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Infita, efita and afri fita


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Do Africa need assotiation for ICT in Agriculture

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Infita, efita and afri fita

  1. 1. Infita, EFITA and “Afrifita” Karel Charvat CCSS, WirelessInfo, EFITA
  2. 2. Announcement • Please next few slides are not about Africa, but they express feeling of people from so called Central and Eastern Europe some years ago. • I took few first slides from my presentation, which I made some years ago 17/11/2010 2ICT in Agriculture, Entebe, Uganda
  3. 3. IT developments in Central & Eastern Europe, with special focus on the new EU members from the region Karel Charvat EFITA Czech Centrum for Science and Society WirelessInfo
  4. 4. Imagination of some people few year ago? Monkeys jumping down from the trees 17/11/2010 4ICT in Agriculture, Entebe, Uganda
  5. 5. What is real status? 17/11/2010 5ICT in Agriculture, Entebe, Uganda
  6. 6. Back into Cainozoic (before 1989) • What was real situation? – Hardware • COCOM restriction • Own HW – based on reveres engineering (mainly IBM360, 370) – Minicomputers (PDP) – First like PC (without hard disks, etc.) 17/11/2010 6ICT in Agriculture, Entebe, Uganda
  7. 7. Back into Cainozoic (before 1989) • Examples – We developed image processing and neural network simulation on mini computers with 32kB Operating memory and 5MB hard disk – On the beginning of Quaternary (1990) we paid for PC 20x more, then was our salery 17/11/2010 7ICT in Agriculture, Entebe, Uganda
  8. 8. More big bang then evolution 17/11/2010 8ICT in Agriculture, Entebe, Uganda
  9. 9. For Example • In 1995 most of farmers in Germany used DOS • In Czech Republic very often farmers started use immediately MS Windows 17/11/2010 9ICT in Agriculture, Entebe, Uganda
  10. 10. What is Africa today • Dynamically developed market (not everywhere probably), which could be in some cases more clever then so called developed world • For example mobile telephony are used often much more effectively, then in Europe 17/11/2010 10ICT in Agriculture, Entebe, Uganda
  11. 11. Using words from Bible • If Africa need something, it is not obtaining fishes, but to learn, how to catch these fishiest • So in other words, Africa can profit from both positive and negative experience from Europe (or other part of World), but Africa need to act 17/11/2010 11ICT in Agriculture, Entebe, Uganda
  12. 12. What is important • The important aspect is cooperation and mainly cooperation inside of Africa • Experiences of neighboring countries could be more valuable, then in some cases transfer of experiences from Europe 17/11/2010 12ICT in Agriculture, Entebe, Uganda
  13. 13. Our subject is ICT for Agriculture • Here is necessary to act • We heard during last two days a lot of ideas from Africa • We saw, that there already exist strategies • What is till now missing is cooperation 17/11/2010 13ICT in Agriculture, Entebe, Uganda
  14. 14. Topic for Discussion • Need Africa some platform for exchange of information about ICT in Agriculture 17/11/2010 14ICT in Agriculture, Entebe, Uganda
  15. 15. Experiences from other part of world • In Europe exist EFITA • In America Panafita • In Asia and Oceania Afita • All this organization are covered by INFITA as world organization • Africa is missing in this club 17/11/2010 15ICT in Agriculture, Entebe, Uganda
  16. 16. Is there need for “AfriFita” • Does Africa need platform for exchange of information in this area • Is there wiliness to do this • Are there volunteers, who can put effort to prepare this • We can advise, but main work has to be done here. This could run only, if this will be decision of African peoples. It never can be important, we can only assist 17/11/2010 16ICT in Agriculture, Entebe, Uganda
  17. 17. If yes, how we can continue • There are events, which could be platform for this • ICT Africa conference in May in Botswana • WCCA congress this year in Praha • WCCA workshop this year in Namibia • Ant there is question about organizing WCCA congress next year in Africa 17/11/2010 17ICT in Agriculture, Entebe, Uganda
  18. 18. But there is chance to use also other tools • Currently exist Groups on Facebook and Lingedin for WCCA, where these aspects could be discussed efectivly 17/11/2010 18ICT in Agriculture, Entebe, Uganda
  19. 19. Some possible contact and information • • • • •!/pages/WCCA- 2011/126145254102850 • &gid=3415437 • 17/11/2010 19ICT in Agriculture, Entebe, Uganda