Week 5 Darden Multimedia Presentation


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Week 5 Darden Multimedia Presentation

  1. 1. CYPRESSFAIRBANKS ISD Adaptation of image from NYC Bar Program Careers in Technology 21st Century Learning Enhanced by Technology
  2. 2. District Facts Cypress Fairbanks  Cypress Fairbanks is one ofLocated Northwest of Houston, Texas the largest school districts in Texas  Includes 11 high, 16 middle and 52 elementary schools, as well as 4 special program facilities (Cy-Fair ISD, March 01, 2011)  Named “Best Large School District in Texas” by the H-E-B Excellence in Education Awards (Pape, 2012) in May 2012Adaptation of image from www.houstonareaschooldistricts.com
  3. 3. District FactsCFISD currently has: 83 campuses 106,114 students 45% of student population Economically Disadvantaged 100% of campuses have internet connectivity 3:1 ratio of students to computers 1:1 ratio of teacher to computers Budget of $516.40 in tech expenditures per pupil (Cy-Fair ISD, March 01, 2011) CFISD introduced computing technology into its schools before 1994. To date CFISD has seen “a rapid infusion of services and capabilities” (Cy Fair ISD, 2011) throughout the district.
  4. 4. District’s Vision CFISD seeks to provide its teachers and students with necessary tools that enhance instruction and learning in the digital age.“The Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District willbe an exemplary educational community, dedicated to thehighest standards of quality at all levels and in all areas ofendeavor. All students, parents, community members,and district employees, respecting and valuing eachother, will be committed to providing all students with aneducation which enables them to live successfully in anever-changing society” (CFISD Student Handbook, n.d., p. HB-2).
  5. 5. Current Use of Technology Curriculum-based software for students PK-12 Integrated textbook software District-wide professional development in technology On-line library services (at school and from home) High speed Internet access Network storage for collaboration and sharing of best practices Computer access and printers for teachers Electronic grades (including parent access) and e-mail Wireless laptops for students, including a 1:1 program in 11th grade United States History Distance learning technology and web conferencing technology (Cy-Fair, March 01, 2011, p. 4)
  6. 6. Current Use of Technology24/7 anytime access for http://projectsharetexas.org/students, teachers and, insome instances, parentsconnection to Cloud http://educatorcommunity.scholastic.com/resources like,Project Share, http://www.brainpop.com/Read 180 CommunityBlogs, and Brain Pop.
  7. 7. Current Use of Technology CFISD Provides an Innovative District WebsiteCy-Fair TV PDF Info Docs Cy-Fair Podcasts
  8. 8. Proposed Technology Expansions1. Increase frequency and level of tech utilization in teaching & learning2. Maintain and increase the level of and access to educator professional development3. Continue investments in leadership and supports as well as in upgrades and new technology4. Provide infrastructure that allows all users 24/7 access to achieve Advance or Target Tech levels consistent with Texas STaR “In developing this plan, CFISD has used STaR, LRPT, the TEKS as well as 21st Century Learning Skills and the International Society for Technology in Education Standards as the principal determinants of need” (Cypress-Fairbanks, 2011, p. 4).
  9. 9. Anticipated Outcomes Seamless integration of technology into a student centered learning environment Increased variety and frequency of tech tools used within the learning design Increase use of tools that demonstrate Advanced Tech collaboration and tech application 100% staff participation in at least 20 hours of technology professional development Improved district level innovation that improves student achievement and operational effectiveness
  10. 10. Recommendations1. Expand the stakeholders included in district planning and projection to not only “district stakeholders”. Include collaboration with schools, institutions of higher learning, businesses, and people beyond district geography to promote an equity of access effort that allows anytime, anywhere access for all.
  11. 11. Recommendations2. Create a plan and policy that allows students to Bring Your Own Tech (BYOT) across the district. This would comply with the National Education Technology Plan 2010 recommendation that “Internet access devices [are available] for every student and teacher” (Nagel, p. 2) and increase schools’ ability to connect every child to a computer or internet device for instruction.
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