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  1. 1.  
  2. 2.  Think of your Favorite Family Tradition and write about it... o Try to think of one that is not related to Christmas Write about one favorite memory with each member of your family: o Mom o Dad o Or Significant Adult in your life o Each sibling
  3. 3.  Jack’s Family Tree Partner Work 10 minutes
  4. 4.  1. Emotional Needs 2. Physical Needs 3. Culture/Tradition 4. Social Skills
  5. 5.  Nuclear Family: two parents and one or more children living in the same place. Single Parent Family: one parent caring for one or more children. Blended Family: consists of a married couple and their children from previous marriages (formed when a single parent remarries). Extended Family: a family that includes additional relatives beyond parents and children. Adoptive Family: consist of a parent or parents and one or more adopted children. Can have both adopted and biological children. Foster Family: the temporary placement of children in the homes of adults who are not related to them.
  6. 6.  10 minutes Yours, Mine, and Ours (7 minutes) o Start right at Chapter 4 Step Mom Full House Boy Meets World The Brady Bunch The Berenstein Bears
  7. 7.  How does your family promote your physical health? o Providing medical care o Setting limits on behavior o Teaching health skills How does your family promote your mental/emotional health? o Positive feedback o Support o Encouragement How does your family promote your social health? o Values o Cultural Heritage
  8. 8.  Good Communication Caring and Support Respect Commitment Trust
  9. 9.  Changes in Family Structure o Birth and Adoption o Separation and Divorce o Remarriage o Death of a family member Changes in Family Circumstances o Moving to a new home o Changes in the family’s financial situation o Illness and disability o Alcohol or other drug abuse
  10. 10.  Dual Income o How does this affect the family? Blended Families o How can this cause stress in the family? o Why is this a new situation we are being face with? Single Parents o What difficulties can this cause? o Why is this a new circumstance today?
  11. 11.  Parents…….”YOUR SO ANNOYING” Comparing Never satisfied Embarrassing Overprotective Parents always fighting Dealing with divorce
  12. 12.  Reading books Keeping your room clean Be kind to your siblings Talk with them Doing chores without being asked Doing things without being asked • What is important to your parents?
  13. 13.  Nothing destroys trust faster with your parents than lying. o HUGE WITHDRAWL
  14. 14.  Do the dishes need to be done? Does your little sister need a ride home? Does your mom need a break
  15. 15.  Thank you note Kind word Big smile How was your day? Birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day
  16. 16.  Communicate
  17. 17.  Rule of 1 2 3 4 1. Please 2. Thank You 3. I Love You 4. How Can I Help?
  18. 18.  DEPOSITS Attend their extra curricular activities Help them with their chores Listen to them when they need to talk Respect their property: Room boundaries, clothing, belongings Help with homework Support them when they are going through tough times Smile Encouraging card or note
  19. 19. Spend some time this weekend onhome improvement; improve yourattitude toward your
  20. 20.  PART 1: 2 pieces of paper (one to keep one to turn into me today) One person in your family that you struggle with Brainstorm minimum 5 deposits you could make this weekend into the RBA account with that person. Turn in one to your class period basket
  21. 21.  . PART 2: Journal each night what deposit/deposits you did for that person, how did it make you feel, what was their reaction, what you are going to do the next day, repeat journal day 2, 3 Journal 4 write one page entry on “did making deposits the past 4 days improve the relationship with this person? What were changes you notice? Could you further improve your relationship by continuing deposits and list 5 more deposits you can do in the future. Bring journal entries to class Monday/Tuesday to turn in.
  23. 23.  5-10 minutes Buy a bag a mini candybars Top five finishers with correct answers and legible writing in each class get a candybar
  24. 24.  20 minutes to work on it 10 minutes to share Fill in the shield with several pictures that represent your family Have at least 10 items Color the shield and make it look nice in the time you have.