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Notes for producer summit presentation


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Notes for producer summit presentation

  1. 1. Notes for Producer Summit PresentationBig promotions for our March to a MillionEditorial promotions -- varied, and more oftenPaid media promotions – Facebook adsMarch to a Million – thanks to those of you who linked to our page.Things we learned:Sponsored stories FB ads – we LOVE them. Please look into them.Now: a plug for you to be thinking about how you can promote your show and yourstation’s content.Examples:Four posts on the PBS Facebook page before NPR’s Web site had anything about BinLaden.Local events – geo-targeted posts. Especially good for events. Example IndependentLens screenings and Ken Burns events. Our Facebook page serves both local andnational audiences.In the news – have an angle? Send a deep link – archival content can be reallyhelpful.What you should be doing:Yes, send links to your current content that you want promoted – but be rememberto opportunistic. If something in the news comes up that you have content that cananchor to that news item -- PLEASE send it to me – and quickly.How to get content to meFastest and best – email –
  2. 2. If you have something that’s breaking – please text my Google Voice number703.436.2607. (24/7)OngoingWe’re learning more about social media optimization – and the all importantEdgeRank –Visit to Facebook – learning about what Facebook is working on, and things to do tomake your post more relevant.And we’re putting what we’re learning up in a private Facebook group –