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The Science Behind Engaging Students in Class


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This is the expanded version of 'How to Fight Lecturalgia'. The enhancements from the peer-reviewed literature and science behind aspects of visual design were added in response to feedback after presenting the former version. This was presented as the keynote of Faculty Development at the University of Louisiana - Monroe.

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  • Rick,

    Thanks very much for your detailed feedback and recommendations. The strategies you suggest are great ways to engage students (or any audience) and to combat lecturalgia. I try to employ many of them and all are worth striving for!

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  • I agree with the factors leading to 'lecture-algia': Poor organization & lack of planning, 'chalk talk', directed lessons, lack of student engagement, passive learning aka lectures, instead of active participation, poor delivery, focus on sensory memory instead of meaningful long term memory, lack of audio-visual and interactive lessons, lack of connections to prior experiences and to real life situations, lack of instructor enthusiasm and passion, lack of tools (videos, animations- tutorials, clickers, computer assisted instruction to meet the needs of each student, hands on activities for discovery), ...
    1) focus away from rote learning and towards critical thinking
    2) empower students
    3) motivate students
    4) engage students
    5) Be prepared
    6) Use all the tools in your toolbox to stimulate thinking
    7) accept student answers... it's part of the learning process
    8) include videos, audio/visual, interactive software, animated tutorials, hands on activities, cooperative group learning
    9) include real life examples and build on previous knowledge
    10) Be enthusiastic and passionate
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