Session 2 - Mia Harbitz


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Session 2 - Mia Harbitz

  1. 1. Identity Management:A neglected dimensionof internationaldevelopmentMia HarbitzGlobal Summit on CR&VSApril 18, 2013
  2. 2. The higher the HDI, the lower the rates of underregistration of births
  3. 3. ID-Management chain to ensure legal identityBirthcertificateOtherattributesVerifiableand unique,legal identityCivil RegistrationCivil IdentificationUnique personal numberBiometricsAge of individualLevelofsecurityIdentity tokenTimely reporting of vital event
  4. 4. The role of the Civil RegistryCivil RegistryEnrollment*Emits(Birth, marriage, death)CertificatesInformsVital StatisticsMust be able to guaranteeveracity of certificates*Enrollment=registration of vitalevents: births, deaths,marriage, divorce,adoptions.
  5. 5. Is the civil registry the ugly duckling of publicinstitutions?
  6. 6. Supply side issues• Lack of information about importance of civil registry• Decision makers not well informed• Outdated legal frameworks• Cumbersome procedures• Institutional weaknesses and asymmetries• Inadequate economic resources• Limited institutional presence• Unsystematic and unsustainable technological solutions• Human resource limitations
  7. 7. Foundations for effective identity managementICTUse of standards ISO,IEEE, ICAOPOLICYBuy-in from decision makers– and citizensLEGAL FRAMEWORKRevision and update of legalframework governing CR&CI
  8. 8. Conclusions I• Develop National Identity Management Policy– Id-M is a sovereign responsibility– IFIs and other donors should have catalytic role– No cookie cutter solution• Coordinate with other public services– Hospitals—vaccination centers– Statistical agency– Primary schools– Ministry of Social affairs/gender– Ministry of Planning and/or Finance
  9. 9. Conclusions II• Shorten the distance to the civil registries– Creation/redistribution of civil registries– Information campaigns—impact evaluation– Cultural sensitivity• Develop communication strategies• More research – better data – better results– What cannot be measured cannot be improved
  10. 10. Identity management in the IDB• Since 2011: Regional birth registration indicator• Our work is guided by Institutional Strategy: Institutions forgrowth and social development where one of the pillars isrecognized as: Registries for social and economic growth.• Social and environmental safeguard screening of all lendingprojects to promote: Legal identity for all
  11. 11. Some encouraging results from IDB projects:• The IDB has promoted of inclusion of question on registration andidentity documents in surveys and censuses since 2000.• Under registration of births dropped from ~20% to ~10% in 10yrs• Argentina: Plan Familia CCT (USD 1,000M): Reduction of underregistration from reduced from15 to 10% in the period 2004-2009(Source Ministry of Social Development annual report)• Ecuador: Modernization of Civil Registry (USD 78M) fromdysfunctional to highly respected civil identification system in threeyears.• Uruguay: Seamless integration of CR-VS-Civil identification (CI)-Social services• Peru : best practices in CR and CI made the Registry Agency moretrusted than that Catholic Church and helped save more than USD260M (2009-11) by better focusing the public sector programs.(Source Ministry of Economy)
  12. 12. http://www.iadb.orgThe Inter-American Development Bank Discussion Papers and Presentations are documents prepared by both Bank and non-Bank personnel assupporting materials for events and are often produced on an expedited publication schedule without formal editing or review. The information andopinions presented in these publications are entirely those of the author(s), and no endorsement by the Inter-American Development Bank, its Board ofExecutive Directors, or the countries they represent is expressed or implied..Contact: Mia Harbitzmiah@iadb.org more information please visit: