Period 1 abby bullying slide show


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Period 1 abby bullying slide show

  1. 1. BULLYING By Abbigale Franklin
  2. 2. WHAT IS BULLYING Bullying is one-sided, intentional, and repeated. Bullying is when someone purposely hurts, frightens, or threatenssomeone else. Bullying is when someone purposely leaves out, ridicules, spreadsrumors, or makes offensive comments to someone else.
  4. 4. BULLY FREE SCHOOLS A lot of schools have anti-bullying campaigns. The studentssay that having a box to put theircomplaints in is a good thing for them . They don’t have to feel embarrassed going up to ateacher . They don’t feel like they are tattling.
  6. 6. CYBER BULLYING Cyber bullying can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and reach akid even when he or she is alone. It can happen any time of the day ornight. Cyber bullying messages and images can be posted anonymously anddistributed quickly to a very wide audience. It can be difficult andsometimes impossible to trace the source. Deleting inappropriate or harassing messages, texts, and pictures isextremely difficult after they have been posted or sent.
  7. 7. AMANDA TODD  Amanda Todd was a beautiful girl. She was bullied not only in school, but online as well. She committed suicide on October 10, 2012 by hanging herself. It finally opened peoples eyes to what bullying is really about.
  8. 8. MY STORY When I was in 7th grade I was picked on all the time. I was thetypical nerd, I had glasses, braces, the works. Also, I was heavier thenmost of the girls so they would pick on me to no end. The bullyingmostly happened when I was in P.E. and when the teachers back wasturned. I would get hit with rocks, balls, just anything they could find.I was the one who sat in the “F corner” in math class. I hardly hadany friends.
  9. 9. MY STORYOne day I just finally had enough of everybody Bullying me. So Ithreatened to bring a gun to school. When I talked to someone they toldme I was a victim turned bully. I got kicked out of middle school andwent to a school for troubled kids half way through 8th grade. My motherremoved me from that school and I was put on home schooling. I wentdown into a deep dark depression and stared cutting. First it started withmy knuckles then my legs. I stopped in the middle of freshman year. Myfriend, Luckie took it away from me and said “no more”.
  10. 10. MY STORYI know first hand how a bully canaffect a victim. In middle school iswhere it started for me.
  11. 11. HELP There are many ways to get help with bullies. Here at OHS we have mailboxes that you can put your complaintsinto and don’t feel embarrassed about talking to a teacher. You can always go to a friend or family member.
  12. 12. BULLY BLOCKER PLEDGEI agree to not BULLY other students.I will help students who are BULLIED by speaking out and gettingadult help.I will include students who are left out.