in New York. He is a Diplomat in theAmerican Association of Pastoral Counselors and a clinical member of the American GroupPsychotherapy Association and the International Transactional Analysis Association.In addition to her partnership with Harville, Helen hasbeen active within the women’s movement for the past eighteen years. She is founder andpresident of The Sister Fund, a private women’s fund dedicated to the social, political,economic, and spiritual empowerment of women and girls. Helen has helped to create anumber of other women’s funding institutions, including the Dallas Women’s Foundation,the New York Women’s Foundation, and the Women’s Funding Network. Helen has servedon the Boards of Directors of the Ms. Foundation for Women, Women and Foundations,and the New York City Women’s Agenda. In 2004, shortly after completing a Doctoraldegree at Union Theological Seminary in New York, she wroteFaithandFeminism:AHolyAlliance. For her distinguished contributions to the women’s movement, Helen has receivedmany awards including the LEAD Award, Gloria Steinem’s Women of Vision Award, andhas been inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.is one of the originators and the main proponent of EmotionallyFocused Couples Therapy (EFT), now one of the best validated couples interventionsin North America.She is Professor of Clinical Psychology at The University of Ottawa, Director of theOttawa Couple and Family Institute Inc. and the International Center for Excellence inEmotionally Focused Therapy. She received her doctorate in Counseling Psychology fromthe University of British Columbia in 1984. She is a registered psychologist in the prov-ince of Ontario, Canada, and a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Marital andFamily Therapy, the Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy and the Journal of FamilyPsychology. She is a Distinguished Research Professor in the Marital & Family TherapyProgram at Alliant University in San Diego.Sue is an Approved Supervisor for the American Association of Marriage and FamilyTherapy and is internationally known for her workshops and presentations on practice,theory, and research in couple therapy, adult attachment and emotion in psychotherapy.She maintains a private practice and lives in Ottawa, Canada, with her husband andtwo children.
  14. 14. is a well-known Canadian psychotherapist, educator,and consultant who has been in the helpingprofession since 1971. Maureen has completedthe majority of her training with Dr. HarvilleHendrix. An International AddictionsSpecialist, she is well known across Canada forher work with Adult Children of Alcoholicsand Recovering Couples. In private practicesince 1985, she has had successful practices inVancouver and Toronto. Currently she practicesin Toronto, working with couples and singles,and in addition provides supervision for thera-pists. Maureen is past president and co-founderof the Association for Imago RelationshipTherapy of Ontario and Quebec.is a Certi-fied Imago Therapist as well as a CertifiedWorkshop Presenter. She received an MA inClinical and Humanistic Psychology from theCenter for Humanistic Studies in Detroit, MI.Her private practice is in Southfield, MI whereshe lives with her husband of 43 years, Larry,who provides assistance and support during herworkshops. She was a co-creator of the ParentingWorkshop in the Imago Model and is a presenterof Supporting Our Children workshops. Shewas President of Imago Relationship Therapy ofMichigan from 2001-05. She is also certified inEMDR Therapy. Marcia and Larry have threedaughters and nine grandchildren.is a Psychothera-pist, a former Assistant Professor of Women’sStudies at Rutgers University, and a memberof AAMFT and AACD. No one is fooled byMaya’s youthful face and bountiful energy.While it is true that she can out-run and out-work anyone on the planet, Maya is an old soul.Her wisdom is profound; she knows Imago asshe knows the rich soil of the earth; it’s as if she’swalked this path before. Her huge heart is onlymatchedbyherintelligence,herwit,hercompas-sion, and her commitment to the blossoming ofall those who work with her. She is in a lovingrelationship with Barbara, her partner in workand love and in parenting four children. Mayais currently writing a book on Gay and LesbianRelationships. Recently she has done trainingsand workshops in Austria, Australia, and NewZealand taking up where Bruce left off.is an author, consultant andthe co-founder of the Austin Family Institute.She is the co-author of the booksHot Monogamyand The Emotional Incest Syndrome. The popu-larity of her books and her expertise in Imagoled to seven appearances on Oprah, as well asother local and national TV and radio programs.She has also been featured in every major maga-zine including Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Men’sHealth, Family Circle, Shape, Health, Woman,and Reader’s Digest. Pat has a private practiceat Austin Family Institute where she special-izes in: marriage, divorce, remarriage, relation-ship issues and family reconciliation. Love isa clinical member and approved supervisor inthe AAMFT, past President of the InternationalAssociation of Marriage and Family CounselingandafoundingmemberoftheNationalAcademyof Marriage and Family Counselors.is alicensed clinical social worker and marriage andfamily therapist who has been in private practicesince1980.Shehaslednumerousworkshopsandgroups on relationships, communication, power,money, sexuality, roles and responsibilities. Sheis well known for her extraordinarily warm andempatheticstyleasbothateacheranda therapist.Wendy has trained with Dr. Harville Hendrixand is a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist,Imago Workshop Presenter, and Imago Clin-ical Instructor. Wendy has presented at severalImago Relationship International conferencesand twice at the Psychotherapy Networkerconference. Wendy lives in Atlanta, GA with herpartner in life and in work, Bob Patterson.is a Pastoral Coun-selor and an Imago Therapist in private practice.He obtained his M.Div. from New BrunswickTheological Seminary and holds a certificatein Pastoral Psychotherapy from the Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute where he was a residentin a three year psychoanalytic oriented inten-sive training program. Gene is a fellow in theAmerican Association of Pastoral Counselors,an affiliate member of the American Associa-tion of Marriage and Family Therapy, a clinicalmember, a workshop presenter and clinicalinstructor of Imago Relationships International.He is currently the Chair of the Board of Direc-tors of Imago Relationships International.is a Clinical Psychologist with29 years experience in couples therapy and aSenior Clinical Instructor for Imago Relation-ships International. She runs both basic andadvanced training programs in Imago Rela-tionship Therapy in Washington, D.C. as wellas Denmark, Norway, Slovenia and Sweden.completed herdoctorate in psychology at Concordia Univer-sity in Montreal in 1992. Couple relation-ships were the focus of her thesis work. Shestarted training with Harville Hendrix afterattending the Getting... workshop with herhusband, David, in 1991. Her passion forImago continues to grow as she experiences itspower to transform relationships. With a privatepractice in Montreal, Canada, she also travelsextensively presenting workshops, professionaltrainings and intensives in English and French.As a member of the Board of Imago Relation-ships International, she chairs the committeeto develop new programs to bring Imago tocouples and singles. With her warmth, humorand personal sharing, Sophie creates a safe,respectful and fun learning environment.has been providingpsychological services, training other clini-cians and presenting educational workshopsfor over 25 years. He received his doctorate inthe area of clinical psychology from the FloridaInstitute of Technology in 1983 and has trainedextensively in the area of family and couplestherapy. Rick has participated in advancedcouples training in the area of Imago Relation-ship Therapy and became a Certified ImagoWorkshop Presenter in 1992. Since then, heand his wife Sherry have been presenting theGetting the Love You Want couples workshops.Rick is also a faculty member of Imago Rela-tionships International. Rick is a member of theAmerican Psychological Association, a Clin-ical Member of the American Association forMarriage and Family Therapy and a memberof Imago Relationships International. Rick ispublished in the Journal of Sex Research andthe Journal of Imago Relationship Therapy.Rick is currently working on a book aboutImago Group therapy.
  15. 15. Refund requests received by October 1, 2009 willbegrantedminusa$50processingfee.Refundswillnot be issued after October 1, 2009. Exceptions forillness or death of family member are permitted.Online registrants may cancel their registrationsonline without notifying IRI. Non-attendancewithout prior notification will result in forfeiture ofthe registration fee.Satisfactory completion: Participants must havepaid tuition fee, and completed, signed, andreturned an attendance/evaluation form in orderto receive a certificate of completion/attendance.Failure to complete and return attendance form/evaluation will result in forfeiture of credit for theentire conference. Partial credit is not available.Certificates will be sent after the conference orposted online at www.cmehelp.com.American Psychological Association—R CassidySeminars/Amedco is an approved provider ofcontinuing education for psychologists. R CassidySeminars/Amedco maintains responsibility forthis program. Maximum of 40 hours.ASWBprovider#1082isapprovedasaproviderofcontinuing education by the Association of SocialWork Boards through the Approved ContinuingEducation (ACE) program. Phone: 1-800-225-6880. Website: www.aswb.orgR Cassidy Seminars/Amedco maintainsresponsibility for this program.Amedco is recognized by the National Board forCertified Counselors to offer continuing educa-tion for certified counselors. We adhere to NBCCcontinuing education. Provider # 5633California MFT’s and LCSW’s- R CassidySeminars/Amedco is licensed by the CaliforniaBBS to offer continueing education. Provider#PCE 418+The Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town is located in the heart of Albuquerque’s historical center.The hotel exemplifies “Albuquerque style” a unique blend of Native American, Mexican Pueblo,SpanishTerritorialandWesternculturaltraditions.Theresultisamagicalexperiencethatallowsguests of the hotel to discover more than 400 years of history and native New Mexican heritage.The hotel features formal Spanish gardens, a Victorian style pavilion, and a grand pool. Enjoydelicious New Mexican cuisine at Café Plazuala, exquisite dining at Cristobals, or live jazz atQ-Bar, one of the hottest spots in Albuquerque.Adjacent to the hotel is Albuquerque’s historic Old Town, featuring over 200 shops, restau-rantsandartgalleries.TheAlbuquerqueMuseum,theNewMexicoMuseumofNaturalHistory,the Explora Science Center and the Albuquerque Aquarium and Botanic Garden are all withinwalking distance.Guestrooms are adorned with genuinely crafted Southwestern furnishings. Each room offersstunning views of Albuquerque and the Sandia Mountains, and many feature private balconies.The hotel is only seven miles from Sunport International Airport.Single Occupancy: $139Double Occupancy: $149isitingAlbuquerqueallowsyoutoexperience the authentic South-west. It is the social and culturalcenter of New Mexico. You’ll always feelyou’re someplace special when you’reeating at one of its traditional NewMexican restaurants, shopping at one ofits more than 3,000 shops and galleries,enjoying its world-class visual andperforming arts, or playing on the bestgolf courses in the Southwest.Photos on this spread courtesy Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce (www.itsatrip.org)
  16. 16. Albuquerque,New MexicoOctober 22-24, 2009Imago RelationshipsInternationalSixth Annual ConferenceFirst Name Last Name CredentialsPhone Number Fax Number EmailAddressCity State/Province Zip/Postal Code CountryEarly Bird Regular Walk-InIRI Member $499.00 $599.00 $699.00Non-Therapist Partner $349.00 $399.00 $449.00Trainee $399.00 $499.00 $599.00Non-IRI Member $599.00 $699.00 $799.00* Deadline for Early-Bird Registration is July 31, 2009. Registrants outside the US and Canada are encouraged to register online.*Day Rates registrants must register online.Advanced Supervision and Consultation for Imago Therapists: $500.00Characterological Growth: $600.00The Journey of Change in Imago: $500.00An Ethics Workshop for Imago Therapists: $90.00Certified Consultants Update: $90.00Educators’ UpdateWorkshop Presenters’ UpdateDinner at the National Hispanic Cultural Center (Oct. 22): $49.00Would you like to donate to the Global Travel Fund?If yes, please indicate amount $Total Fees: $CheckCredit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)Card NumberExpiration DateSignatureDate
  17. 17. Please fill in the box next to the event you would like to attend.ID: 001 – Advanced Supervision and Consultation for Imago Therapists(Patterson/Love) - $500.00 (Oct. 19-20)ID: 002 – Characterological Growth (Brine/Stolp) – $600.00(Oct. 19-21)ID: 003 – The Journey of Change in Imago (Kollman/Slade) – $500.00(Oct. 19-21)ID: 004 – An Ethics Workshop for Imago Therapists (Shelly) – $90.00(Oct. 21)ID: 005 – Certified Consultants’ Update (Patterson/Simon) – $90.00(Oct. 21)ID: 006 – Imago Educators’ Update (Atkinson) (Oct. 21)ID: 007 – Workshop Presenters’ Update (Ferstenfeld) (Oct. 21)ID: 008 – New Attendee Buddy Meeting (Slade) (Oct. 21)ID: 009 – Welcome Reception (Oct. 21)Couples Therapy in the 21stCentury: A New Era (Susan Johnson Ph.D.)Please put a 1, 2, and 3 next to your top 3 choices.ID: 101 – Building Bridges to Understanding (Parker/Wahrman)ID: 102 – Imago and Addiction (Martin)ID: 103 – Secure Attachment and Sexual Satisfaction (Gangi/Rosenfeld)ID: 104 – Symbiosis in the Family Business (Allen)ID: 107 – Advanced Supervision (Simon)ID: 108 – Parenting Program (Martin)ID: 109 – Pre-Marital Program (Pile)ID: 110 – Imago from a Developmental Perspective (Stolp)ID: 150 – Master Trainer Series: History of Imago (Crapuchettes/Hendrix/Kollman)Please put a 1, 2, and 3 next to your top 3 choices.ID: 201 – Bridging Imago & Positive Psychology: Greater Happiness viaCommitted Relationships (Lison)ID: 202 – Empathy! A Key to the Behavior Change Request that Can’tFail (Sears)ID: 203 – Trapped in a Time Bubble: Facilitating Secure AttachmentUsing Somatic Experiencing with Couples (Brown)ID: 204 – Weaving a Tapestry: A Group Model of Clinical Case Consul-tation (Guttman)Please put a 1, 2, and 3 next to your top 3 choices.ID: 301 – Couplehood as a Spiritual Path (Beauvoir/Crapuchettes/Johnson)ID: 302 – Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy (DNMS) and ImagoRelationship Therapy (Bollinger)ID: 303 – Getting the Sex You Want: Desire, Attachment & Infidelity,Sexual Attachment Issues in the New Millennium (Nelson)ID: 304 – Healing Beyond the Affair: An Imago Model (Bowman)ID: 305 – The Science of Attachment and the Art of Imago (Gangi)ID: 306 – The Underside to Attachment and the Fear of “Unloveability”:Is Our Problem a Thee or Me Issue? (Baca)ID: 100 – Social Event at the National Hispanic Cultural Center –$49.00 (Oct. 22)ID: 300 – IRI Sponsored Lunch - Global Membership Update & IRIAwards Ceremony (Oct. 24)ID: 400 – Closing Ceremony & Dinner/Dance in the Alvarado Ball-room (Oct. 24)Please fill in the box next to the meal preferred.MeatVegetarianI will not be attending the Dinner/DanceI am willing to be a mentor to a 1sttime Imago Conference AttendeeI am a 1sttime Imago Conference AttendeeI would like to be a volunteer at the Imago ConferenceI would like to find a roommate for my conference stay
  18. 18. GETTING THE SEXYOU WANTShed Your Inhibitions and ReachNew Heights of Passion TogetherBy Tammy Nelson, L.P.C.Getting the Sex You Want takes Imago therapyand applies it to sex for the very first timeIn the book you’ll learn how to:Build sexual communication skillsConnect with your partner in a new wayCreate more passionate partnershipsTammy Nelson is a certified Imago therapistand a licensed psychotherapist with twenty yearsof experience working with individuals and couplesHear Tammy speak atthe 2009 Imago International Conferencein Albuquerque, New Mexicoon Saturday, October 24th at 2:15 p.m.www.quiverbooks.com l www.passionatepartnerships.comBooks are available at Amazon.com and bookstores nationwide.
  19. 19. Hedy + Yumi SchleiferBestWishesfor aJoyful and Inspiring2009 Conference305-604-0010 HedyYumi@HedyYumi.orgwww.HedyYumi.orgSee Hedy and Yumi’snew documentary“Crossing the Bridge”www.HedyYumi.org
  20. 20. For more information or to order nowhttp://gettingtheloveyouwant.com/connects/index.htmlThis one-day educational seminar, based on the theory and process ofImago Relationship Therapy, is designed to provide participants withthe tools necessary to develop and sustain a lasting and deeply satisfy-ing partnership. The seminar employs both cognitive and experientialmethods to guide participants toward a conscious marriage.start rightThe Imago Premarital CourseA Toolkit for Couples Wishing to Deepen Their CommitmentFor more information or to order nowhttp://gettingtheloveyouwant.com/connects/index.html“Through Conflict to Connection” offers real-life examples of peoplelearning to improve a loving relationship by coolly exploring the hot-button issues unique to each partnership. The kit is based around a 60-minute documentary-style movie, which includes extraordinary footage ofactual couples experiencing Imago therapy, and includes Couples Hand-books to help you and your partner through the journey to connection.“I immediately saw in theDVD what I could have donedifferently…It was anincredible awakening.”-Robyn H.Why does love so often fade away when conflict emerges?Imago’s Relationship Fitness Kit gives couplesthe tools to stay connected.
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