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Memory locker


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Kraków Ice Jam Memory Locker Project

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Memory locker

  1. 1. Memorylocker is a service that allows users to organize their private, intimate memories,store them, get back to them and make them into something new.The founding idea is that people need new ways to store and manage their past, theoverwhelming ammount of information they gather makes it harder to remember thethings that really matter.Memorylocker will act as a personal file locker that allows adding tags and metadata toevery file uploaded. Every user will decide what value does a file and the memories relatedto it hold and add some distinctive information about it. A photo might have been takenwhile a favourite song was playing, a diary entry written accompanied by the smell ofstrawberries. “Take a picture of the sound” will no longer be a joke, it will become a way tobuild vivid and real memories.The tags and metadata will allow building maps and graphs of memories. Typing in“grandma’s lakehouse” will bring back every piece of information a user uploaded over theyears - childhood photos, apple pie recipies and a video of that one time that the kids fellout of the treehouse. The users will be able to get unique and unexpected information.While searching for their wedding song they might learn that it also accompanied themwhen they got into college and got that promotion. A hell of a way to start believing infate, huh?But managing tags and facilitating access isn’t all that MemoryLocker is about. Specialmoments require special treatment, you might want to get a keepsake. MemoryLockerwill make that happen through The Box. Every user will be able to choose a unique,customized item reminding them of a part of their life. Let’s say a user really wants toremember the summer of 2011. He might have had the best holiday of his life, learned toknit and met a bunch of great people. Memory Locker will point him to an artist or adesigner that will be able to mix his memories into one single item. Knit a scene form animportant video? Make a designer cookbook with all the meals enjoyed together? It’s up tothe user and the artist to decide about the outcome. A handy tool will allow users toreview various creators, upload themes for artists to pick if they get a brilliant idea andcreate portfolios to facilitate the choice.MemoryLocker will be all about privacy and intimacy. Users will not have to worry aboutgiving their personal information to third parties - their virtual drives will be encrypted so
  2. 2. that they will be the only ones able to see their content - the service administrator will beprovided only with tags and metadata for processing purposes. The user will also be ableto pick the option to store all the files on their own hard drive if they want to keep it reallysafe. The designers and artists will only gain access to the user’s content after hisapproval.MemoryLocker will incorporate design features and functionality of file locker services,social media and e-commerce services to focus on one single idea - people want to keeptheir best memories. Users can use it the same way they use any other file locker or onlinestorage service - along with dedicated tools for every type of content. MemoryLockerstakes a step ahead by allowing them to add extra info about it - even the phone bill mightcome with some extra memories - perhaps it was opened while the user’s child took it’sfirst step? Tagging allows the user to change bureaucracy into a heartwarming event. Aneveryday service turned into more than just a diary that doesn’t need much extra effortfrom the user.It also differs from social media - although it acts as a way to create your own timeline it’spurpose isn’t sharing every moment of your life. It’s keeping it for yourself that matters.Although there are many services allowing people to sell and buy craft items most of themare about design and lifestyle. MemoryLocker will be different - it will be all about theuser. Not only as a PR slogan. It will REALLY be about the person, his or hers memories anda personal relation with a designer or an artist.created by:Agata CikowskaAsia GaczołMałgorzata NowakKuba DaneckiKonrad MadejThis document is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial (CCBY-NC 3.0) licence.