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15 Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) Tips for Retailers


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Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE) can be a source of anxiety for ecommerce retailers. However, they are a targeted way to find qualified shoppers. Product feed experts from ROI Revolution share 15 comparison shopping engine tips that retailers can use to make more money on their CSE campaigns.

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Published in: Retail, Marketing
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15 Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) Tips for Retailers

  1. 1. 15 Comparison Shopping Engine Tips for Retailers How to make the most of your CSE campaigns.
  2. 2. CSE TIP #1: Write Better Product Titles • Include top search queries when possible
  3. 3. CSE TIP #2: Increase Description Lengths
  4. 4. CSE TIP #3: Tag Your Destination URLs Consider: • UTM_Source = CSE Name (eg. Shopzilla) • UTM_Medium = CPC • UTM_Campaign = Brand or Category • UTM_Ad_Content = Product Type • UTM_Keyword = Product Code
  5. 5. CSE TIP #4: Choose Your Categories Wisely • Minimum CPCs vary category to category
  6. 6. CSE TIP #5: Exclude Affiliate Traffic From Google & Bing Ads
  7. 7. CSE TIP #6: Include Your Logo
  8. 8. CSE TIP #7: Send High Quality Images  Increase file size  Consider white backgrounds  Find alternative views  Use custom images  Don’t use placeholders
  9. 9. CSE TIP #8: Design A Bidding Strategy • Several different ways to bid in CSEs
  10. 10. CSE TIP #9: Zero Bids in Shopzilla
  11. 11. CSE TIP #10: Below Rate Card Bids in PriceGrabber • Submit ‘below rate card’ bids via the feed or UI • Use bids with a bid type value of ‘absolute’
  12. 12. CSE TIP #11: Create Benchmark Reports • Monitor your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)!! – Combine clicks & costs reported from each CSE w/ sales & revenue from Google Analytics
  13. 13. CSE TIP #12: Don’t Let Your Feeds Expire • Feeds expire due to: – Inadequate budgets/Insufficient funds – Feeds not be uploaded frequently enough – Expired credit card information
  14. 14. CSE TIP #13: Be Patient With New Feeds • Let the robots do their job!
  15. 15. CSE TIP #14: Don’t Set It & Forget It
  16. 16. CSE TIP #15: Pay Attention to Data Quality Warnings • Frequently check Google Merchant Center • Look for uncategorized products in all CSEs • Run data quality reports when available
  17. 17. Free CSE Review Get a personalized CSE review contact Mike at Do CSEs make you feel like this guy?