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Erwc period 1 verbal bullying


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  • Bullying is a huge problem worldwide and one of the most serious issues facing educational institutions today because it can lead to violence.By implementing a bullying prevention, parents should encourage their children to talk to and seek guidance from trusted adults. Let them know that this especially important if they feel uncomfortable, threatened, or harmed in any way.As a way of helping everyone especially the parents, who find it quite hard to manage time, I found this great Safety Service which featured a safety app which gets me connected to a Safety Network or escalate my call to the nearest 911 when needed, it has other cool features that are helpful for your kids with just a press of a Panic Button. #SafekidZone, Check it here:
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Erwc period 1 verbal bullying

  1. 1. VERBAL BULLYING By: Alfonso Saldivar Nancy Maldonado Baltazar Lopez Rebecca Nava Austin HewittMrs. Curran Period 1
  2. 2. DIFFERENT TYPES OF VERBAL BULLYING• Name calling• Racial slurs• Sexual harassment• Judging and criticizing• Threatening• Spreading rumors• Teasing• Blaming
  3. 3. EFFECTS OF VERBAL BULLYINGBehavioral effects of verbal abuse include:•
  4. 4. •Bed-wetting
  5. 5. • Exaggerated immature behavior
  6. 6. •Low self-esteem
  7. 7. •Excessive moodiness
  8. 8. •Aggressiveness
  9. 9. •Sadness and depression
  10. 10. • Lying• Stealing
  11. 11. •Suicide
  12. 12. WHAT IT LEADS TO
  13. 13. STATISTICS OF VERBAL BULLYING• 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students.• 87% of students said shootings are motivated by a desire to “get back at those who have hurt them.”• 61% of students said students shoot others because they have been victims of physical abuse at home.• Harassment and bullying have been linked to 75% of school-shooting incidents.
  14. 14. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING• Please make an effort to stop bullying.