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StandPoint Brand and Product Development


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StandPoint Brand and Product Development

  2. 2. 2ABOUT STANDPOINTStandPoint supports companies in their brand and product development initiatives. We excel atcreating novel research approaches that inspire creativity, improve confidence in decision making,and ensure you are meeting customer needs.Our Value Proposition is “More than Research”• Staffed with business people who have real work experience in launching products and starting businesses, and have leaned to successfully apply market research.• Staff and consultants have diverse backgrounds in marketing, management consulting, education, and art and humanities. This brings fresh thinking and creative ideas.• We frequently coach our clients on activating research by facilitating strategic and tactical planning workshops.• Our reports are written for managers and decision makers - clearly and concisely.• You will always get our opinion, and we are comfortable debating the issues. Thats the genesis of our brand.• International capabilities: western Europe, Brazil, Russia, China, India, and Australiainformed decisions, proven results.
  3. 3. 3GUIDING PRINCIPLES Insights & Clarity Superlative writing and communication skills Business smarts Declarative and impactful reporting Immersion / Involvement Industry experience and connections Focus on a singular product or brand in the go-to-market process Alignment to your product development process Implementation Strategic planning facilitation Brand team alignment Your customer’s voice at time of decision making Appraise Brand health / Brand equity Reputation Management Communication Effectivenessinformed decisions, proven results.
  4. 4. 4SUPPORT SERVICESPIPELINE PRIORITIZATION Unique qualitative research technique that brings a voice of the consumer to your marketing and R&DIDENTIFYING CUSTOMER activities. Generates a comprehensive set of raw customer needs from which you can prioritizeNEEDS commercialization opportunities. Tools to generate unique product ideas. The techniques rely on enhanced screening of researchPRODUCT CONCEPT participants who are well suited for ideation, are articulate, and are fully engaged in your objectives. We alsoIDEATION employ non-traditional research formats that maximize the quality and quantity of consumer feedback.PRODUCT CONCEPT If you have numerous product ideas in your development pipeline, we have tools to prioritize the launchPRIORITIZATION /OPTIMIZATION sequence on criteria such as market potential or uniqueness of the value proposition.LAUNCH ACTIVITIESNAMING AND POSITIONING, These launch activities need creative ideas. We have developed panels of consumers who have beenCOMMUNICATIONS TESTING tested for their abilities to generate creative ideas or critically analyze your assumptions.PACKAGING RESEARCH Increasingly, retail line reviews are evidence-based. Can you empirically demonstrate that your product willLINE REVIEW generate incremental revenue for the retailer, satisfy an unmet need, or appeal to an underserved consumerSUPPORT segment? Over the years, we have supported numerous manufacturers with test markets for new products. Our services include analysis of POS information and customer intercepts.TEST MARKETS We have several tools at our disposal to determine an acceptable price range for your product or service,PRICING how pricing might be impacted with the inclusion or exclusion of specific features, and the relationship between price and demand.POST LAUNCHBRAND PERFORMANCE Research techniques that measure “mind share”, brand equity, and brand loyalty.RE-POSITIONING / RE- All products have lifecycles, and incorporating regular customer input can inspire new ideas on how to re-STAGING / BRANDEXTENSIONS position or re-stage a mature brand, or how a brand might be extended into adjacent categories.informed decisions, proven results.
  5. 5. 5HOW DO WE COLLECT INFORMATION?StandPoint works in both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer market segments, usinga variety of data collection tools to gather information from respondents. Quantitative Methods (phone, email, online, Secondary fax and mail) Internet and library literature searches Commercial databases One-on-one, in-depth interviews Social media Focus groups and advisory panels Teleconference focus groups Qualitative In-person interviewing Live, Internet-based discussions Teleconference Live, Internet-based discussions Bulletin board discussions and blogs Bulletin boards and blogs Quantitative Secondary research via Internet, databases, Internet conferences Phone Thought leader identification Mail In-personinformed decisions, proven results.
  6. 6. 6BRAND AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE Outdoor power equipment Baby Products Hand tools Surgical Products Footwear / apparel Educational Pharmaceuticals financing Product Experience Casual dining Hunting & fishing restaurants products Potting and Lawn mowers garden soils Safety glasses & Soft drinks apparel Hand sanitizersinformed decisions, proven results.
  7. 7. 7BRANDS WE’VE SUPPORTEDinformed decisions, proven results.
  8. 8. 8CLIENT TESTIMONIALSFACT-BASED POINT-OF-VIEW“As a pharmaceutical marketing director, I need reliable information upon which to base my decisions. Having a third party likeStandPoint present the facts to me really helps shape my decision making. The team is not afraid to give their perspective and Ireally value their opinion. We made strategic decisions about the brand based on their findings and it had an impact on the success ofour product. Another thing that I find helpful is the clear and effective way StandPoint writes their reports and presentations.“Brenda VarneyAssociate Director, Marketing | UCB Inc.BRAND IMMERSION"My favorite part about working with StandPoint is the full involvement in the study and its outcome. I always feel like StandPoint is anextension of our own internal market research team who shares the same goals and objectives. At the same time, StandPoint acts asan unbiased partner who isn’t afraid of telling you what the customer is really saying – not just what we want to hear."Melissa GaynorResearch Scientist | Fortune 500 Health Care CompanyEFFECTIVE REPORTING"StandPoint conducted a brand perception study in a complex, global environment that delivered actionable data that allows us tomeasure change in perception and calibrate our roadmap for the future. They brought data to life through visuals and strategicanalytics. They showed extreme dedication to understanding our business nuances. They were very professional, responsive andeasy to work with throughout the process. Lastly, they tied the data together in a presentation that offered brand insights (bothfunctional and emotional) and recommendations for change and focus."Pam StricklandGlobal Branding and Communications | Kimberly-Clark Healthcareinformed decisions, proven results.
  9. 9. 9CONTACT STANDPOINT Kip Creel, President 1722 Montreal Circle, Suite A Tucker GA 30084 770.270.4800 Phone www.standpointgroup.cominformed decisions, proven results.