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The Hunger Games supersedes only the viciousness


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The TOP selling book "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. Perhaps, the new Harry Potter for young adults. When Kat's sister is chosen by lottery, Kat steps up to go in her place to appear in an annual televised event called, "The Hunger Games."

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The Hunger Games supersedes only the viciousness

  1. 1. ==== ====To buy your new "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins directly from Amazon click link below ====I began this particular journey with nothing special in mind. Ive heard about The Hunger Games.While browsing Barnes and Noble and Borders, Ive seen the book on the shelf sitting next to"Waiting for Superman" in the best seller aisle. Ive wanted to read it. But I never got around to it.Then I started hearing more and more. No special details, just little blurbs here and there sayinghow great the book is. How excellently written this book was. How amazing this book was. But nospecial details were ever spoken. And I can understand why now.I recently received a copy in the mail. Yay! A new book for me to read! This finally gave me themotivation to read through The Hunger Games. And I am glad I did. As of now, I am anxiouslyawaiting the other two books so I may finish the series.The Hunger Games is set in the distant future after America goes berserk. What follows is acorrupt and controlling government surrounded by 13 districts. An uprising occurs and a civil warbreaks out. The capitol and controlling government wins, wiping out district 13 in the process. As areminder to the remaining 12, the Capitol holds the The Hunger Games.Im not going to give any more of the story than that. Even that may be a bit much. But its only asmall piece of background information that doesnt hold much to the story other then why it exists.Ultimately why the Hunger Games exist, what they are, and how they are held is what is important.I fear writing any more of the story, giving small details and information, because I dont want toruin the shock value. The author, Suzanne Collins, Paints a picture that is so utterly shocking andunthinkable. The brutality and nature of the The Hunger Games supersedes only the viciousnessof what the Roman Empire was once capable of. The imagery, details, and ideas of this novelpaint a graphic and grim time.The first pages will leave a person depressed. Never could I, myself, imagine the hardships of themain character. And then it only gets worse. I feel sad for the day that our society may ever reachthis point.Suzanne Collins writing style is very first person. Its as blunt as a brick to the forehead. This kindof perspective is a little strong for my taste. But after reading the novel I cant see any other way ofhaving it done. The strong first person perspective portrays the emotion of the main characterperfectly. The read receives an absolute sense of her strength, hatred, worry, terror, love, andconfusion. There is a strong disconnect portrayed between the main character, her followers, andthe Capitol. And through the eyes of her, you get a sense of how desensitized the population ofthe Capitol is, and how lonely and dread-filled the remaining 12 districts are.
  2. 2. The Hunger Games is a book that provokes strong and confusing emotions. You want the maincharacter to succeed and to win. But at the same time, the acts she MUST commit are so veryhorrible and repulsive. You begin to feel the love and passion, the hatred and terror she feels. Andthe plot line will leave you riveting for more. Throughout the pages youll be left wondering howsomething so horrible as the Hunger Games can exist, yet you wont be able to stop reading.I make the details of book out to be perceived as horrible book. Yes, the content and plot line isunthinkable. But the book is amazing. The strong first person perspective does its job preciselyand exact. The author has provided an incredible story that conveys more than a little amusement.I found it extremely difficult to put down this book. After reading, I came to find out that a movie isbeing produced from the book. I could only think, "How on earth this is even possible?" I amcurious to see the movie. And after you read the book you will understand. I do recommend thisnovel. Its amazing and worth every penny.Check out our blog, Hippies Book Reviews for more fun and original articles.Article Source: ====To buy your new "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins directly from Amazon click link below ====