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Successful School/Public Library Collaboration


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Presented by Jessica Lee and Jack Baur at the 2010 CLA/CSLA Joint Conference

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Successful School/Public Library Collaboration

  1. 1.   Jack Baur: Jessica Lee: Successful School/Public Library Collaboration (How to Make Friends and Take Advantage of People)
  2. 2. Who are we? Willard Middle School
  3. 3. Definition of Collaboration +
  4. 4. Who is here? School Public Library Experience d Novice
  5. 5. Is it important?
  6. 6. •Promoting Information Literacy •Lifelong Learning •A Love of Reading •Programs (FUN!) •Entertainment •Public Reference Desk •Curriculum •Teaching •Supervision
  7. 7. •Visiting is optional •Requires parent’s permission •More resources •Inconvenient location •Unfamiliar environment •Visiting is required •Collection is “age appropriate” •Resources connected to curriculum •Convenient location •Familiar staff and environment •Books •Computers •Shushing people
  8. 8. Patrons •Students •Staff •Parents
  9. 9. Benefits for Users (Patrons, Students)  More diverse library services in the places they are  Additional resources for their education and entertainment  A break in their everyday – makes life exciting!  A personal invitation to (and a friendly face in) an occasionally intimidating place Regular outreach creates a bridge between the two organizations, offering the user a seamless transition between their experiences in each environment.
  10. 10. Benefits to Librarians
  11. 11. School Library Standards 1st grade: Identify the services and resources of the public library (1.3e)  2nd grade: Identify trusted places in the community where students can seek information (e.g., home, school, museums, governmental agencies, public libraries) (1.4a) 6th grade: Use the automated library catalog to locate resources in other libraries and use interlibrary loan, if available (1.3c) Demonstrate use of outside sources for information gathering (e.g., Web sites of public libraries and colleges, online databases) (1.3f)
  12. 12. Frequency of Collaboration
  13. 13. Back-to-School Night Public Librarian + Flyers + Banner = Easy Community Outreach!
  14. 14. Berkeley Public had a 300% increase in participation for its 2010 Teen Summer Reading Program after a year of regular visits to area middle schools! Booktalks and Reading Promotion
  15. 15. Craft Projects
  16. 16. Button Making!
  17. 17. Shared Resources
  18. 18. Bring Students to the Public Library CLASS VISITS: By appointment only. Please call Lisa Maddalena at 648-5760. All ages are welcome!
  19. 19. Author Visits Sharon Draper RebeccaStead
  20. 20. Book Clubs
  21. 21. Earphone English State grant pays for materials and hours for a librarian  
  22. 22. Pitfalls and Problems  
  23. 23. Helpful Tips  (Refer to Handout)   Jack Baur: Jessica Lee: Hosted by BAYA: Bay Area Young Adult Librarians