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Presentatie eluxis ids_r1_f_sls


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Content management, XML, DITA

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Presentatie eluxis ids_r1_f_sls

  1. 1. Integrated Documentation I System T A
  2. 2. Content management?Enterprise Content Management suites comprise (Gartner 2007): Document Management Document Imaging. Records Management Workflow Web Content Management Document-Centric CollaborationEfficient documention production requires: Content engineering for creation, management and publication of re-used content to multiple output
  3. 3. Typical problems to solveProduct M1 M2 G1 G2Variants M1a M2G OutputUsersBranded Var1, Var, Var3, Var4,... VarNVariants CESLanguagesCountries
  4. 4. Documentation process
  5. 5. IDS overviewAuthors Authors Information Content Output Users interface storage engineering Content Engineering- and Database Publication-System ERP, SAP, PDM, Workflow Systems remote data
  6. 6. Modular document hierarchy Book 1 Book 2Books Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3 Topic 4Topics 1 2 3 4Components Variables, Media Texts
  7. 7. IDS interfaceClean and XMLEasy, only the functions you need
  8. 8. IDS users
  9. 9. Functionality
  10. 10. Publishing variants Output Publication Output settings & filter conditions Select: - Language - Country - Product Filter - Customer - Medium Layout & Style Components: Page layout, font, colors, etc.. Variables, Strings, support files
  11. 11. Conditional content re-useDocument Document Paragraaf (onconditioneel) Paragraaf (onconditioneel) Tabel met conditie A Tabel met conditie A,B Outputcondition A Document Tabel met conditie B,C Outputcondition C Paragraaf (onconditioneel) Tabel met conditie B,C
  12. 12. Single source publishing
  13. 13. Conditional output variants Styling Images Variables Filtered text
  14. 14. Generate any output format
  15. 15. Translation IDS Translation office NL Prepare and send for NL translation Translation office NL NL NL + EN EN EN placeholder EN Vertaal alleen wat echt gewijzigd is. Rendement op Kennis: reductie vertaalkosten 30 - 50% EN Check in EN EN EN EN
  16. 16. Branching-merging Branch Merge 1.02b 1.03b Branch 1.01a 1.02a Branch Merge Merge1.00 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 2.00
  17. 17. Review Status: In progress Review … Complete Comments: Add/Edit Delete Overview Show/hide
  18. 18. General features Automatic publication to: PDF, HTML, CHM help, RTF and XML Re-use of content Conditional output. Cost reducing translation support Automatic version management Long term solution (Flexible and open datastorage, output styles and user interface)
  19. 19. IDS interfacesAuthors environment Browser Management interface
  20. 20. IDS promises Efficiency improvement (40%) Speeding up time-to-market (e.g. 80% reduction in the publication phase) Reducing translation costs (30-40%) Improving consistenty and quality of information (in the enterprise as a whole) Better user support: up to date, tailored information in various media and on the internet Information integrated in products and software