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The Great Depression 1


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The Great Depression 1

  1. 1. 1929-1930s
  2. 2.  Created new boundaries throughout Western Europe Left many countries unhappy
  3. 3.  Pushed by Woodrow Wilson Possible solution for the uneasy peace after WWI Americans did not want to be involved in European affairs US does not join
  4. 4.  Dominant power in Europe after WWI Demands League of Nations intervention with Germany’s war reparations Germany owed $132 billion France takes control of Ruhr Valley Center of German industry and mining
  5. 5.  Wiemar Republic after WWI Germans not happy with French occupation of factories- results in strikes Government prints money to solve their problems Results in inflation 1923  130 billion German marks = 1 US dollar
  6. 6.  Dealt with war reparations Based on Germany’s ability to pay Led to heavy American involvement in Europe America gives Germany $200 million loan
  7. 7.  Between France and Germany Guaranteed western borders for Germany Supposedly “World Peace”
  8. 8.  At this point, many nations are weak. Soon develops into a depression throughout the western world. Depression- period of low economic activity and rising unemployment