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My favourite animal Olivia


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Published in: Education
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My favourite animal Olivia

  1. 1. My favourite Animal By olivia n.
  2. 2. Facts about Ocelots. • Ocelots live in mexico. • In captivity ocelots can live up to twenty years but in the wild only seven – ten years. • Ocelots are twenty – forty inches long. • Ocelots live in mangrove rainforsts. • People hunt ocelots for their fur. .
  3. 3. Facts about Ocelots Ocelots range in colour from light yellow to reddish gray , with dark spots and stripes. They have dark stripes on their cheeks and thier tails have rings of dark fur. An ocelot is a mammal. Ocelots are carnivores they eat rodents, rabbits, young deer, birds, snakes and fish.
  4. 4. Life Cycle of an Ocelot Ocelot in mothers tummy. Ocelot is born. Ocelot grows up. Ocelot mates .