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Tip Sheet: http://www.scribd.com/doc/115533486/Using-Splashoo-to-Start-a-Social-Discussion
Splashoo: http://www.splashoo.com/home.php

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  • Cross between Pinterest and BuzzFeedLooking to make a mobile app
  • Use professional nameCity/state is listed on your profileClick if you are not in the USBirthdate is not (just used for demographics)PROFILE IS PUBLICChoose a professional profile picture, like one you would use for TwitterInclude information people would find necessary in your about me (like a Twitter bio) for professional useOnly list hometown if you feel comfortable with the public knowing thisMotto if it’s necessary to your brandAbout me, profile pic, education, hometown, and motto are all optional
  • Enter topic; include link to a site/article, upload a video, add an imageSelect the type of discussion you want: reaction, rating, ranking, vote, questionSet the time limit for your discussion: 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 yearTag your discussionWhat you post stays on the site…you can’t delete! Write out your discussion question carefully!Remember, everything is public!
  • Discussion styles: choose icons for how people interact with your topic for reactions and ratings. You can opt not to use any icons on a rating.Enter choices for rankings and votes. 4 choices are required for rankings, while only 2 are needed for votes.A simple question format has no icons or choices – it just presents the question.With icon use, users can engage not only with text comments in the discussion section of your topic, but also with the visual aspect.
  • An example of a rating type discussion. Users can “make their opinion heard” below the question and icon. Users can reply to discussion responses and upvote or downvote a response.On the side, you can see what users engaged in the discussion (“Expressers”), including who interacted with the icon rather than the question.Users can also see the time remaining on the discussion in the upper left corner. Clicking the results tab allows you to see the interaction on the included icon, and users can invite a follower to engage in the discussion.
  • You can see the breakdown in demographics of everyone involved in the discussion.This even works for questions (that don’t have icons), though in those cases it leaves out location.
  • Share your discussion on Facebook (link) and Twitter (tweet it out)If you overshare, you could lose your audience (people can get turned off if you constantly berate them to join your discussion).Keeping your audience only on Splashoo will allow you to see all interaction…posting the same question on sites like Facebook and Twitter in addition to Splashoo will cause the discussion to be confusing and spread out.The content of your discussion should be straight and to the point. Don’t confuse your audience.Don’t create a question that has a premeditated answer.
  • Splashoo

    1. 1. By Kaitlyn Knepp
    2. 2. Discussion-based platform Start a discussion Engage in another discussionWide range of topicsIt’s currently in beta
    3. 3. Signing Up http://www.splashoo.com/home.php Full/preferred name Must include city/state (or list if you are outside of the US), birthdate, genderBuilding Your Profile Profile picture About me section Education Hometown and motto
    4. 4. Profileexampleswithinterests
    5. 5. How it worksType of discussionDiscussion question  Add URL, video, imageDiscussion time limits  Unless it’s urgent, leave the discussion up for more than 3 daysCan’t delete discussion
    6. 6. Reaction and RatingsRankings and Votes
    7. 7. AgeLocation Gender
    8. 8. Everything is public!  Makes finding sources and aggregating content easier  Message other users (from Splashoo privacy policy)
    9. 9. See response results Broken down by gender, age, location Helps understand the audience
    10. 10. Website comments vs. using Splashoo  Worry-free moderation  Users can engage in visuals if they don’t feel like giving a written opinion  No anonymityBeware of bias
    11. 11. Create a discussion (and pub it)  BUT don’t overshareKeep your discussion only on SplashooKeep the discussion simple  DON’T sway your audience one way or another  DO write a question that will make the audience think