Client Presentation for International Use


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Welcome to ABD World Groups International Client Presentation. A little bit about us, our services and products and how the process generally works.

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Client Presentation for International Use

  1. 1. Financial Planning & Solutions “Your future starts today”
  2. 2. Index Change your dreams into realityŸ Who is ABD World Group?Ÿ What are our services? a) Financial Planning b) Wealth Management & Key Man Protection c) Tax Planning, Private Banking, InsuranceŸ What are our products? a) Monthly Savings Plans b) Single Deposit Plans (under $250,000USD) c) Single Deposit Plans (over $250,000USD)Ÿ Who do we have strategic alliances with?Ÿ What do you win?Ÿ What paperwork do you need to get started? a) Individual Application b) Joint Application c) Business & Corporate Applications
  3. 3. ABD World Group? Change your dreams into realityŸ ABD World Group is one of the best Independent Financial Wealth Management Groups with offices and affiliates located in 150 cities around the world.Ÿ ABD World Group has over 1 billion USD dollars in assets under administartion.Ÿ Founded in 2000, has grown to be one of the most recognised for service, product knowledge and gains.Ÿ ABD World Group will have over 250 advisors and over 100 affiliates working around the world by 2012.Ÿ With over 40,000 clients worldwide makes us one of the largest in the world. ABD is world recognizedŸ With clients in Fortune 500 Companies, Governments & Ÿ Online business Ÿ Largest Product Range Individuals. Ÿ Top World Alliances Ÿ Wealth CreationŸ We donate 10% of our commissions & earnings to non-profit Ÿ Top Service organizations around the world. Ÿ Compliance & Regulation
  4. 4. What are our services Change your dreams into reality Financial Planning Wealth Management Protection InsuranceŸ Getting to know You Ÿ Having found the unique Ÿ Key Man Or Woman Ÿ Starting To Save Money isŸ Understanding Your strategy for you Protection Great, But You Need To Unique Financial Situation Ÿ 1 to 1 Personalized Ÿ Individual Wealth Know It Will Be Insured ForŸ A Complete Income to Debt Reviews every 6 months or Protection Death Ratio & Analysis as needed Ÿ Corporate Protection Ÿ Beneficiary InsurnaceŸ Risk Analysis Ÿ Monthly Statements Ÿ 101% InvestmentŸ Plan Design To Your Needs Ÿ Looking ahead to gain the Ÿ Being a Key Man or Woman Ÿ Key Man & WomanŸ Present Findings & best products available for means you are the most Insurance for Death Solutions in a “Strategy the best market returns important figure to the Ÿ Accident leaving you un- Session” Ÿ Making sure the products Company able to work are only the best in the Ÿ You need coverage from market Disability To DeathŸ Presentation Of Ÿ A Wealth Management Ÿ As an Individual you need Ÿ Ransom Insurance Recommendations Department dedicated to to know your current & Ÿ War InsuranceŸ Help with all Institutional support your Advisor & Future money is protected Ÿ Kidnapping Insurance Paperwork & Full Process you Ÿ As a Corporation it is Ÿ Life AssuranceŸ Ensure Client Satisfaction Ÿ Specialized in market imperitive to have Ÿ Life Insurance returns with protection corporate protection Ÿ Health & Travel Insurance
  5. 5. How do we work? Change your dreams into reality
  6. 6. Our Services Change your dreams into reality I investment services banking services Professional Portfolio Management Private Banking Monthly Savings Plans Offshore Banking Asset Allocation & Debt Analysis Corporate & Individual Loans Mortgage Loans for Expats Short to Long-term Investments Combined Investment & Insurance you Investments Credit Cards Corporate Registration insurance & trusts wealth planning Trust & Fiduciary Services Financial Planning Tax Specialists Retirement Planning Life Insurance Analysis Educational Fee Planning Life Assurance House & Wedding Planning Key Man & Woman Issues Investment Planning Kidnappinfg & Ransom Trusts War & Terror expat services expat life coverage expat travel & health coverage expat investments expat banking QROPS
  7. 7. How do our plans work? Change your dreams into reality Savings Plan Institutions International Local 150 Funds X Multi-Hard Currency X Your Fund Value 100% Protection X Death & Accident Coverage X X Tax Benefits X X MXN Pesos X Units Purchased and Available When Needed Advantages Ÿ Tax, Trust Benefits Ÿ Death & Accident Benefit Ÿ Payments: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Anual, Yearly Invested Units Ÿ Payment Type: Credit Card, Debit Card, Transfers Ÿ Lump Sums5 to 24 months Flexibility After Initial Period 3 to 45 years Ÿ Available Funds Very Flexible Ÿ Change of Premium Ÿ Stop & Start Payments Ÿ Much More
  8. 8. Why invest monthly? Change your dreams into reality How to make Gains from a Falling Market When people talk about investing and making money usually they say it´s only when the value is consistantly rising - is this really the only way? See for yourself.... The graph shows the number of units purchased by a yearly contribution of GBP 10,000 in two example funds - Fund A where the price continously rises and Fund B where the price falls and then recovers to its original level. 2.00 5,556 1.80 Fund A 5,814 6,098 1.60 Fund B 6,410 6,757 7,143 1.40 7,576 8,065Unit Prices 1.20 8,621 9,259 1.00 10,000 0.80 12,658 15,385 14,085 19,231 0.60 21,277 19,608 Gains are made from the falling market because your 23,810 21,739 0.40 24,390 contributions buy a larger number of units as the prices of these units have dropped. What this means is a larger 0.20 number of units are added to your fund each year. 0.00 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Time (years)
  9. 9. Why invest monthly? Change your dreams into reality 180000 160000 140000 120000 Total Units 100000 80000 60000 40000 20000 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Years Fund A 10000 19259 27880 35945 43521 50664 57421 63831 69929 75743 81299 Fund B 10000 22658 38043 57274 78551 102361 126751 148490 168098 182183 192183These accumulated units, then will benefit from the potential market upturn which usually follows, this then giving you a greater investment value overall: Fund Total No. of Units Initial Unit Price Final Unit Price Total Investment Value A 81,299 1.000 1.800 GBP 146,338 B 192,183 1.000 1.000 GBP 192,183
  10. 10. A moment´s delay cost Change your dreams into reality - A lifetime of missed opportunity As many of us do, we always think next week, next month or next year is when I will start. Will life always give us the opportunities we want or hoped for. Have you really considered the cost of delaying your future financial health? It really can be the difference between coasting into retirement or an uphill battle, 12,000 Ÿ Let´s say you begin setting money aside in a Focus plan 30 Monthly Contribution GBP years before you intend to retire. 10,000 You could achieve a target illustrative retirement fund of GBP 750,000 by saving GBP 832 per month. 8,000 Ÿ But, what happens if you delay your decision to save by 15 years? 6,000 The same benefits would cost you GBP 2,841 per month on the same comparable basis. 4,000 Ÿ And if you delay by a further 10 years An Illustrative retirement fund benefit of GBP 750,000 2,000 could cost you GBP 11,801 per month on the same comparable basis - that´s 14 times the amount you 1,000 would have had to put aside had you started saving with 30 years to retirement. 030 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Years to Retirement Have You Considered The Cost of Delay?
  11. 11. What do you win? Change your dreams into realityŸ World class Financial PlanningŸ Top Financial AdviceŸ Access to the Worlds BEST InstitutionsŸ SecurityŸ ConfidentialityŸ Tax planning & returnsŸ amazing returnsŸ Personal AdvisorŸ Monthly reports emailedŸ Monthly plans starting from 3yrs & up to 45yrsŸ Qualified & Professional Advice & PlanningŸ Certified Internationally & LocallyŸ Offices & representation in 150 cities around the worldŸ Online access 24/7Ÿ Online Forex Trading, Tax planning, Trusts, Corporation Registration Offshore, Expat Solutions
  12. 12. Financial quick test Change your dreams into reality1. What would be the impact on my family or business if I died? 6. Have I had a real Financial Planning consultation?a) not covered b) have coverage c) perfect coverage a) no b) yes c) have one regularly2. How much money will I need to save for retirement? 7. Risk Analysis: Let´s say you had an opportunity to buy an exclusive condo on the beachfront and there were onlya) $500,000.00 b) $1,000,000.00 c) I am covered two units left. One is on the top floor where you have this inspiring panoramic view, and the other one is on the bottom floor where you can get out quickly in case of a fire.3. When would I need access to my money? Which one do you think you´d buy ?a) in 5 years b) in 15 years c) in 25 years a) the ocean view b) the bottom floor4. In how many years will you be retiring? 8. How much of your income could you save now?a) in 5 years b) in 10 to 15 years c) in 20 to 25 years a) nothing b) 10% to 15% c) 20% to 30%5. In how many years will you be retiring?a) in 5 years b) in 10 to 15 years c) in 20 to 25 years For your quick test results go to:
  13. 13. Strategic Alliances Change your dreams into realityListed below are only some of the International & Local Alliances
  14. 14. Steps to success Change your dreams into reality ABD World Group: advisory steps 1. Needs Analysis 2. Financial Concept Your needs and Using the results of objectives come under your needs analysis, the spotlight in a we draw up a profesional 1 personalized financial investment Needs concept together with & planning Analysis you consultation 5 2 Financial 3. Investor Profile 5. Implementation Getting ABD World Group provides professional support in implementing your Started you Concepts We then discern your personal risk profile in order to make the right investment decisions personalized strategy and managing your assets 4 3 Investment Investor Strategy Profile 4. Investment Strategy Based on your investor profile, your relationship advisor will develop the appropiate investment strategy
  15. 15. Documents needed Change your dreams into reality International MexicoŸ Proof of Identification (Passport Ÿ 2 Copias de INDENTIFICACION or Drivers License) OFICIAL - IFEŸ Proof of Address (i.e- Bank Ÿ 2 Copias de COMPROBANTE Statement, Phone bill) not mobile de DOMICILIOŸ Signed Application of Institution Ÿ 1 Copia de ComprobanteŸ Signed ABD World Group Bancaro (por deposito en cuenta document checklist de Institucion) Ÿ Contrato de Institucion (con originales firmados
  16. 16. Contact Us Change your dreams into reality International Canada Europe United States Russia China Mexico Africa South East Asia Latin America Australia South