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Sleep Solutions

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Sleep solutions

  1. 1. Solutions For Lack of Sleep
  2. 2. Solutions1. Sleep near a window so that you get to automatically wake up when the sun rises.2. Drink milk when you have insomnia. It relaxes and makes you sleep on time.3. Monitor your sleep patterns. Make sure you sleep at the correct time and get the most hours you feel well rested.4. Eat more veggies.
  3. 3. Solutions5. Have someone hug you to sleep.6. Write down your most pressing thoughts on paper. Burn them. They are gone. You can now sleep peacefully.7. Prayer helps you to connect with a benevolent source. Do so.8. Talk to someone about your problems. Releasing them will enable you to sleep.
  4. 4. Sleep Solutions9. Put a magic spell on your self for sleep.10. Take a warm shower before going to sleep to relax and make you zzz’s sooner.11. Put baby powder near your pillow so the smell of it relaxes you.12. Feng Shui your bedroom.13. Put incense sticks around your bed to help you get rid of negative chi.
  5. 5. Sleep Solutions14. Listen to sounds of nature.15. Eat soup to calm nerves.16. Clear out your money problems.17. Forgive all the people who have wronged you before going to sleep.18. Clear your chakras.19. Call on your guardian angels.20. Read spiritually uplifting material.
  6. 6. Sleep Solutions21.Get a memory foam pillow.22. Clean your surroundings before going to bed.23. Stay away from emotional vampires.24. Journal your thoughts.25. Be involved in a creative hobby to release stress.26. Form a support group for handling sleep problems.
  7. 7. Sleep Solutions27. Watch a terribly boring film before sleeping.28. Read War and Peace from beginning to end.29. Get a body massage.30. Get a foot reflexology massage.31. Get acupuncture.32. Massage reflex points on your hand corresponding to sleep.33. Have your spine aligned.
  8. 8. Sleep Solutions34. Enroll in tai chi classes.35. Enroll in chi kung classes.36. Go to a past life therapist and analyze your past life.37. Get a hypnotherapist to put you to sleep.38. Listen to affirmations on sleeping.39. Brew a warm cup of herbal tea designed to make you sleep.
  9. 9. Sleep Solutions40. Take Bach Flower Remedies.41. Put crystals and gemstones related to sleep near your bed.42. Get a diagnosis from a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.43. Learn aromatherapy.44. Go to an ayurveda expert.45. Go to sleep shaman.
  10. 10. Sleep Solutions46. Go to a reiki healer.47. Have your auras cleaned.48. Get an acupressure massage.49.Get auricular therapy.50. Go to a theatre class and practice auricular therapy.51. Get your colon cleansed.52. Get color therapy.
  11. 11. Sleep Solutions53.Sign up for counselling/psychotherapy.54. Get a ventosa treatment.55.Get a quasha treatment.56. Get cranio-sacral therapy.57. Dance your problems away.58.Get ear candling.59. Do the Feldenkrais Method.
  12. 12. Sleep Solutions60.Go for heliotherapy.61. Try homeopathy.62. Try hydrotherapy.63. Try kinesiology.64.Try lymph drainage therapy.65. Try magnet therapy.66. Try Native American Herbology.
  13. 13. Sleep Solutions67. Try Naturopathic Medicine.68.Try Network Chiropractic.69. Try Ohashiatsu.70. Try Oriental Diagnosis.71. Try Osteopathic medicine.72. Try Physiotherapy.73. Try Pyramid Healing.
  14. 14. Sleep Solutions74. Try Pyramid Healing75.Try Radiesthesia.76. Try Radionics.77. Seek help from an angel therapist.78. Try Rolfing.79.Try Shiatsu.80. Try Tibetan Medicine
  15. 15. Sleep Solutions81. Try Unani.82. Try Yoga.83. Try Vitamin Therapy.84.Try Wellness Restoration.85.Try Polarity Therapy.86. Try Animal Totems87. Try Art Therapy
  16. 16. Sleep Solutions88.Try Bioenergetics.89.Try Buteyko breathing.90.Try Pranic Healing.91. Try finding solution in your dreams.92. Try Huna.93.Try Gerson Therapy.94. Try EMF or Emotional Freedom Technique95. Try Meditation
  17. 17. Sleep Solutions96.Try Theta Healing97. Try Yuen Method98. Try Inner Child Therapy99. Try Quantum Touch Therapy100. Try Visualization