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Dabble webanalyticsprint

  1. 1. G o o g leA n a ly t ic sf o r S m a llB u s in e s sPe e tdb : K idaC a e rs ne y e r h n y
  2. 2. W e b A n a ly t ic s : W h yS h o u l d Yo u C a r e• You can evaluate the effective of online advertising, e-mail newsletters and other marketing efforts• You’ll find out what people like and don’t like about your website• You’ll get into the heads of your visitors as they visit your site• You can improve your website’s design and content for your audience
  3. 3. G o o g le A n a ly t ic s K e yTe r m s• Visitor: An individual user of your site• V i s i t /S e s s i o n : Time from when a visitor enters and leaves your website• P a g e v i e w s : Every time a visitor views a web page on a site• S i t e R e f e r r e r : External web page that brought visitor to you• C o n v e r s i o n : When a visitor completes an action (buys a product, subscribes to newsletter)• B o u n c e R a t e : Percentage of visitors that exit after only viewing one page of a website
  4. 4. A v o id D a t a O v e r lo a d !Identify the key metrics that tell your how your site isperforming against your set g o a l s . • Top Key Phrases from search engines • Top Referring Websites • Site Content Popularity • Site Bounce Rate
  5. 5. To p K e y P h r a s e s f r o m s e a r c h e n g in e s F in d in “ s e a r c h ” s u b c a t e g o r y in “ Tr a f f ic S ourc e s ”
  6. 6. To p R e f e r r i n g W e b s i t e s F in d in S o u r c e s > R e f e r r a ls in “ Tr a f f ic S o u r c e s ”
  7. 7. S it e B o u n c e R a t e
  8. 8. A n a ly t ic s a n d A d w o r d s • Google Analytics and Google AdWords are made to be used together. But NOT the same product! • AdWords helps advertisers measure ad performance • Analytics helps you understand what happens to traffic when it gets to your site. • ProTip: Analyze website factors (bounce rate, pages per visit, conversion rate along with ad content factors (keyword performance, ad copy, ad groups, etc.)
  9. 9. A n a ly t ic s a n d A d w o r d s • Use Adwords to identify and increase search marketing keywords that lead to conversation (here’s how to link your accounts goo.gl/cVuK4) • Use URL Builder to tag e-mail campaigns to increase the effectiveness of your e-mails (here’s a list of best practices for tagging e-mails: goo.gl/CNKFu)
  10. 10. To o l s a n d R e s o u r c e sGoogle Analytics Education (Videos and more):goo.gl/mGpDGGoogle Analytics Support:goo.gl/dKOkSGoogle Analytics Blog:goo.gl/fQDWCGoogle Analytics Reporting Tools (Excel PlugIns and more):goo.gl/zzA66Google Analytics URL Buildergoo.gl/MB6zX
  11. 11. keidra@gmail.comwww.thewebfarmers.comwww.keidrachaney.com @kdc