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Freeing scientific data using CC0


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A Ignite talk given at the Triangle Creative Commons 10-year celebration

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    Hrynaszkiewicz, I. and Cockerill, M. 2012. Open by default: a proposed copyright license and waiver agreement for open access research and data in peer-reviewed journals. BMC Research Notes 5:494+.
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Freeing scientific data using CC0

  1. 1. Freeing scientific data with CC0 Karen CranstonNational Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) @kcranstn
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  3. 3. fieldwork labworknew methods meta-analysis data synthesis
  4. 4. CC-BY-SA:
  5. 5. Long tail of scientific data GenBank (sequences)Data volume PDB (protein sequences) How Long tail of scientific data Science projects and initiatives
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Why CC0? Easy to share Easy to re-use Easy to remix● Attribution = cultural norm● Data copyrightable?● Warm fuzzy open science feelings
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