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Brochure of Company services and offerings

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HR Metrics Printable Brochure

  2. 2. MEASURE PERFORMANCE OF THE ORGANIZATION BY ITS PEOPLE HRMetrics is a consulting firm specializing in human multiple portfolios owned or managed by private equity and investment firms. We drive programs and policies that resources, health and productivity management and maximize savings, mitigate benefit costs, enforce compliance value enhancement through: and strategize for long-term results; thereby improving • HR policies and practices shareholder value. HRMetrics is uniquely positioned to offer best in class pricing on many of the products and services • Benefits cost and utilization strategies critical to human capital management. • Compensation and performance management Unlike traditional consulting firms, HRMetrics identifies, The HRMetrics team has years of experience working with develops and/or recommends best in class solutions both large and small companies; public and private including and vendors. We utilize an “organizational scorecard” method to measure program success, cost savings, and organizational health and productivity. “Measurements must derive Our team starts by providing organizational assessments and gap analyses to create a strategy that optimizes people, from a company’s strategy process, procurement, and productivity. The combination and provide critical data of these will increase organizational performance. We then implement these strategies with tools and programs that and information about key encompass the following service offerings: processes, outputs, and • rocurement services to manage aggregate purchasing for P results.” benefit offerings and administration, wellness, employee assistance programs, pre-employment screenings, –Baldridge Criteria background checks, online job postings and other HR or for the Malcolm Baldridge benefit related items. Includes negotiations, contracting and management of vendor performance. National Quality Award • ealth management services that measure baseline H health status, assist in behavior change with selected wellness programs and measure outcomes of both individual and organizational health and productivity. • onsulting services to assess organizational needs, create C gap analysis, recommend HR/Benefit strategies and provide metrics and reporting. • echnology and solution services that provide best in class T technology for efficient and cost effective implementation of HR/Benefits best practices. We can assist, augment or replace in house transactional HR services, integrate multiple HR functions, and add value through content creation, consulting, and integrated delivery systems.
  3. 3. HRMETRICS PROVEN MODEL FOR BUILDING HIGH PERFORMANCE ORGANIZATIONS IDENTIFY BUSINESS STRATEGY. An effective business strategy integrates human capital management programs to improve the bottom line. A review by the Department of Labor concluded there is a positive relationship between training, motivating, and empowering employees to gain improvements in employee productivity, their satisfaction and ultimately a company’s financial performance. MEASURE OUTCOMES. ENGAGE AND DEVELOP Our team will identify key metrics PEOPLE. The HRMetrics suite of that monitor the success of your tools and services maximizes your most organization. Key metrics can drive important asset– People. Healthy and the direction of future programs and engaged employees lead to superior initiatives: performing companies as supported • Employment related costs by data published by the Great Place to Work® Institute that highly engaged • Population health status workforces: • Productivity • utpace earnings of competitors O • Business Results by 18% • nnualized stock returns 30% + A higher over 10 years • Have less unanticipated turnover • eport health care costs that R are well below trended averages in companies with a rigorous approach to health management, behavior change and personal responsibility for health.
  4. 4. CONSULTATION SERVICES OUR CONSULTING SERVICES PROVIDE THE EXPERTISE TO MAXIMIZE PRODUCTIVITY, REDUCE EXCESS COST, AND PROVIDE OVERALL VALUE TO THE BOTTOM LINE Our experts provide consultation services to develop and implement the human resource components best suited to your organization. Each consultation engagement begins with an organizational assessment to identify any gaps in delivery of critical human capital management. We then assist to determine priority and implement solutions to maximize and measure the productivity of your workforce and organization. BUSINESS STRATEGY • Organization Culture/ Change Management • Strategic Planning and OD • mployee Engagement Surveys & Action Planning E • Business Intelligence • FP/RFI Development, Management and R • Policy Recommendations Evaluation • HRIS Reviews/Implementations • Value-based Outsourcing BENEFITS • Review of Programs/Plan Designs COMPLIANCE • Contribution Strategies • HR Employment Practices • Education and Communication • Audits and Action Plans • Health and Productivity Needs Assessment • Compliance and HIPAA • Utilization Reviews • Policy Formulation • Data Warehouse/ Data Mining • Policy and Procedure Admin & Training • Health and Productivity Strategy Development • Employee Assistance Programs EMPLOYMENT • Wellness / Lifestyle Management Programs • Human Capital Strategy • Incentive Strategy • Workforce Planning • Organizational Health Scorecards • Recruitment • Vendor Procurement/Mgmt • Employee Relations • RFP’s for Consultant/Vendor Selection • Engagement • Benchmarking • Carrier/Vendor Oversight PERFORMANCE • Vendor Negotiations • Job Profiles • Goals and Objectives LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT • Performance Management • Behavioral Interviewing • Base/Incentive Pay • Employment Law • Development/Promotion • Sexual Harassment • Talent Management & Succession Planning • HIPAA and Compliance • New Staff Orientation HR OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE • Leadership Skills • Organizational “Scorecard” with • Project Management Key Performance Metrics • Wellness Champions • HR Generalist Assistance (onsite or virtual) • Performance Process Management • Legal Counsel Procurement • Valuing Diversity • Leadership Assessments
  5. 5. “EMPOWERING” WELLNESS SERVICES “Empowering”, the HRMetrics wellness solution, offers best-in-class population health management programs with a robust communication strategy. Each of the Empowering program offerings can be combined and customized in a variety of ways allowing you to choose the approach that best fits your company’s needs. The “Empowering” program offerings include: INCENTIVE RECOMMENDATION ORGANIZATIONAL ASSESSMENT Review organizational structure, industry and Design of a HIPAA compliant incentive strategy for demographics to design the appropriate program to your organization to provide increased engagement fit your group. and drive results. HEALTH ASSESSMENT ENGAGEMENT PROGRAM Biometric Screening - Biometric screening programs A communication continuum for your members to that utilize onsite testing, at home testing kits, and encourage active engagement in their health care service center options to increase participation choices and increased participation in wellness and provide maximum flexibility. Our screening initiatives that promote healthy lifestyles. packages include Blood Glucose, Lipid Panel, Blood ONSITE CHALLENGES Pressure, Body Mass Index and a wide range of These program activities provide you the tools other screening tests. for team challenges that offer participants the Health Assessment – An online or paper survey opportunity to practice healthy behaviors through to identify the health status, lifestyle risks and competitions that maximize engagement with readiness to change for each individual and your specific, measurable goals. group as a whole. METRICS ONLINE PORTAL Monitored through a number of measures including Easily accessible resource of information and program participation and satisfaction, completion structured behavioral modification programs and rates, change in behavior and risk levels which incentives for fitness, nutrition, tobacco cessation, ultimately impacts healthcare utilization. and other health enhancements. Access to results Program Level Reporting- Personalized, confidential reporting with program outcomes and effectiveness individual reports are provided to program measures. participants. COACHING Organizational Scorecard- A framework of key Comprehensive personal health coaching support actionable performance indicators for measuring, for individuals who need to make lifestyle changes. benchmarking, validating, and identifying Telephonic, online and text health coaching for the opportunities to improve organizational health and entire population or high-risk participants to provide productivity, while reducing/mitigating costs. support for change management and achievement of goals.
  6. 6. TECHNOLOGY AND SOLUTION SERVICES ACCESS TO TECHNOLOGY AND OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS Utilize technology and outsourcing solutions to increase employee engagement and productivity. Following a comprehensive assessment, we can link you to delivery systems that minimize your need for costly internal resources. Pricing of these systems is negotiated using group purchasing principals thus maximizing cost savings while allowing you to deliver highly effective programs across the spectrum of human resources. • Health/Wellness Program Offerings • Pre-employment • Recruitment Processing • Incentive Tracking • HR Information Systems • Leave Administration • Employee/Manager Self-Service • Real-time HR Information/Updates • Benefits Enrollment • Engagement Surveys • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) • HR Portal - rganizational Scorecard with Key Performance O • Cobra Processing Metrics • Training/e-Learning - Templates and Forms - Newsletters and Other Communication Materials • Performance Management Systems
  7. 7. PROCUREMENT SERVICES VOLUME BASED PRICING ADVANTAGES HRMetrics represents large volumes of employees through our engagement with multiple companies. Through these relationships we can offer volume pricing to our clients. These are primarily services related to human resource management, but may extend to a variety of other products and services used within most organizations. Volume Based Pricing: • Healthcare/Welfare Benefits • Drug Testing • Wellness Programs • Background Checks • Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) • Online Job Posting • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) • COBRA/FSA/HSA Administration • Biometric Screening • Training and E-Learning HR Metrics offers consultation services including: contracting and negotiations, vendor management, performance guarantee management, metrics, ROI calculations and program administration for these procured programs and services.
  8. 8. 2918 SW 39th Street | Cape Coral, FL 33914-4894 702.445.1048 tel | |