Web 2.0-mediated Blended Learning: Separating Fact from Fiction


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Podium presentation at Medicine 2.0 in Toronto (2009) of survey research to characterize the knowledge, familiarity, and preferences regarding Web 2.0 tools among students in pharmacy school

  • From the better late than never file, here it is:

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  • Daniel,

    Yes, slide 29 (as well as all of the slides with the black background and white lettering) is a quote from a student who took the survey.

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  • Just to be sure - slide 29 quotes one of the students who had taken the survey?
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  • Anne Marie,

    Thanks for the comments & questions. There are definitely challenges with integrating these types (or any type) of technology into education. Those challenges actually serve to reinforce why we are trying to collect this information about student perceptions and preferences and also why we will likely approach it with a blended model.

    I agree that we need to use/understand to implement them...a conversation a few of us had at Med 2.0 spoke to this as it revolved around how many of us actually started with the ZX81/Timex Sinclair 1000 (circa 1980) and then moved onto the BBS online, etc.

    While I am a bit of a tech enthusiast, I won't use something (or try it in class) if it doesn't add value/perspective , etc. So what we have done in this project is identify what the students' baseline is with these Web 2.0 tools and solicited specifically what they want to see (and don't want to see) used in their education.

    The other piece (not really covered in this 15 min presentation) is the thematic analysis of the ~600 comments the students provided which looks to be particularly helpful in identifying which tools/apps to try and to avoid. Once that is complete, my plan is to put research into practice and integrate select tools (with an assessment piece, of course) as well as to continue to share the results with other interested academicians/educators.

    I hope that answers your questions - other than the one about the blog that I conspicuously avoided :)

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  • Thanks for posting. So what are we to do? Impressive level of resistance to social networking/media in education. But look how few NINGs with 'grown-ups' fail. Look at how few of those who are involved in education use these tools. My personal feeling is that we need to develop our own skillsets before we can confidently introduce to students.
    Although I love social media I use ot to learn and network about medical education, rather than to find answers to clinical queries.
    Horses for courses!
    What are your thoughts now? How are you moving forward?And how come you don't have a blog?
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  • Web 2.0-mediated Blended Learning: Separating Fact from Fiction

    1. Web 2.0-mediated Blended Learning: Separating Fact from Fiction Kevin A. Clauson, Pharm.D. Associate Professor
    2. What do we think we know? versus What do we actually know?
    3. Hybrid Approach to Education
    4. Edumorphology - Michael Staton vs. Creepy Treehouse Functioning Mall
    5. Web 2.0 Mediated Learning …connecting three campuses
    6. BACKGROUND Generational characteristics + technological capacity = Potential to incorporate Web 2.0 tools into pharmacy education
    7. Assemble the Team Feroza Sircar-Ramsewak, Pharm.D. Shine A. Joseph, M.B.A., Pharm.D. John E. Sandars, M.D
    8. OBJECTIVES Characterize the knowledge, familiarity, and preferences regarding Web 2.0 tools among student learners
    9. METHODS
    10. Attack the Problem with a Survey SURVEY PROBLEM
    11. Survey Development 37 item questionnaire 1) assess the use and knowledge of Web 2.0 tools/technology 2) characterize perceptions of P-1 students towards Web 2.0 and social media Open-ended attitudinal items regarding the educational integration of Web 2.0 tools
    12. Web 2.0 Sampler Platter Social Media & Networking Blogs Wikis RSS & Podcasts
    13. Survey Administration
    14. Data Analysis Descriptive statistics used to summarize data Inferential statistics (e.g. chi-square test) used to analyze data Thematic analysis of qualitative data
    15. RESULTS
    16. Demographics Gender Age Female 64.3% Average: 25 Male 35.7% Range: 20-49 208 first year pharmacy students  196 completed the survey  12 declined to participate
    17. Ethnic Group (%) 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 White Hispanic Asian Other Black 35.7 35.7 19.9 5.1 3.6
    18. First or Best Language English 62.8% Spanish 23.5% Other 6.1% Vietnamese 4.6%
    19. Read 74.0% Post 16.3% Author 11.7%
    20. Wikis Use 97.5% Contribute 12.3%
    21. “Well, Wikipedia is missing information, so many students I believe rely on Wikipedia too often for comfort”
    22. Visit 11.2% Don’t visit 70.9% Never heard of 17.9%
    23. Microblogs Ever use it 7.1% Never use it 58.7% Never heard of 34.2% M>F (p=0.004)
    24. Social Network Use (Overall 86.2%) 82.7% 30.9% 1.5%
    25. “I think PDAs, laptops and informative websites are and will be very important tools in our practice. I also believe that Facebook, Myspace, twittering and other similar social media will never be very useful in our professional career.”
    26. “I would like to see more social networking in the field of pharmacy. Social networking provides an easy medium to distribute drug information.”
    27. RSS & Social Bookmarking Yes 27.1% No 41.3% Never heard of 31.6% Yes 11.2% No 51.0% Never heard of 37.8% M>F (p=0.018)
    28. Collaborative Toolbox Media Sharing – 84.2 – 49.4 – 66.3 Google Docs, 16.3 VoIP, , 40.8 Application Use (%)
    29. “…to be honest I have never even heard of RSS readers, collaborative writing tools, or social bookmarking.”
    30. Podcasts & Vodcasts Listen Yes 73.5% No 25.0% Never heard of 1.5% Watch Yes 42.8% No 47.4% Never heard of 9.6% Hispanics (p=0.014)
    31. Student Attitudes Towards Impact of Integrating Web 2.0 on Learning Very Positive 16% Positive 58% Neither Positive or Negative 23% Negative 2% Very Negative 1% Ages 29 and above more likely to respond “Very Positive” (p=0.011)
    32. Perceptions of Web 2.0 Integration on feelings of engagement Very Connected 16% Connected 51% Neither 24% Disconnected 7% Very Disconnected 2% Column1 Ages 29 and above more likely to respond “Very Connected” (p=0.012)
    33. Preferred Tools for Integration* (%) 0 20 40 60 80 100 Collaborative Tools Social Networking Podcasts Computer IM Videosharing 34.0 35.0 43.1 45.6 50.2 *Allowed to select >1 answer
    34. Limitations • Students were surveyed at one university – Ameliorated somewhat by diversity of sites and students • Variability in definition of Web 2.0 • Qualitative analysis by a priori coding with simple thematic analysis (no triangulation)
    36. “Web 2.0 and social media are the information and social networking overload…the fact that there are some content inconsistencies and the lack of good filters creates problems finding the best information….More security should be available in web 2.0….Also, anonymity can translate into controversies and hate.”
    37. “Web 2.0 helps me be and stay connected with my classmates and teachers outside of the classroom. If it wasn't for Web 2.0, I would not have been able to build friendships with my classmates in different sites. With facebook…I am able to talk to my classmates outside of class about concepts taught in class.”
    38. Edumorphology - Michael Staton The Truth is Somewhere in Between
    39. Images • http://www.villaware.com/Product.aspx?pid=1506 • http://blog.taragana.com/n/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/piaggio-mp3-hybrid-scooter-1.jpg • http://www.blogodoom.com/images/ju_tree_house.jpg • http://www.flickr.com/photos/28581135@N00/41488511/sizes/o/ • http://www.geocities.com/tigertron007.geo/avengers.jpg http://www.thealarmclock.com/euro/images/SharkAttack.jpg
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    41. Images • http://askdrwiki.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=Physician_Medical_Wiki • http://twitter.threadless.com/product/1966/I_m_Not_a_Blogger_I_Just_Tweet_A_Lot • http://www.facebook.com • http://www.myspace.com • http://www.linkedin.com http://www.astro.wisc.edu/~townsend/resource/news/rss.jpg http://delicious.com/
    42. Images • http://www.youtube.com • http://www.slideshare.net • http://www.flickr.com • http://www.zoho.com/presskit_logo/zoho.jpg • http://www.skype.com http://www.oovoo.com • http://digitalworkshop.wikispaces.com/file/view/podcast_hero_mac20060912.jpg
    43. Thank you for time and attention! clauson@nova.edu @kevinclauson