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Web Based presentation tools


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Web Based presentation tools

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Web Based presentation tools

  1. 1. Cloud Based Presentation Tools
  2. 3. Definitions Inforworld : . . . a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the internet. MIT Technology Review : . . . a computing paradigm shift where computing is moved away from personal computers or an application server to a “cloud” of computers . . . Marc Andreesseen : . . . The cloud is a smart, complex powerful computing system in the sky that people can just plug into . . . Using a remote computer that is attached to the internet, to run, store, and manage data in a specific application, rather than doing it on your own personal computer. 
  3. 4. Cloud-Based Presentations Presentation Tools Storage Sites
  4. 5. Cloud-Based Presentation Tools
  5. 6. Types of Presentation Programs Traditional Zooming Free Form
  6. 7. Cloud-Based Presentation Tools Traditional Zooming Free Form 280 Slides Empressr Google Docs MyBrainShark PreZentit Slide Rocket Zoho Show Prezi Glogster Magnoto Wall Wisher
  7. 8. Cloud-Based Presentation Tools Advantages Not dependent on a specific computer program. Not dependent on a storage device. Most allow collaboration. Easy to Share presentations. Free versions.
  8. 9. Cloud-Based Presentation Tools Disadvantages Not all features present. Dependent on Internet access. - -
  9. 10. Cloud-Based Storage Sites
  10. 11. Cloud-Based Storage Sites GaETC 2011 AuthorStream SlideBoom MyPlick SlideServe SlideShare SlideSix