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IBM Domino Hybrid cloud configuration


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This presentation gives you a step by step idea on how to configure a hybrid configuration between your Domino on-premise configuration and IBM Connections Cloud.

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IBM Domino Hybrid cloud configuration

  1. 1. 2018 Touch the Cloud but stay with your feet on the ground Kris De Bisschop
  2. 2. Thanks to our 2018 Sponsors INFORMATION SOLUTIONS REDTABLE
  3. 3. • CEO @ • Administrator ICS Portfolio • IBM Champion Collaboration Solutions • Love high-level issues • In my spare time, I play badminton 3 A little about me
  4. 4. Customers consider cloud…
  5. 5. Some have doubts…
  6. 6. Others go for it totally !
  7. 7. Others go for it in a hybrid way…
  8. 8. IBM Collaboration licensing allows shift • Traditional licensing => Dual Entitlement licensing Ø no requirement to move to the cloud within a certain time frame Ø no requirement to move to the cloud at all
  9. 9. Dual Entitlement offerings 1. IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook (IMSMO) 2. On-prem only 3. IBM Sametime, IBM ST Meetings, IBM Connections Cloud, IBM Docs
  10. 10. Our customers choose Ø Domino servers on-prem Ø Apps (custom & 3rd party) Ø Mix of users on-prem & cloud Ø IM and social tools cloud-based
  11. 11. We delivered the guiding hand Ø Define hybrid configuration plan Ø Which licensing plan ? Ø Which users go where ? Ø Blueprint of the current/future set-up Ø Verify server and client requirements Ø ID Vault configured ? Ø Firewall configuration Ø SMTP Mail delivery plan
  12. 12. Blueprint of current set-up Ø Check software requirements Ø Domino 8.5.1 FP2+, 8.5.2+, 8.5.3+, 9.x Ø Notes 8.5.1 FP5, 8.5.2+, 8.5.3+, 9.x Ø Is ID Vault already configured ? Ø Mailtemplate customizations ?
  13. 13. Define future set-up Ø Define the Customer Replication/Mail HUB Ø Typically the HUB server/cluster Ø Create an OU certifier to be used to create cloud mail servers Ø Register passthru server in other domain under new OU or existing O
  14. 14. Basic architecture
  15. 15. HA architecture
  16. 16. Define future set-up Ø Configure passthru server in the DMZ Ø Configure firewall to allow traffic between IBM Cloud and on-prem
  17. 17. Activate the environment • Initial account setup is done by Connections Cloud Service group • Customer provides basic info Ø Name of the company Ø Name and email of administrator • Customer receives activation mail
  18. 18. Activate the environment
  19. 19. Select Hybrid configuration
  20. 20. Initial Hybrid configuration status
  21. 21. Download Pre-Configuration Test Tool
  22. 22. Enter Server Details and run the test
  23. 23. Verify the test results
  24. 24. Configure the Directory Sync Server
  25. 25. Configure the Mail Routing Hub
  26. 26. Configure Virtual Mail Server base Common Name
  27. 27. Configure Passthru Server
  28. 28. Upload the certifier ID to create virtual servers
  29. 29. Confirm all entered information and enable it
  30. 30. Prepare for the account activation
  31. 31. Download the Domain Configuration Tool
  32. 32. Domain Configuration Tool – 3 modes of operation
  33. 33. Dry run where no changes are made to the config
  34. 34. Configure servers and adapt your configuration
  35. 35. Check out the results
  36. 36. Check out if the servers are communicating
  37. 37. Check out the Directory Sync status
  38. 38. Preparing for Account activation
  39. 39. Internet Domain verification
  40. 40. Internet Domain verification
  41. 41. Internet Domain verification
  42. 42. Congrats ! All features are unlocked in your account
  43. 43. You’re done ! Almost… Ø Hybrid configuration is set up Ø Define what to do with SMTP mail routing Ø Inbound SMTP via SCN or internal server ? Ø Outbound SMTP via SCN or internal server ? Ø Any mail template customizations you want to migrate ? Ø Prepare for mail user migration with MOM (mail on-boarding manager) tool
  44. 44. Mail On-Boarding Manager download Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
  45. 45. Mail On-Boarding Manager installation
  46. 46. Mail On-Boarding Manager configuration
  47. 47. Mail On-Boarding Manager configuration
  48. 48. Mail On-Boarding Manager configuration
  49. 49. Mail On-Boarding Manager configuration
  50. 50. Mail On-Boarding Manager configuration
  51. 51. Mail On-Boarding Manager configuration
  52. 52. Mail On-Boarding Manager configuration
  53. 53. Contact support Ø Ø All questions about the configuration Ø Request inbound SMTP mail routing Ø Request validation of the customized mail template
  54. 54. Or Contact me