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Hsrs review 2013_04_v3

  1. 1. Social Validation of INSPIREAnnex III Data Structures in EUHabitatsWP4: Networking Architecture andReference Laboratory HSRS, IMCS Karel Charvat, Premysl Vohnout, Maris Alberts, Peteris Bruns, HABITATS review Luxemburg, April 19 2013
  2. 2. WP4 ObjectivesThe aim of this workpackage is to define SDI network servicesto enable trans-European sharing of habitats-related spatialdata between public authorities and other stakeholders in theCommunity enabling the creation of value added services.
  3. 3. WP4 Specific Objectives• To analyze the current state of the art of SDI infrastructures for sharingspatial environmental data across Europe• To define a platform-neutral SDI architecture with a basic set ofnetworking services in compliance with INSPIRE Directive for sharingenvironmental data• To deploy specific service applets, including interoperability and enablingservices, on-demand from user communities and pilots for initialimplementation and validation• To develop an invoking service toolkit integrating the service applets withthe goal of facilitating the development of end-user services accessinghabitats-related spatial data over time
  4. 4. WP4 deliveriblesD4.1 State of the art of existing SDIsD4.2.1 INSPIRE networking architectureD4.2.2 INSPIRE networking architectureD4.3.1 HABITATS networking servicesD4.4.1 HABITATS service toolkitD4.3.2 HABITATS networking services and service toolkit
  5. 5. WP4 Architecture design approach RM-ODP
  6. 6. Changing Architecture Paradigm
  7. 7. Reference LaboratoryThe HABITATS Reference Laboratory is a central hub withthe support of global data, but also supporting crossscenarios implementations, and the HABITATS pilotapplications, as implementations of single HABITATS pilotcases, which will also be used for testing the sharing of localdata and metadata.
  8. 8. Reference of RL to Pilots
  9. 9. RL Architecture
  10. 10. RL advanced principlesRL include all basic Geoportal Functionality,butSupport work with Maps not only with servicesExtending of INSPIRE services – usage of KMLInclude already possibilities for Open Linked DataEmbeded functionality
  11. 11. RL approach
  12. 12. RL approach
  13. 13. RL Approach
  14. 14. WordPress GeoBlog
  15. 15. INSPIRE in Pocket
  16. 16. Motivation
  17. 17. SuperCATFor end-users operating services are crucial Availability Quality – service / data / metadataPreparing catalogue of „clean services“ to ensure availabilityFirst step - only WMS
  18. 18. Establishment of the SuperCATHarvesting existing cataloguesCatalogues CSW 2.0.2 ISO AP 1.0Only services (type=service)Periodically (P1D)Sources GEOSS registry INSPIRE geoportal Catalogues we know aboutProblems No central catalogue / we don’t know about services Classical search engines did not succeed Many catalogues do not response
  19. 19. Steps towards INSPIRE in Pocket HS-CAT
  20. 20. View services
  21. 21. Cadaster parcels
  22. 22. KML resources
  23. 23. Liberec example
  24. 24. Liberec example
  25. 25. Liberec example
  26. 26. Thanks!