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The Milieu Museum Of Art


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The Milieu Museum Of Art

  1. 1. The Milieu Museum of Art Katie Dawson Jennifer Fulp Erin Mazzei Ruby Morganti Janine Morton Hayley Randles Jessica Rawlinson
  2. 2. Mission Statement
  3. 3. Allegory of the Four Elements Mark Ryden, 2006 oil on panel
  4. 4. The Four Elements <ul><li>Our exhibit showcases the different ways in which artists have treated the four elements through art. These include classical representations of the elements as well as contemporary pieces which engage directly with different elements. </li></ul>
  5. 6. Red Earth in Hometown Wang Xunsheng, 2007 oil on canvas
  6. 7. The Hanging Smoking Garden Mikala Dwyer, 2007 installation
  7. 8. Treasure Island Rene Magritte, 1942 oil on canvas
  8. 10. Wind in the Brown Trees Samai Asaad Halaby , 2008 oil on canvas
  9. 11. L'etoile OR La danseuse sur la scene ( The Star OR Dancer on Stage ) Edgar Degas, 1878 Pastel on paper 23 5/8 x 17 3/8 in. (60 x 44 cm)
  10. 12. Sumac II Alexander Calder, 1952 sheet metal, wire, and paint
  11. 13. Migratory Patterns Dornith Doherty, 2007 chromogenic color photograph
  12. 15. Fire Teresita Fernandez, 2005 installation
  13. 16. The Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun William Blake, c.1805 pen and ink with watercolor over graphite
  14. 18. Spiral Jetty Robert Smithson, 1970 precipitated salt crystals, mud, rocks, water 1500’ by 15’
  15. 19. Seascapes from Time Exposed Hiroshi Sugitmoto, 1990 photograph