Comparing email marketing software


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A look at six different email marketing / newsletter software products including and what each is best for. A summary is given at the end of each product.

Research was completed during August 2009 using information from each product website.

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Comparing email marketing software

  1. 1. Email marketing software: Comparison benchmarking Kathryn Corrick: 18th August 2009 e r s it o on on e sp M p R n s hi m st al ig te Li ic pa ra Si a ilC P rt am e liv ru M PH Ve C D Th URL Pricing Free - $240 a month Free Free to qualifying non-profits $5 per campaign, 1cent per From $60 a month. Further pricing only. Prices start from Pay-as- recipient. Senders of 50,000+ on request You-Go ($1.50 for 100 emails can purchase via subscribers). Monthly $10 - credits/discount scheme if buying $240 in bulk. Free offering 0-100 subscribers, 6 times Unlimited 10,000 emails free - only None. Free developer account per month available to qualifying non- profits Free trial? Y n/a Y Y Demo available on request Y Max no. of subscribers 50,000 ($240) 100,000 + 40,000 (for over this number 500,000 + Not mentioned, but suspect customisation and separate 500,000 + pricing applies) Sending limit Unlimited (other than free Unlimited Unclear 500,000 + Not mentioned, but suspect option) 500,000 + SAAS or download? SAAS Download SAAS SAAS SAAS Open source? ? Y ? ? Not mentioned API? Y n/a ? Y Y Plug-ins and widgets Lots - WordPress, Drupal, Modules for Drupal, PHPBB, TypePad ? ExpressionEngine, Ning, Wordpress, Joomla, Zen Cart, TypePad, Joomla + more Impress CMS and more HTML + text? Both Both Both Both Both HTML editor + features Y - + import your own Y Y - + import your own designs Y + import your own HTML or CSS Y designs designs Customisable templates? Y Y Y Y Y How to import data and Saleforce, Excel, Highrise + CSV tab delimited ? Any format CSV, or via FTP / API lists? others Sign up form to add to Y ? Y Y ? site Insert dynamic content? Y Y ? Y Y Double opt-in? ? Y Y Y - they describe it as confirmed ? opt-in Spam checker? Y ? Y Y Y (via list management) Design checker? ? N ? Y Y De-duping? Y Y Y No mention made Y Scheduling ? Y ? Y Y List segmentation? Y Y Y Y Y (uses Lyris for list management) Tracking Click, open/viewed, Click, open/viewed, Campaign dashboard - top Click, opens, forwards, Clicks, opens,bounces, page bounced, unopened, click performing: lists, links, trends unsubscribes, bounces + views, conversion, engagement rate. ROI. and email comparison. ROI. comparisons, email client data… indicators, real time tracking + Google gadget available. Client report access. more Google Analytics Y N Y Y Y (as well as integration with Lyris, integration? and 5Buckets)
  2. 2. Send to a friend Y N Y Y Y Auto creation of follow- ? ? Y Auto trigger functionality by up lists by response response Allows attachments ? Y ? ? Y (via links) Bounce management Y Y Y Y Y Unsubscribe Y Y Y Y Y management RSS Y Y ? Y ? How supported? Live support, webinars, FAQs, community/user forums, FAQs, video demos, blog, Help system, customer forums, API Knowledge base, updates, demo videos, knowledge full documentation. Paid email/phone support, support, support team across time tutorials, US business hours email base, API support support available via TinCan. zones, email design advice support. Creative services support available for design queries. Send encrypted ? Promising this soon ? ? ? messsages? Data protection Secure server, data your Your responsibility Secure server Fully redundant data centre, email Using n Frame, SAS 70 type II own autentication, compliant (US compliance scheme), 24 hour monitors surviellance + more. SUMMARY Great for small to medium Great for people who know Good for professional sites, Great for huge lists, agencies, Great for developers and large list Not enough information given on site to sized lists. Nice free option what they're doing and have a TypePad users and non-profits. clients. Easy to see why this is the management as well as those warrant inquiry. Company would prefer for micro lists. Good set of friendly techie to hand. The lack of widgets/plugins for queen of professional email list without tech support. This service clients to view and understand product via plugins for wide number of non-TypePad platforms makes management. Security and data has some great features such as demo platforms. Reporting seems this offering less appealing. protection information needs more Lyris integration, real-time tracking, slightly less comprehensive Reporting seems very detail as whilst it seems auto trigger management and what to other SAAS offerings but comprehensive. It was not clear comprehensive the descriptions looks like a comprehensive API. adequate. how lists were imported into the are also opaque. Not specific Security seems to take a high system from the information mention of compliance standards. priority. All heavy duty stuff. available. Pricing structure off putting for Enterprise level and possibly over micro-small lists. the top for a small list or your average blogger!